The last supper Passover

There was a conspiracy to kill Jesus, but Passover was coming.  This plot against Jesus involved Judas Iscariot who planned to betray Jesus.  He made an agreement about the right time to do this.

Meanwhile, Jesus and his disciples made their preparations for the Passover meal.  Jesus decided where this would be.  They were to meet a man with a jar of water.  He would then show them a guest room, a large upper room, where they would prepare the Passover meal.

The right hour had come for Jesus and the last supper before his suffering began.  Jesus said that he would not eat with them again.  He was not going to drink the cup of thanksgiving again with them.  Then he took the thanksgiving bread, broke it, and gave it to his disciples with a new covenant.  He said that the betrayer was at the table with them and should be cursed.  Who would do this?

At the same time a dispute about greatness broke out.  Who was the greatest?  Jesus reminded them his authority would be like a servant leadership.  He would confer the kingdom, so that they would judge the twelve tribes of Israel.

Then Jesus foretold Simon Peter’s denial.  They should pray for faith.  However, Simon said that he would die for Jesus, but Jesus told Peter that he would deny him three times.

What to bring with you?  They had lacked nothing during their previous mission trips.  Now they should buy what they need, because scripture would be fulfilled.  It was enough, it was time to move on.

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