Outline of the Gospel of Luke

Outline of the Gospel of Luke

 I. Preface


An orderly account (Lk 1:1-1:1)

The sources (Lk 1:2-1:2)

Theophilus (Lk 1:3-1:3)

Know the truth (Lk 1:4-1:4


II. Infancy narrative

 1. The prediction about the birth of John the Baptist

Zechariah the priest (Lk 1:5-1:5)

They were righteous (Lk 1:6-1:6)

They were old with no children (Lk 1:7-1:7)

Zechariah on duty (Lk 1:8-1:8)

Zechariah’s turn to burn incense (Lk 1:9-1:9)

The people prayed outside the sanctuary (Lk 1:10-1:10)

An angel appeared (Lk 1:11-1:11)

 Zechariah was terrified (Lk 1:12-1:12)

The angel said not to be afraid (Lk 1:13-1:13)

The good news about a son (Lk 1:13-1:13)

Great rejoicing (Lk 1:14-1:14)

He will not drink strong drink (Lk 1:15-1:15)

Turn to God (Lk 1:16-1:16)

He will be like Elijah (Lk 1:17-1:17)

Zechariah responded (Lk 1:18-1:18)

The angel Gabriel (Lk 1:19-1:19)

Mute Zechariah (Lk 1:20-1:20)

The people were waiting for Zechariah (Lk 1:21-1:21)

Zechariah cannot speak (Lk 1:22-1:22)

Zechariah returns home (Lk 1:23-1:23)

Elizabeth conceived a child (Lk 1:24-1:24)

The prayer of Elizabeth (Lk 1:25-1:25)


2. The prediction about the birth of Jesus

The Angel Gabriel goes to Nazareth (Lk 1:26-1:26)

The virgin Mary (Lk 1:27-1:27)

The Hail Mary greeting (Lk 1:28-1:28)

What kind of greeting is this? (Lk 1:29-1:29)

Do not be afraid (Lk 1:30-1:30)

Mary will conceive and bear a son named Jesus (Lk 1:31-1:31)

The throne of David (Lk 1:32-1:32)

Everlasting kingdom of Jacob (Lk 1:33-1:33)

Mary questions the angel (Lk 1:34-1:34)

The Holy Spirit and the Son of God (Lk 1:35-1:35)

The child of Elizabeth (Lk 1:36-1:37)

The slave of the Lord (Lk 1:38-1:38)


 3. Mary visits Elizabeth

Mary goes to Judea (Lk 1:39-1:39

Mary meets Elizabeth (Lk 1:40-1:40)

Elizabeth was filled with the Holy Spirit (Lk 1:41-1:41)

The exclamation prayer of Elizabeth (Lk 1:42-1:42)

Why had Mary come to Elizabeth? (Lk 1:43-1:43)

The baby leapt for joy (Lk 1:44-1:44)

The praise of Elizabeth (Lk 1:45-1:45)


4. The Magnificat Prayer

The prayer of Mary (Lk 1:46-1:46)

Mary’s spirit rejoices in God (Lk 1:47-1:47)

All generations will call Mary blessed (Lk 1:48-1:48)

The name of God is holy (Lk 1:49-1:49)

Mercy and fear (Lk 1:50-1:50)

The strength of God (Lk 1:51-1:51)

The mighty and the lowly (Lk 1:52-1:52)

The hungry are filled (Lk 1:53-1:53)

God had helped Israel (Lk 1:54-1:54)

Abraham and the ancestors (Lk 1:55-1:55)

Mary stays three months (Lk 1:56-1:56)


 5. John is born

The child of Elizabeth is born (Lk 1:57-1:57)

Neighbors are happy (Lk 1:58-1:58) 


6. The circumcision of John

The circumcision (Lk 1:59-1: 59)

The naming of the child (Lk 1:59-1: 59)

Elizabeth wants to name him John (Lk 1:60-1:60)

No one in your family with that name (Lk 1:61-1:61)

The try to talk to Zechariah (Lk 1:62-1:62)

His name is John (Lk 1:63-1:63)

Zechariah blessed God (Lk 1:64-1:64)

Talking in the hill country (Lk 1:65-1:65)

The future of this child (Lk 1:66-1:66)


 7. The Benedictus Prayer of Zechariah

Zechariah is filled with the Holy Spirit (Lk 1:67-1:67)

The prayer of Zechariah (Lk 1:68-1:68)

Salvation for the House of David (Lk 1:69-1:69)

The prophets of old (Lk 1:70-1:70)

Saved from enemies (Lk 1:71-1:71)

Remember the covenant (Lk 1:72-1:72)

The covenant with Abraham (Lk 1:73-1:73)

Serve without fear (Lk 1:74-1:75)

The prophet of the Most High (Lk 1:76-1:76)

Forgive sins (Lk 1:77-1:77)

The tender mercy of God (Lk 1:78-1:78)

Peace (Lk 1:79-1:79)

The child grew (Lk 1:80-1:80)


 8. The birth of Jesus

The decree of Caesar Augustus (Lk 2:1-2:1)

 Quirinius of Syria (Lk 2:2-2:2)

The registration in their own hometown (Lk 2:3-2:3)

Joseph goes to Bethlehem (Lk 2:4-2:4)

Mary goes too (Lk 2:5-2:5)

The time of birth arrived (Lk 2:6-2:6)

The Christmas scene birth of Jesus (Lk 2:7-2:7)


9. The shepherds in the fields

The shepherds (Lk 2:8-2:8)

The angel appears to the shepherds (Lk 2:9-2:9)

Good news (Lk 2:10-2:10)

The Savior is born (Lk 2:11-2:11)

The sign (Lk 2:12-2:12)

Multitude of angels (Lk 2:13-2:13)

Glory to God (Lk 2:14-2:14)

Let us go to Bethlehem (Lk 2:15-2:15)

The shepherds find Jesus (Lk 2:16-2:16)

