The prophecy fulfilled

Jesus then had the prophecy of his death and resurrection.  This would be a prophecy fulfilled for the twelve apostles.  There would be some bad treatment for the Son of Man, but he would rise on the third day.  However, the apostles did not understand this.

Jesus healed the blind beggar who asked what was going on as Jesus passed by.  He wanted mercy.  Jesus met and had a dialogue with this blind beggar.  Faith and sight went hand in hand.

Jesus was in Jericho when a small man named Zacchaeus climbed a sycamore tree to see him.  Jesus wanted to stay at Zacchaeus’ house, where he was welcomed.  Other people complained that Jesus was eating with a sinner, but Zacchaeus defended himself.  Jesus said that salvation was coming to the lost ones.

Finally, Jesus told this parable about the ten minas when he was near Jerusalem.  This nobleman gave his slaves money.  However, some people did not like this nobleman.  When he returned home, he wanted to know what the various slaves had done with their ten minas.  The first slave had made ten more minas, as much as he originally had from trading.  Thus, the nobleman put him in charge of ten cities.  Another slave had gained five minas.  He was put in charge of five cities.  The third slave said that he wrapped up his ten minas in cloth.  He knew that his nobleman was a very severe man.  The nobleman said that he should have known better.  Why did he not at least collect interest?  This nobleman said to take away his money and give to the one had ten already.  Then this nobleman killed his enemies.

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