Do you have any fish? (Jn 21:5-21:5)

“Jesus said to them.


Do you have

Any fish?’

They answered him.


λέγει οὖν αὐτοῖς Ἰησοῦς Παιδία, μή τι προσφάγιον ἔχετε; ἀπεκρίθησαν αὐτῷ Οὔ.

John uniquely indicated that Jesus (Ἰησοῦς) called them children (Παιδία).  He asked them (λέγει οὖν αὐτοῖς) if they had any fish (μή τι προσφάγιον ἔχετε)?  They answered him (ἀπεκρίθησαν αὐτῷ) “No (Οὔ),” that they did not have any.  John was the only Greek biblical writer who used the word προσφάγιον that means a relish, a fish, or anything eaten with bread, especially fish or meat.  Jesus called these disciples or apostles little children, as he asked them if they had caught anything to eat that night.  Their response was no, that they had caught nothing.  Have you ever gone fishing and caught nothing?

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