The parables

Jesus then told the parable of the sower for the whole crowd.  Some of the seeds were on a path, some on the rocks, and some among the thorns.  However, some of these seeds were on good soil.  They were to listen to this parable, his disciples asked him what this parable meant.  Thus, Jesus explained the parable so that they could understand it.  The seeds were the word of God.   The seeds on the path are those who do not believe.  The seeds on the rock have no roots.  The seeds among the thorns were choked.  Finally, the good soil bears fruit.  Jesus then told the parable of the lamp.  The lit lamp was on a stand, so that there would be no more secrets.  They were to give more to those who already have a lot.

The relatives of Jesus, his mother and brothers, wanted to see Jesus.  However, Jesus said that a true family member hears and does the word.  Then Jesus set out at sea to get to the other side.  However, a storm on the lake came up, but Jesus calmed the sea.  They were amazed at Jesus.  

When they got to the other side of the Sea of Galilee, a demoniac from the tombs met them at Gerasenes.  This demoniac did not want Jesus to torment him.  This man was possessed with a legion of demons.  These demons did not want to go into the abyss.  Instead Jesus sent them into a herd of swine who then went into the lake or sea.  The swine herdsmen told everyone what happened to their flock of pigs.  The possessed man was fine since he was healed.  They asked Jesus to leave them.  The cured demoniac wanted to follow Jesus, but Jesus told him to proclaim the works of Jesus in his home area.

The crowds waited for Jesus.  Jairus sent Jesus an invitation to come to his house to cure his daughter.  However, there was a woman with flowing blood who touched the garment of Jesus.  Jesus realized that someone had touched him, since power had left him.  She was immediately cured because her faith healed her.  Meanwhile the daughter of Jairus died, but Jesus told him not to fear.  The favorite apostles of Jesus went with him.  Jesus said that she was only sleeping.  They laughed at Jesus, but then Jesus told the little girl to get up and give her something to eat.  The astonished parents were silent.

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