The shepherds tell others (Lk 2:17-2:17)

Everyone wondered (Lk 2:18-2:18

Mary ponders this (Lk 2:19-2:19)

The shepherds praise God (Lk 2:20-2:20)


 10. Circumcision and Presentation of Jesus

The circumcision of Jesus (Lk 2:21-2:21)

The purification (Lk 2:22-2:22)

The holy child (Lk 2:23-2:23)

The sacrifice offering (Lk 2:24-2:24)


11. Simeon

Simeon (Lk 2:25-2:25)

The Lord’s Christ (Lk 2:26-2:26)

The parents of Jesus appear (Lk 2:27-2:27)

Blessed God (Lk 2:28-2:28)


 12. Let your servant depart

Depart in peace (Lk 2:29-2:29)

Salvation (Lk 2:30-2:32)

Marvelous words (Lk 2:33-2:33

Simeon addressed Mary (Lk 2:34-2:34)

The sword (Lk 2:35-2:35)


 13. Anna

The prophet Anna (Lk 2:36-2:36)

Old Anna lived in the Temple (Lk 2:37-2:37)

The redemption of Jerusalem (Lk 2:38-2:38)


 14. Nazareth

They return to Nazareth (Lk 2:39-2:39)

Jesus grew (Lk 2:40-2:40)


 15. Jesus lost in Jerusalem

Annual Jerusalem Passover (Lk 2:41-2:41)

The twelve-year old (Lk 2:42-2:42)

Jesus stays in Jerusalem (Lk 2:43-2:43)

They realize that Jesus is not with them (Lk 2:44-2:44)

Jesus’ parents return to Jerusalem (Lk 2:45-2:45)

They find Jesus on the third day (Lk 2:46-2:46)

The amazing Jesus (Lk 2:47-2:47)

Mary complains to Jesus (Lk 2:48-2:48)

My Father’s house (Lk 2:49-2:49)

Mary and Joseph did not understand (Lk 2:50-2:50)

The obedience of Jesus (Lk 2:51-2:51)

Jesus matured (Lk 2:52-2:52)


 III. Preparation for ministry


1.   John the Baptist

The historical setting (Lk 3:1-3:1)

The Jewish high priests (Lk 3:2-3:2)

The call of John (Lk 3:2-3:2)

Preaching a baptism of repentance (Lk 3:3-3:3)

The prophecy of Isaiah (Lk 3:4-3:4)

Clear the path (Lk 3:5-3:5)

Salvation of God (Lk 3:6-3:6)

The coming wrath (Lk 3:7-3:7)

Beware children of Abraham! (Lk 3:8-3:9)

What shall we do? (Lk 3:10-3:10)

Sharing (Lk 3:11-3:11)

Tax collectors (Lk 3:12-3:12)

Make proper collections (Lk 3:13-3:13)

Soldiers (Lk 3:14-3:14)

Was John the Christ Messiah? (Lk 3:15-3:15)

John baptizes with water (Lk 3:16-3:16)

Baptism with the Holy Spirit (Lk 3:16-3:16)

The harvest is coming (Lk 3:17-3:17)

The gospel preaching of John (Lk 3:18-3:18)

John and Herod (Lk 3:19-3:20)


2. After the Baptism of Jesus

Many people were baptized by John (Lk 3:21-3:21)

Jesus praying (Lk 3:21-3:21)

The Holy Spirit and Jesus (Lk 3:22-3:22)

The voice from heaven (Lk 3:22-3:22)

Jesus was thirty years old (Lk 3:23-3:23)


3. The genealogy of Jesus

The grandfather of Jesus (Lk 3:23-3:23)

The ancestors of Jesus (Lk 3:24-3:24)

The ancestors of Jesus (Lk 3:25-3:26)

Common relatives in the Babylonian captivity (Lk 3:27-3:27)

Various names between David and the captivity (Lk 3:28-3:30)

The son of David (Lk 3:31-3:31)

Jesse (Lk 3:32-3:32)

Judah and Perez (Lk 3:33-3:33)

Abraham (Lk 3:34-3:34)

The old guys (Lk 3:35-3:35)

Noah (Lk 3:36-3:36)

The ancient pre-historic patriarchs (Lk 3:37-3:37)

Adam (Lk 3:38-3:38)


4.  The temptations in the desert

The Holy Spirit leads Jesus into the wilderness (Lk 4:1-4:1)

The forty day fast (Lk 4:2-4:2)

Make this stone into bread (Lk 4:3-4:3)

Not bread alone (Lk 4:4-4:4)

The kingdoms of the world (Lk 4:5-4:5)

The authority of the world (Lk 4:6-4:6)

Worship me (Lk 4:7-4:7)

Only worship the Lord (Lk 4:8-4:8)

Jerusalem (Lk 4:9-4:9)

Angels guard you (Lk 4:10-4:10)

Angels will protect you (Lk 4:11-4:11)

Do not tempt the Lord (Lk 4:12-4:12)

The devil leaves (Lk 4:13-4:13)


IV. The Galilean ministry


1.   Jesus in Nazareth

Jesus goes to Galilee (Lk 4:14-4:14)

Jesus taught in the synagogues (Lk 4:15-4:15)

Jesus goes to Nazareth to preach (Lk 4:16-4:16)

The scroll of Isaiah (Lk 4:17-4:17)

The citation from Isaiah (Lk 4:18-4:19)

Jesus sat down (Lk 4:20-4:20)

Scripture fulfilled (Lk 4:21-4:21)

Joseph’s son (Lk 4:22-4:22)

Heal yourself (Lk 4:23-4:23)

Not accepted in his own country (Lk 4:24-4:24)

The famine at the time of Elijah (Lk 4:25-4:26)

The lepers at the time of Elisha (Lk 4:27-4:27)

They became angry (Lk 4:28-4:28)

