Jesus has appeared to Simon (Lk 24:34-24:34)

“They were saying.

‘The Lord

Has risen indeed!

He has appeared

To Simon!’”

λέγοντας ὅτι ὄντως ἠγέρθη ὁ Κύριος καὶ ὤφθη Σίμωνι.

Luke indicated that the apostles and disciples in Jerusalem told them (λέγοντας) that the Lord had risen indeed (ὅτι ὄντως ἠγέρθη ὁ Κύριος), because he had appeared to Simon (καὶ ὤφθη Σίμωνι).  Now they were certain about this resurrection of Jesus, since he had appeared to their leader Simon Peter.  Luke was the only canonical gospel writer who had this story about the two disciples who traveled to Emmaus and back to Jerusalem.  Do you accept the words of your leader?

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