More parables

Jesus told the parable of the rich fool.  How would he divide his inheritance?  Who is the judge?  What should he do with his possessions?  This rich man wanted more storage space.  He then built new storage sheds.  Then he decided to eat, drink, and be merry.  What a fool!  He had the wrong treasure.

Do not be anxious about food and clothing.  They are more valuable than birds.  Can anyone add anything to their life by being anxious?  The lilies of the field do not worry.  Men of little faith, they should not worry about food and drink.  Everybody needs food and clothing, but seek the kingdom, and then their Father will build up treasures in heaven and in their heart.

Jesus said to be ready!  Wait for the master!  The lord will be pleased.  Blessed are those slaves who watch for the thief, because the Son of Man is coming.  There were the faithful and unfaithful servant slaves.  Who is the wise manager?  Blessed is the good servant!  He will be put him in charge of everything.  The unwise slave will receive a punishment, a beating.

Jesus will be a cause for division, not peace.  There will be fire on earth with a stressful baptism to come.  Family members would be divided.  They should know the signs of the time.  They can tell when a rain shower is coming because of the southern hot wind.  Thus, they will interpret the present time with a good judgment. 

They should settle their case so that they will not go to jail.  They were to remember Pilate and the Galileans, sin and punishment.  Therefore, they should repent.  Otherwise, they will end up like those who died at the Tower of Siloam.

Jesus told the parable about the barren fig tree.  He wanted to cut the tree down, but was persuaded to wait another year.

Jesus was teaching in the synagogue, when a woman with an infirmity for eighteen years wanted to be cured from her infirmity.  Jesus laid hands on her, but this was on the Sabbath.  Jesus called them hypocrites because they would not let him heal this daughter of Abraham.  Thus, they were shamed.

Jesus told the parable of the mustard seed that was like the kingdom of God.   The parable of the leaven yeast was also like the kingdom of God.  On the way to Jerusalem, they asked Jesus how many people would be saved?  Jesus said that it was a narrow door.  He will say where are you from?  They will say that they ate and drank with him.  However, he will say that I do not know you.  Then you will weep!  They will come from all directions.  The first shall be last.

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