They try to kill Jesus (Lk 4:29-4:29)

Jesus escaped (Lk 4:30-4:30)


2.    Jesus goes to Capernaum

Capernaum (Lk 4:31-4:31)

Jesus spoke with authority (Lk 4:32-4:32)

The unclean spirit speaks out (Lk 4:33-4:33)

The Holy One of God (Lk 4:34-4:34)

Jesus rebukes the demon (Lk 4:35-4:35)

Control over unclean spirits (Lk 4:36-4:36)

The surrounding area (Lk 4:37-4:37)


3.   Jesus goes to Simon’s house

Simon’s house (Lk 4:38-4:38)

Jesus cures her (Lk 4:39-4:39)

The healings (Lk 4:40-4:40)

The demons recognize Jesus (Lk 4:41-4:41)

Jesus at a lonely place (Lk 4:42-4:42)

Preach the gospel (Lk 4:43-4:43)

Jesus goes to Judea (Lk 4:44-4:44)


4.  Fishing with Simon and friends

Gennesaret (Lk 5:1-5:1)

The fisherman washing their nets (Lk 5:2-5:2)

Teaching from the boat (Lk 5:3-5:3)

Go fishing (Lk 5:4-5:4)

No fish here (Lk 5:5-5:5)

A big haul of fish (Lk 5:6-5:6)

Overloaded with fish (Lk 5:7-5:7)

Simon Peter is a sinner (Lk 5:8-5:8)

Amazed at the catch of fish (Lk 5:9-5:9)

Catchers of people (Lk 5:10-5:10)

They follow Jesus (Lk 5:11-5:11)


5.   Curing the Leper

The man with leprosy (Lk 5:12-5:12)

Jesus cures the leprosy (Lk 5:13-5:13)

Do not tell anyone (Lk 5:14-5:14)

People listen to Jesus (Lk 5:15-5:15)

Jesus went to pray (Lk 5:16-5:16)


6.   Curing the paralytic

Pharisees come to Jesus (Lk 5:17-5:17)

The paralyzed man (Lk 5:18-5:18)

Go through the roof (Lk 5:19-5:19)

Sins forgiven (Lk 5:20-5:20)

Only God forgives sins (Lk 5:21-5:21)

Why do you question me? (Lk 5:22-5:22)

What is easier? (Lk 5:23-5:23)

Go home (Lk 5:24-5:24)

Glorifying God (Lk 5:25-5:25)

Amazement (Lk 5:26-5:26)


7.   The call of Levi and the tax collectors

Levi the tax collector (Lk 5:27-5:27)

Levi follows Jesus (Lk 5:28-5:28)

The dinner with the tax collectors (Lk 5:29-5:29)

Tax collectors and sinners (Lk 5:30-5:30)

Well and sick people (Lk 5:31-5:31)

Righteous and sinners (Lk 5:32-5:32)


8.   The question of fasting

The disciples who fast (Lk 5:33-5:33)

The bridegroom is here (Lk 5:34-5:34)

Fasting in the future (Lk 5:35-5:35)

Repairing garments (Lk 5:36-5:36)

The wineskins (Lk 5:37-5:37)

The new and old wine (Lk 5:38-5:39)


9.   The Sabbath

Eating grain on the Sabbath (Lk 6:1-6:1)

Unlawful on the Sabbath (Lk 6:2-6:2)

What did David do? (Lk 6:3-6:3)

The example of David (Lk 6:4-6:4)

Lord of the Sabbath (Lk 6:5-6:5)


10.   The man with the withered hand

Preaching in the synagogue (Lk 6:6-6:6)

Would Jesus heal on the Sabbath? (Lk 6:7-6:7)

The response of Jesus (Lk 6:8-6:8)

What can you do on the Sabbath? (Lk 6:9-6:9)

Healing the hand (Lk 6:10-6:10)

What to do? (Lk 6:11-6:11)


11.    Jesus chooses his twelve apostles

Jesus at prayer (Lk 6:12-6:12)

The twelve apostles (Lk 6:13-6:13)

The top six apostles (Lk 6:14-6:14)

Four more apostles (Lk 6:15-6:15)

The final two apostles (Lk 6:16-6:16)


12.   The sermon on the plain

The great crowd on the plain field (Lk 6:17-6:17)

Cure the unclean spirits (Lk 6:18-6:18)

The healing power (Lk 6:19-6:19)

Blessed are the poor (Lk 6:20-6:20)

Blessed are the hungry (Lk 6:21-6:21)

Blessed are those who weep (Lk 6:21-6:21)

Blessed are those who suffer for the Son of Man (Lk 6:22-6:22)

Rejoice! (Lk 6:23-6:23)

Woe to the rich! (Lk 6:24-6:24)

Woe to those who are full now! (Lk 6:25-6:25)

Woe to the laughers! (Lk 6:25-6:25)

Woe to the false prophets! (Lk 6:26-6:26)

Love your enemies! (Lk 6:27-6:27)

Bless those who curse you! (Lk 6:28-6:28)

Pray for those who abuse you! (Lk 6:28-6:28)

Offer the other cheek! (Lk 6:29-6:29)

Offer your shirt! (Lk 6:29-6:29)

Give to beggars! (Lk 6:30-6:30)

Do not ask for your goods back! (Lk 6:30-6:30)

Do to others! (Lk 6:31-6:31)

Love (Lk 6:32-6:32)

Even sinners do some good (Lk 6:33-6:33)

Lending money (Lk 6:34-6:34)

Love your enemies! (Lk 6:35-6:35)

God is kind (Lk 6:35-6:35)

Be merciful! (Lk 6:36-6:36)

Do not judge! (Lk 6:37-6:37)

Do not condemn! (Lk 6:37-6:37)

Forgive others! (Lk 6:37-6:37)

Give! (Lk 6:38-6:38)

The blind leading the blind (Lk 6:39-6:39)

