The teaching of Jesus in Jerusalem

Jesus was a true teacher.  They asked him if it was right to pay tribute to Caesar?  Jesus, however, perceived their craftiness.  He told them to show him a Roman coin.  He told them to render to Caesar what was Caesar’s.  Thus, they were silent.

The Sadducees came to Jesus with a question about the resurrection.  The Mosaic law said that a brother should take a dead brother’s wife.  There were seven brothers and they all died without children.  Finally, the widowed wife died.  Whose wife would she be in the resurrection?  Jesus responded that they were the sons of this age.  There would be no marriage in the resurrection among the children of God.  Moses said God was a God of the living.  He had given a good answer, so that there were no more questions.

Jesus then asked how could the Christ Messiah be the son of David, since he mentioned in the psalms that he was a lord.  How could be both lord and son?  Jesus called out the hypocrisy of the Scribes with a great condemnation.

Jesus noticed the rich giving gifts in the Temple.  However, there was a poor widow who gave more because she had given out of her necessities and not her abundance.  Jesus then predicted the future destruction of the Temple.  None of the noble stones of the Temple would be left untouched.  They wanted to know when this would take place?

Jesus told them that they should not be led astray and not to be afraid.  There would be many fights, great earthquakes, and persecutions.  However, they should bear testimony, but not plan ahead.  Wisdom would come to them.  There would be family betrayals.  They would be hated by everyone, but they would not lose a hair of their head, if they had endurance.

In the future, Jerusalem would be surrounded.  They should leave the city in this great distress at the fall of Jerusalem.  There would be signs and great fear because the Son of Man was coming to redeem them.  Jesus explained the parable about the fig tree.  When they see the leaves on the trees, they should know that the kingdom of God was near.  This present generation would see it.  The words of Jesus would not pass away.  They were to be ready.  Everybody will be involved.

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