John was not in prison (Jn 3:24-3:24)


Of course,

Had not yet been thrown

Into prison.”

οὔπω γὰρ ἦν βεβλημένος εἰς τὴν φυλακὴν Ἰωάνης.

John uniquely mentioned that obviously John the Baptist (Ἰωάνης) had not yet been thrown or cast (οὔπω γὰρ ἦν βεβλημένος) into prison (εἰς τὴν φυλακὴν), as if to indicate he knew that it was going to happen.  Although Mark, chapter 6:7-29, Matthew, chapter 14:1-12, and even Luke, chapter 3:19-20. gave detailed descriptions of the death of John the Baptist and Herod, John did not.  Instead, John had John the Baptist still active while Jesus was also baptizing.  Were Jesus and John the Baptist rival baptizers or cooperating with each other?

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