The disciple and the teacher (Lk 6:40-6:40)

The speck and the log (Lk 6:41-6:41)

Your brother’s eye (Lk 6:42-6:42)

The god and bad trees (Lk 6:43-6:43)

The fruit of the tree (Lk 6:44-6:44)

The good and evil man (Lk 6:45-6:45)

Do what I tell you! (Lk 6:46-6:46)

Hear the word and do it! (Lk 6:47-6:47)

Build well (Lk 6:48-6:48)

The house with no foundation (Lk 6:49-6:49)


13. The centurion’s slave

Jesus goes to Capernaum (Lk 7:1-7:1)

The centurion and his slave (Lk 7:2-7:2)

He sent the Jewish elders (Lk 7:3-7:3)

A worthy man (Lk 7:4-7:4)

He built a synagogue (Lk 7:5-7:5)

The centurion was not worthy (Lk 7:6-7:6)

Just say the word (Lk 7:7-7:7)

I understand authority (Lk 7:8-7:8)

The faith of the centurion (Lk 7:9-7:9)

The slave was well (Lk 7:10-7:10)


14.   The widow’s son at Nain

Jesus goes to Nain (Lk 7:11-7:11)

The widow’s dead son (Lk 7:12-7:12)

The Lord had compassion (Lk 7:13-7:13)

Jesus tells the young man to rise up (Lk 7:14-7:14)

The dead man speaks (Lk 7:15-7:15)

A great prophet (Lk 7:16-7:16)

Jesus’ fame increases (Lk 7:17-7:17)


15.   Messengers from John the Baptist

The disciples of John the Baptist (Lk 7:18-7:18)

John sends two disciples to Jesus (Lk 7:18-7:19)

They went to Jesus (Lk 7:20-7:20)

Curing people (Lk 7:21-7:21)

Tell him what you have seen (Lk 7:22-7:22)

Jesus is not offensive (Lk 7:23-7:23)

Jesus spoke about John (Lk 7:24-7:24)

What did you go out to see? (Lk 7:25-7:25)

More than a prophet (Lk 7:26-7:26)

My messenger (Lk 7:27-7:27)

No one is greater (Lk 7:28-7:28)

Baptized by John (Lk 7:29-7:29)

Pharisees and lawyers rejected John (Lk 7:30-7:30)

The people of this generation (Lk 7:31-7:31)

The children in the marketplace (Lk 7:32-7:32)

John the Baptist (Lk 7:33-7:33)

The Son of Man (Lk 7:34-7:34)

Wisdom (Lk 7:35-7:35)


16.   Eating with sinners

Eating with the Pharisees (Lk 7:36-7:36)

The sinning woman with oil (Lk 7:37-7:37)

This woman anoints the feet of Jesus (Lk 7:38-7:38)

Jesus should know that she is a sinner (Lk 7:39-7:39)

Jesus has something to say (Lk 7:40-7:40)

Two debtors (Lk 7:41-7:41)

He forgave both of them (Lk 7:42-7:42)

One was forgiven more (Lk 7:43-7:43)

She was more concerned than you (Lk 7:44-7:44)

No kisses (Lk 7:45-7:45)

You did not anoint my head (Lk 7:46-7:46)

She will be forgiven much (Lk 7:47-7:47)

Your sins are forgiven (Lk 7:48-7:48)

Who can forgive sins? (Lk 7:49-7:49)

Your faith saves you (Lk 7:50-7:50)


17.   The women with Jesus

Jesus was preaching the good news (Lk 8:1-8:1)

Mary Magdalene (Lk 8:2-8:2)

Other women helped (Lk 8:3-8:3)


18.   The parable of the sower

A parable for the crowd (Lk 8:4-8:4)

The seeds on the path (Lk 8:5-8:5)

The seeds on the rock (Lk 8:6-8:6)

The seeds among the thorns (Lk 8:7-8:7)

The seeds on good soil (Lk 8:8-8:8)

Listen if you have ears! (Lk 8:8-8:8)

What does it mean? (Lk 8:9-8:9)

Understanding the parables (Lk 8:10-8:10)

The seeds are the word of God (Lk 8:11-8:11)

The seeds on the path do not believe (Lk 8:12-8:12)

The seeds on the rock have no roots (Lk 8:13-8:13)

The seeds among the thorns choked (Lk 8:14-8:14)

The good soil bears fruit (Lk 8:15-8:15)


19.   The parable of the lamp

The lit lamp on a stand (Lk 8:16-8:16)

No more secrets (Lk 8:17-8:17)

Give more to those who have a lot (Lk 8:18-8:18)


20.   The relatives of Jesus

The mother and brothers of Jesus (Lk 8:19-8:19)

Your mother and brothers want to see you (Lk 8:20-8:20)

A true family member hears and does the word (Lk 8:21-8:21)


21.   The storm on the sea

The other side of the sea (Lk 8:22-8:22)

The storm on the lake (Lk 8:23-8:23)

Jesus calms the sea (Lk 8:24-8:24)

They were amazed at Jesus (Lk 8:25-8:25)


22.   The demoniac

Gerasenes (Lk 8:26-8:26)

The demoniac from the tombs (Lk 8:27-8:27)

The demoniac does not want Jesus to torment him (Lk 8:28-8:28)

The possessed man (Lk 8:29-8:29)

The legion of demons (Lk 8:30-8:30)

The demons did not want to go into the abyss (Lk 8:31-8:31)

The herd of swine (Lk 8:32-8:32)

The swine go into the lake (Lk 8:33-8:33)

The herdsmen tell everyone (Lk 8:34-8:34)

The possessed man was fine (Lk 8:35-8:35)

The demoniac was healed (Lk 8:36-8:36)

They asked Jesus to leave (Lk 8:37-8:37)

The cured demoniac wanted to follow Jesus (Lk 8:38-8:38)

Proclaim Jesus in your home area (Lk 8:39-8:39)


