More than a prophet (Lk 7:26-7:26)

“What then did you go out

To see?

A prophet?


I tell you!

More than a prophet.’”


ἀλλὰ τί ἐξήλθατε ἰδεῖν; προφήτην; ναί, λέγω ὑμῖν, καὶ περισσότερον προφήτου.


Luke said that Jesus asked them what did they go out to see (ἀλλὰ τί ἐξήλθατε ἰδεῖν)?  Was John a prophet (προφήτην)?  Jesus responded with a solemn positive pronouncement, yes (ναί, λέγω ὑμῖν), but more than a prophet, like a preeminent prophet (καὶ περισσότερον προφήτου).  This sayings about John the prophet is word for word like Matthew, chapter 11:9, indicating a possible Q source.  Jesus posed the same question again.  Why did they go out to see John?  Then Jesus got to the main point.  Was John a prophet?  Jesus’ response was a solemn positive one.  Yes, he was a prophet, and even more than a prophet.  He was greater and more preeminent than any prophet.  What could this mean?

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