Resurrection and ascension of Jesus

The resurrection story of Jesus centers around the empty tomb.  The women of Galilee made an early morning visit to the tomb of Jesus, where the stone was rolled away.  No body there, but two men were there and they spoke to them.  Remember what Jesus had said that the Son of Man would rise again.  They remembered it.

The women from Galilee told the apostles, but the apostles did not believe them.  The women were named, but the apostles thought that this was an idle tale.  Thus, Peter went to the tomb himself.

Next came the story of the two apostles on the road to Emmaus.  They were talking to each other when Jesus appeared to them.  They did not recognize Jesus who asked them what they were talking about?  They wondered why he did not know what was happening in Jerusalem.  They had crucified the prophet Jesus of Nazareth, who had brought the hope of redemption.  Some women at the tomb saw a vision of angels.  The women were right.  However, Jesus reprimanded them since they acted like foolish followers, Jesus explained the suffering Messiah and interpreted the scriptures for them.

These two disciples finally recognized Jesus.  He was going to go further on, but they asked him to stay.  Jesus blessed the bread and then he vanished.  Their hearts were burning.  They returned to Jerusalem to the eleven apostles.  Jesus had appeared to Simon and they had recognized Jesus.

Finally, Jesus appeared to the apostles.  He spoke to them.  Did he look like a ghost?  Why did they doubt?  He was flesh and bones with hands and feet.  He wanted to know if they had anything to eat.  They gave Jesus a piece of fish and he ate it.

Jesus gave his last instructions to his apostles.  He told them that scripture had been fulfilled.  They should understand scripture.  The Messiah would suffer and rise on the third day.  They were to be witnesses to Jesus and preach repentance.  However, they were to stay in the city.  Finally, Jesus blessed them and then he was taken up to heaven.  However, the disciples returned to Jerusalem and prayed in the Temple.

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