The prologue about the Word

The Gospel of John opens with his famous prologue.  The Word was in the beginning and with God.  All things were made through the Word.  The Word was life.  The light shines in the darkness.  There was a man called John, who was a witness, who came to testify.  The true light and the Word were in the world.  His own people did not accept him.  He was a child of God, born of God.  The Word became flesh.  We have seen the glory of the Word.  John the Baptist was the witness to the Word.  There was grace upon grace with the law and Moses.  However, no one has seen God.  This prologue informs readers of the true identity of Jesus.  He was the Word of God through whom the world was created, who took on a human form.  Jesus came to the Jews and the Jews rejected him.  However, those who received him and believed in his name would become children of God.  In Ancient Greek philosophy, the Greek term “ὁ Λόγος” meant the principle of cosmic reason.  In this sense, it was similar to the Hebrew concept of Wisdom, God’s companion and intimate helper in creation.  The Hellenistic Jewish philosopher Philo merged these two themes when he described the Logos as God’s creator of and mediator with the material world.  John adapted Philo’s description of the Logos, applying it to Jesus, the incarnation of the ὁ Λόγος.  Do you believe that Jesus is the Word of God?

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