Jesus enters Jerusalem

Jesus was on his way to Jerusalem, but he stopped in Bethany.  He told his disciples to get a colt that was in a neighboring town.  When they untied this colt, they were to say that the Lord needs it.  They did exactly that.  Jesus then sat on the colt as they spread garments around him.  They began to rejoice and say peace and glory.  The Pharisees wanted Jesus to rebuke his disciples, but Jesus said the stones would cry out if he did that.

Jesus wept over the city of Jerusalem.  There would be future hidden things when the city would be surrounded on every side because there were terrible things ahead.  Jesus entered the Temple.  He said that it should be a house of prayer.  They tried to destroy Jesus, but the people listened to Jesus.

Some Jerusalem officials come to Jesus and asked him where he got his authority?  He had a question for them about the baptism of John the Baptist.  Was his baptism from heaven or not?  They refused to answer because the people thought that John was a prophet.  Then Jesus said that he was not going to tell them about his authority.

Jesus then told the parable about the rented vineyard and the wicked tenants who beat up his slaves.  Finally, he sent his beloved son.  However, these bad tenants killed the heir.  He would then destroy these tenants.  The rejected stone would become the crushing stone.  The chief priests and Scribes wanted Jesus destroyed, because this parable was aimed at them.

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