The disciples of John the Baptist have a discussion (Jn 3:25-3:25)

“Now a discussion

About purification


Between John’s disciples

And a Jew.”

Ἐγένετο οὖν ζήτησις ἐκ τῶν μαθητῶν Ἰωάνου μετὰ Ἰουδαίου περὶ καθαρισμοῦ.

John uniquely then presented a discussion or debate (Ἐγένετο οὖν ζήτησις) among the disciples of John the Baptist (ἐκ τῶν μαθητῶν Ἰωάνου) and a certain Jewish person (μετὰ Ἰουδαίου).  Since all of the disciples of John were Jewish, the reference to a Jew is meant to move the discussion along.  This controversy was about the purification rites (περὶ καθαρισμοῦ) of the Jewish people and how it pertained to the baptism of John.  This was a discussion about Jewish purification rites, and not about Christian baptism.  In fact, there was no resolution of this debate or controversy.  What do you think about purification rites?

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