23.  The daughter of Jairus

The crowds waited for Jesus (Lk 8:40-8:40)

The invitation from Jairus (Lk 8:41-8:41)

The only daughter of Jairus (Lk 8:42-8:42)

The woman with flowing blood (Lk 8:43-8:43)

The woman touched the garment of Jesus (Lk 8:44-8:44)

Jesus realized that someone touched him (Lk 8:45-8:45)

Power left Jesus (Lk 8:46-8:46)

She was immediately cured (Lk 8:47-8:47)

Faith heals (Lk 8:48-8:48)

Your daughter is dead (Lk 8:49-8:49)

Do not fear! (Lk 8:50-8:50)

The favorite apostles (Lk 8:51-8:51)

Jesus said that she was sleeping (Lk 8:52-8:52)

They laughed at Jesus (Lk 8:53-8:53)

Jesus told the little girl to get up (Lk 8:54-8:54)

Give her something to eat (Lk 8:55-8:55)

The astonished parents were to be silent (Lk 8:56-8:56)


24.  The mission of the Twelve

The power of the twelve (Lk 9:1-9:1)

Preaching (Lk 9:2-9:2)

Take nothing (Lk 9:3-9:3)

Stay where you go (Lk 9:4-9:4)

Shake off the dust! (Lk 9:5-9:5)

Preaching and healing (Lk 9:6-9:6)


25.   Herod and Jesus

Herod the tetrarch (Lk 9:7-9:7)

Elijah or ancient prophets (Lk 9:8-9:8)

Herod wants to see Jesus (Lk 9:9-9:9)


26. The multiplication of the loaves

Bethsaida (Lk 9:10-9:10)

The crowd follows Jesus (Lk 9:11-9:11)

Late in the day (Lk 9:12-9:12)

Not enough food (Lk 9:13-9:13)

Five thousand people (Lk 9:14-9:14)

They all sat down (Lk 9:15-9:15)

Jesus blessed the loaves and fishes (Lk 9:16-9:16)

They had leftovers (Lk 9:17-9:17)


27. Peter’s profession of faith

Who do they say that I am? (Lk 9:18-9:18)

One of the risen prophets (Lk 9:19-9:19)

Peter responds (Lk 9:20-9:20)

Tell no one (Lk 9:21-9:21)

Prediction about the death and resurrection (Lk 9:22-9:22)


28. Take up your cross

Follow me (Lk 9:23-9:23)

Save or lose your life (Lk 9:24-9:24)

Gain the whole world (Lk 9:25-9:25)

Ashamed of God (Lk 9:26-9:26)

The kingdom of God is coming soon (Lk 9:27-9:27)


29. The transfiguration

Jesus takes his three trusted apostles to pray (Lk 9:28-9:28)

Jesus’ face changes (Lk 9:29-9:29)

Moses and Elijah (Lk 9:30-9:30)

The conversation about the future (Lk 9:31-9:31)

Peter and the others see the glory (Lk 9:32-9:32)

Peter wants to make three tents (Lk 9:33-9:33)

The cloud overshadows them (Lk 9:34-9:34)

This is my son (Lk 9:35-9:35)

The apostles kept silent (Lk 9:36-9:36)


30. Jesus heals a boy

A great crowd (Lk 9:37-9:37)

Look at my son (Lk 9:38-9:38)

A spirit seized him (Lk 9:39-9:39)

The disciples could not cast out the evil spirit (Lk 9:40-9:40)

Jesus was upset (Lk 9:41-9:41)

Jesus cures the son (Lk 9:42-9:42)

Everyone was astonished (Lk 9:43-9:43)

The Son of Man will be delivered to men (Lk 9:43-9:44)

They did not understand (Lk 9:45-9:45)


31. Who is the greatest?

Who is the greatest? (Lk 9:46-9:46)

The little child (Lk 9:47-9:47)

Welcome the little child (Lk 9:48-9:48)

Forbid the non-followers of Jesus (Lk 9:49-9:49)

Not against you (Lk 9:50-9:50)


V. The Journey to Jerusalem

1. The Samaritan Village

Going to Jerusalem (Lk 9:51-9:51)

Samaritan village (Lk 9:52-9:52)

They would not receive Jesus (Lk 9:53-9:53)

John and James want to set a fire (Lk 9:54-9:54)

Jesus said no (Lk 9:55-9:55)

They went to another village (Lk 9:56-9:56)


2. Christian demands

I will follow you (Lk 9:57-9:57)

No home for Jesus (Lk 9:58-9:58)

Follow me! (Lk 9:59-9:59)

Proclaim the kingdom! (Lk 9:60-9:60)

Say farewell (Lk 9:61-9:61)

Not fit for the kingdom of God (Lk 9:62-9:62)


3. The mission of the Seventy

The seventy (Lk 10:1-10:1)

The laborers for the harvest (Lk 10:2-10:2)

The lambs among the wolves (Lk 10:3-10:3)

Carry very little (Lk 10:4-10:4)

Peace to this house (Lk 10:5-10:5)

The role of peace (Lk 10:6-10:6)

Remain in the same house (Lk 10:7-10:7)

Eat what they give you (Lk 10:8-10:8)

The kingdom of God (Lk 10:9-10:9)

The non-accepting town (Lk 10:10-10:10)

Wipe the dust off your feet (Lk 10:11-10:11)

Worse than Sodom (Lk 10:12-10:12)


4. The cursed Galilean cities

The curse on Chorazin and Bethsaida (Lk 10:13-10:13)

More tolerant for Tyre and Sidon (Lk 10:14-10:14)

The curse on Capernaum (Lk 10:15-10:15)

Rejection (Lk 10:16-10:16)


5. The seventy disciples return

The demons submit to us (Lk 10:17-10:17)

Satan fell (Lk 10:18-10:18)

