Simon Peter (Lk 22:31-22:31)




Satan has demanded

To sift

All of you

Like wheat.”

Σίμων, Σίμων, ἰδοὺ ὁ Σατανᾶς ἐξῃτήσατο ὑμᾶς τοῦ σινιάσαι ὡς τὸν σῖτον·

This verse is unique to Luke, since the prediction of Peter’s denial does not come until after they are in the Mount of Olives area in Mark, chapter 14:29, and Matthew, chapter 26:33.  However, this was at the Last Supper here in Luke and in John, chapter 13:36-38, where Jesus told Peter that he could not follow him.  Luke indicated that Jesus said to Simon (Σίμων Σίμων), not calling him Peter, that he should listen (ἰδοὺ) because Satan (ὁ Σατανᾶς) was going to sift him like wheat (ἐξῃτήσατο ὑμᾶς τοῦ σινιάσαι ὡς τὸν σῖτον).  Luke used two Greek words that are not found in any other Greek biblical literature.  First there was ἐξῃτήσατο, to ask for oneself, demand, or beg earnestly.  Then there is the word σινιάσαι, meaning to sift, prove by trials, or winnow.  Thus, Satan was demanding Peter to do something and control him, as if he were wheat grains.  Only Luke here talked about Satan entering into Simon Peter, much like Judas Iscariot, since he was like harvested wheat grain.  Do you believe that Satan has ever tempted you?

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