The Law and the kingdom

Jesus then told the parable of the dishonest house manager who had been wasting things.  He was not going to be a manager any longer.  What was he to do?  He needed a plan.  He found out how much a person owed him and cut it in half.  He gave a discount to another debtor.  He was a shrewd one.  Jesus told them to make friends with the faithful ones who would give true riches.  Take care of other things because you cannot serve two masters.

God knows the heart of those who are lovers of money.  The good news is in the power of the law.  Watch out for adultery.  Jesus told the story of the rich man and Lazarus.  Lazarus was a poor man, so that the dogs licked his sores.  The rich man and Lazarus both died.  Father Abraham took Lazarus into his bosom, so that he had the good things of eternal life.  There were no switching places.  The rich man wanted to send Lazarus to warn his brothers, but Abraham said that they had Moses.  Someone from the dead would not make a difference.

Jesus spoke about temptations.  People should put a millstone around their necks rather than lead a brother into sin.  Forgiveness was necessary.  You had to increase faith much like a mustard seed that grows.  The slave should not sit at the table, but prepare the food without a thank you, because it was his duty.

Jesus cleansed the ten lepers on his way to Jerusalem.  The ten lepers asked for mercy to be cleansed.  However, only the cured Samaritan leper praised God.  What happened to other nine?  Only the foreigner returned, because of his faith.

Jesus said that the kingdom of God was near.  They would not see the Son of Man.  They were not to be deceived by false claims.  The Son of Man would come like lightning.  They would suffer because of their rejection.  Just like Noah when the flood destroyed them all, so it will be in the future.  Just like Lot, they should stay where they were.  You could gain or lose your life.  Half will be taken away.  Only one of two women will be taken.  Only one of two men in the field will be taken.  The eagles will be gathered ready to pounce.

Jesus told the parable about the widow and the bad judge.  They should pray.  The widow petitioned the bad judge for justice.  This judge had no regard for God or man, but this widow wore out this bad unrighteous judge.  Will God delay his coming?  Will the Son of Man find faith on earth?

Jesus told the parable of the Pharisee and the tax collector.  The Pharisee prayed that he was not bad like other people, since he fasted and tithed, while the tax collector prayed for forgiveness.  Who was justified?  They were bringing infants to Jesus.  Jesus then told them that they had to be like children to enter the kingdom of God.

There was a rich ruler who asked Jesus what he had to do to gain eternal life.  Jesus wanted to know why he called him good?  He had followed all the commandments.  Then Jesus asked him to follow him.  The apostles had left their homes for an eternal reward.

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