Nothing will hurt you (Lk 10:19-10:19

Your name in heaven (Lk 10:20-10:20)

Rejoice in the Holy Spirit (Lk 10:21-10:21)

The Father and the Son (Lk 10:22-10:22)

Blessed eyes (Lk 10:23-10:23)

Many people want to hear and see what you do (Lk 10:24-10:24)


6. The great commandment

Eternal life (Lk 10:25-10:25)

What is written in the law? (Lk 10:26-10:26)

The great commandment to love God (Lk 10:27-10:27)

Love your neighbor (Lk 10:27-10:27)

The right answer (Lk 10:28-10:28)


7. The good Samaritan

Who is my neighbor? (Lk 10:29-10:29)

The man who got beat up (Lk 10:30-10:30)

The priest went by (Lk 10:31-10:31)

The Levite passed by (Lk 10:32-10:32)

The Samaritan (Lk 10:33-10:33)

He took care of him (Lk 10:34-10:34)

The Samaritan pays for his upkeep (Lk 10:35-10:35)

Which was a neighbor? (Lk 10:36-10:36)

Do likewise (Lk 10:37-10:37)


8. Martha and Mary

Martha (Lk 10:38-10:38)

Mary (Lk 10:39-10:39)

Make my sister help me (Lk 10:40-10:40)

Martha was troubled (Lk 10:41-10:41)

The better portion (Lk 10:42-10:42)


9. The Lord’s Prayer

Teach us to pray! (Lk 11:1-11:1)

Pray to the Father (Lk 11:2-11:2)

Daily bread (Lk 11:3-11:3)

Forgiveness (Lk 11:4-11:4)

The time of trial (Lk 11:4-11:4)


10. Persevere in prayer

The friendly request (Lk 11:5-11:5)

Nothing to serve (Lk 11:6-11:6)

The door is locked (Lk 11:7-11:7)

He will get up (Lk 11:8-11:8)

Ask! (Lk 11:9-11:9)

You will receive (Lk 11:10-11:10)

Ask for a fish (Lk 11:11-11:11)

Ask for an egg! (Lk 11:12-11:12)

Evil people give good gifts (Lk 11:13-11:13)


11. Jesus and Beelzebul

The mute demon (Lk 11:14-11:14)

He casts out demons by Beelzebul (Lk 11:15-11:15)

A sign from heaven (Lk 11:16-11:16)

Divided kingdom (Lk 11:17-11:17)

Satan divided (Lk 11:18-11:18)

Your judges (Lk 11:19-11:19)

The finger of God (Lk 11:20-11:20)

Armed strong man (Lk 11:21-11:21)

The attack (Lk 11:22-11:22)

With or against (Lk 11:23-11:23)


12. The return of the unclean spirit

The unclean spirit (Lk 11:24-11:24)

Well organized (Lk 11:25-11:25)

Worst state (Lk 11:26-11:26)


13. True happiness

Blessed is the womb (Lk 11:27-11:27)

Keep the word of God (Lk 11:28-11:28)


14. The sign of Jonah

The sign of Jonah (Lk 11:29-11:29)

The Son of Man (Lk 11:30-11:30)

The queen of the South (Lk 11:31-11:31)

The people of Nineveh (Lk 11:32-11:32)


15. The parable of the lamp

The lit lamp (Lk 11:33-11:33)

Your eye (Lk 11:34-11:34)

The light in you (Lk 11:35-11:35)

Full of light (Lk 11:36-11:36)


16. The hypocrisy of the Pharisees

The Pharisee dinner (Lk 11:37-11:37)

The Pharisee was amazed (Lk 11:38-11:38)

The outside of the cup (Lk 11:39-11:39)

The fools (Lk 11:40-11:40)

Alms make you clean (Lk 11:41-11:41)

Tithing (Lk 11:42-11:42)

The best seats (Lk 11:43-11:43)

The graves (Lk 11:44-11:44)

The reproach (Lk 11:45-11:45)

Loaded with burdens (Lk 11:46-11:46)

They build the tombs (Lk 11:47-11:47)

You are the witnesses (Lk 11:48-11:48)

The wisdom of God (Lk 11:49-11:49)

The blood of the prophets (Lk 11:50-11:50

The blood of Abel (Lk 11:51-11:51)

The lawyers take away knowledge (Lk 11:52-11:52)

The after party disputed conversation (Lk 11:53-11:53)

Watching Jesus (Lk 11:54-11:54)

Beware of the Pharisees (Lk 12:1-12:1)

It will be revealed (Lk 12:2-12:2)

All will be revealed (Lk 12:3-12:3)


17. Fear

Do not be afraid (Lk 12:4-12:4)

Watch out for Gehenna! (Lk 12:5-12:5)

The value of sparrows (Lk 12:6-12:6)

The hairs of your head (Lk 12:7-12:7)

Acknowledge Jesus Christ (Lk 12:8-12:8)

What happens when you deny Jesus? (Lk 12:9-12:9)

Blaspheme against the Holy Spirit (Lk 12:10-12:10)

Don’t worry (Lk 12:11-12:11)

The Holy Spirit (Lk 12:12-12:12)


18. The parable of the rich fool

Divide the inheritance (Lk 12:13-12:13)

Who is the judge? (Lk 12:14-12:14)

Possessions (Lk 12:15-12:15)

The parable of the rich man (Lk 12:16-12:16)

Storage space (Lk 12:17-12:17)

Build new storage sheds (Lk 12:18-12:18)

Eat, drink, and be merry (Lk 12:19-12:19)

The fool (Lk 12:20-12:20)

The wrong treasure (Lk 12:21-12:21)


 19. Anxious and Providence

Do not be anxious! (Lk 12:22-12:22)

Food and clothing (Lk 12:23-12:23)

You are more valuable than birds (Lk 12:24-12:24)

Can you add to your life? (Lk 12:25-12:25)

Why be anxious? (Lk 12:26-12:26)

The lilies (Lk 12:27-12:27)

Men of little faith (Lk 12:28-12:28)

Food and drink (Lk 12:29-12:29)

Everybody needs food and clothing (Lk 12:30-12:30)

Seek the kingdom! (Lk 12:31-12:31)

Your Father (Lk 12:32-12:32)

Treasures in heaven (Lk 12:33-12:33)

Treasure and heart (Lk 12:34-12:34)


20. Watchfulness

Be ready! (Lk 12:35-12:35)

Wait for the master (Lk 12:36-12:36)

The lord will be pleased (Lk 12:37-12:37)

Blessed are these slaves! (Lk 12:38-12:38)

Watch for the thief (Lk 12:39-12:39)

The Son of Man is coming (Lk 12:40-12:40)


21.  The faithful and unfaithful servant slaves

Who is this for? (Lk 12:41-12:41)

Who is the wise manager? (Lk 12:42-12:42)

Blessed is the good servant! (Lk 12:43-12:43)

He will be put in charge of everything (Lk 12:44-12:44)

The unwise slave (Lk 12:45-12:45)

The punishment (Lk 12:46-12:46)

The beating (Lk 12:47-12:47)

Light and heavy beatings (Lk 12:48-12:48)


22. The cause of division

Fire on earth (Lk 12:49-12:49)

The stressful baptism to come (Lk 12:50-12:50)

Division not peace (Lk 12:51-12:51)

The division of five (Lk 12:52-12:52)

Family members will be divided (Lk 12:53-12:53)


23. The signs of the time

A rain shower is coming (Lk 12:54-12:54)

The southern hot wind (Lk 12:55-12:55)

Interpreting the present time (Lk 12:56-12:56)

Good judgment (Lk 12:57-12:57)

Settle your case (Lk 12:58-12:58)

No get out of jail free (Lk 12:59-12:59)


24. Penance

Pilate and the Galileans (Lk 13:1-13:1)

Sin and punishment (Lk 13:2-13:2)

Repent (Lk 13:3-13:3)

Tower of Siloam (Lk 13:4-13:4)

You will perish (Lk 13:5-13:5)


25. The parable of the barren fig tree

The parable of the fig tree (Lk 13:6-13:6)

Cut the tree down (Lk 13:7-13:7)

Wait a year (Lk 13:8-13:8)

Next year cut it down (Lk 13:9-13:9)


26. The crippled woman

Teaching in the synagogue (Lk 13:10-13:10)

The woman with an infirmity for eighteen years (Lk 13:11-13:11)

Free from infirmity (Lk 13:12-13:12)

Jesus laid hands on her (Lk 13:13-13:13)

Do not heal on the Sabbath! (Lk 13:14-13:14)

Hypocrites (Lk 13:15-13:15)

Heal the daughter of Abraham (Lk 13:16-13:16)

They were shamed (Lk 13:17-13:17)


27. The parable of the mustard seed

The kingdom of God (Lk 13:18-13:18)

The mustard seed (Lk 13:19-13:19)


28. The parable of the leaven

The kingdom of God (Lk 13:20-13:20)

The yeast (Lk 13:21-13:21)


29. The narrow door

On the way to Jerusalem (Lk 13:22-13:22)

How many will be saved? (Lk 13:23-13:23)

The narrow door (Lk 13:23-13:24)

Where are you from? (Lk 13:25-13:25)

We ate and drank with you (Lk 13:26-13:26)

I do not know you (Lk 13:27-13:27)

You will weep! (Lk 13:28-13:28)

They will come from all directions (Lk 13:29-13:29)

The first and last (Lk 13:30-13:30)


30. The lament over Jerusalem

Herod wants to kill Jesus (Lk 13:31-13:31)

Go tell the fox Herod (Lk 13:32-13:32)

The prophet dies in Jerusalem (Lk 13:33-13:33)

Jerusalem would not respond (Lk 13:34-13:34)

See you later! (Lk 13:35-13:35)


31. The man with dropsy

Diner with the Pharisees (Lk 14:1-14:1)

The man with dropsy (Lk 14:2-14:2)

Heal on the Sabbath (Lk 14:3-14:3)

They were silent (Lk 14:4-14:4)

The problem of the Sabbath (Lk 14:5-14:5)

No reply (Lk 14:6-14:6)


32. Humility

The places of honor (Lk 14:7-14:7)

The parable about the places of honor (Lk 14:8-14:8)

The lowest place (Lk 14:9-14:9)

Honored (Lk 14:10-14:10)

Humility (Lk 14:11-14:11)

Diner invitations (Lk 14:12-14:12)

Invite the needy (Lk 14:13-14:13)

The resurrection of the just (Lk 14:14-14:14) 


33. The parable of the great banquet

The kingdom of God (Lk 14:15-14:15)

The great dinner banquet (Lk 14:16-14:16)

The banquet is ready (Lk 14:17-14:17)

The excuse of new property (Lk 14:18-14:18)

I bought oxen (Lk 14:19-14:19)

I have married a wife (Lk 14:20-14:20)

Get somebody in here (Lk 14:21-14:21)

Still room (Lk 14:22-14:22)

Highways and byways (Lk 14:23-14:23)

The original invited ones (Lk 14:24-14:24)


34. The cost of discipleship

Great crowds (Lk 14:25-14:25)

Hate and discipleship (Lk 14:25-14:26)

Bear the cross (Lk 14:27-14:27)

The cost of a building (Lk 14:28-14:28)

The foundation without money (Lk 14:29-14:29)

Not able to finish (Lk 14:30-14:30)

Preparing for war (Lk 14:31-14:31)

Terms of peace (Lk 14:32-14:32)

Renounce all things! (Lk 14:33-14:33)


35. Salt

The salt loses its taste (Lk 14:34-14:34)

Throw the bad salt away (Lk 14:35-14:35)


36. The parable of the lost sheep

Tax collectors and sinners (Lk 15:1-15:1)

Eats with sinners (Lk 15:2-15:2)

The parable (Lk 15:3-15:3)

One hundred sheep (Lk 15:4-15:4)

The found sheep (Lk 15:5-15:5)

Rejoicing with friends (Lk 15:6-15:6)

Joy over a repentant sinner (Lk 15:7-15:7)


37. The parable of the lost coin

The lost silver coin (Lk 15:8-15:8)

Rejoicing over the found coin (Lk 15:9-15:9)

Joy over one repentant sinner (Lk 15:10-15:10)


38. The parable of the prodigal son

The man with two sons (Lk 15:11-15:11)

Divide the property (Lk 15:12-15:12)

The younger son squanders his property (Lk 15:13-15:13)

The famine (Lk 15:14-15:14)

Feed the pigs (Lk 15:15-15:15)

Nothing to eat (Lk 15:16-15:16)

Dying of hunger (Lk 15:17-15:17)

The sinner (Lk 15:18-15:18)

Hired servant (Lk 15:19-15:19)

The father embraces the son (Lk 15:20-15:20)

The son admits he is a sinner (Lk 15:21-15:21)

Dress him up! (Lk 15:22-15:22)

The fatted calf (Lk 15:23-15:23)

The dead son is alive (Lk 15:24-15:24)

The oldest son (Lk 15:25-15:25)

What is going on? (Lk 15:26-15:26)

Your brother has come home (Lk 15:27-15:27)

The older brother was angry (Lk 15:28-15:28)

No party for the older brother (Lk 15:29-15:29)

He lived with prostitutes (Lk 15:30-15:30)

You are always with me (Lk 15:31-15:31)

Lost brother is found (Lk 15:32-15:32)


39. The parable of the dishonest house manager

The bad manager wasting things (Lk 16:1-16:1)

No longer a manager (Lk 16:2-16:2)

What to do? (Lk 16:3-16:3)

A plan (Lk 16:4-16:4)

How much do you owe? (Lk 16:5-16:5)

Write your debt in half (Lk 16:6-16:6)

Take a discount (Lk 16:7-16:7)

The shrewd one (Lk 16:8-16:8)

Make friends (Lk 16:9-16:9)

The faithful ones (Lk 16:10-16:10)

Who will give you true riches? (Lk 16:11-16:11)

Take care of other things (Lk 16:12-16:12)

Not serve two masters (Lk 16:13-16:13)


 40. The law and the kingdom of God

Lovers of money (Lk 16:14-16:14)

God knows your heart (Lk 16:15-16:15)

The good news (Lk 16:16-16:16)

The power of the law (Lk 16:17-16:17)

Adultery (Lk 16:18-16:18)


41. The rich man and Lazarus

The rich man (Lk 16:19-16:19)

Lazarus (Lk 16:20-16:20)

The dogs licked his sores (Lk 16:21-16:21)

They died (Lk 16:22-16:22)

Abraham and Lazarus (Lk 16:23-16:23)

Father Abraham (Lk 16:24-16:24)

The good and bad things (Lk 16:25-16:25)

No switching places (Lk 16:26-16:26)

Send Lazarus to warn my brothers (Lk 16:27-16:28)

They have Moses (Lk 16:29-16:29)

Someone from the dead (Lk 16:30-16:30)

Those who rise from the dead (Lk 16:31-16:31)


42. The sayings of Jesus

Temptations (Lk 17:1-17:1)

The millstone on the neck (Lk 17:2-17:2)

The brother’s sins (Lk 17:3-17:3)

Forgiveness (Lk 17:4-17:4)

Increase our faith (Lk 17:5-17:5)

The mustard seed (Lk 17:6-17:6)

Sit at the table (Lk 17:7-17:7)

Prepare supper (Lk 17:8-17:8)

Thank you (Lk 17:9-17:9)

We did our duty (Lk 17:10-17:10)


43. Jesus cleanses the ten lepers

Towards Jerusalem (Lk 17:11-17:11)

Ten lepers (Lk 17:12-17:12)

Have mercy! (Lk 17:13-17:13)

Ten lepers cleansed (Lk 17:14-17:14)

One leper praised God (Lk 17:15-17:15)

The cured Samaritan leper (Lk 17:16-17:16)

What happened to other nine? (Lk 17:17-17:17)

Only the foreigner returned (Lk 17:18-17:18)

Faith (Lk 17:19-17:19)


44. The coming of the kingdom

The kingdom of God (Lk 17:20-17:20)

The kingdom of God is near (Lk 17:21-17:21)

Not see the Son of Man (Lk 17:22-17:22)

Do not fall for false claims (Lk 17:23-17:23)

The Son of Man will be like lightning (Lk 17:24-17:24)

Suffer and rejection (Lk 17:25-17:25)

Just like Noah (Lk 17:26-17:26)

The flood destroyed them all (Lk 17:27-17:27)

Just like Lot (Lk 17:28-17:28)

Lot and the Son of Man (Lk 17:29-17:30)

Stay where you are (Lk 17:31-17:31)

Lot’s wife (Lk 17:32-17:32)

Gain or lose your life (Lk 17:33-17:33)

Half will be taken away (Lk 17:34-17:34)

Only one of two women (Lk 17:35-17:35)

Only one of two in the field (Lk 17:36-17:36)

The eagles will be gathered (Lk 17:37-17:37)


45. The parable of the widow and the judge

Pray (Lk 18:1-18:1)

Bad judge (Lk 18:2-18:2)

The widow’s petition (Lk 18:3-18:3)

No regard for God or man (Lk 18:4-18:4)

Wear the bad judge out (Lk 18:5-18:5)

The unrighteous judge (Lk 18:6-8:6)

Will God delay? (Lk 18:7-18:7)

Will the Son of Man find faith on earth? (Lk 18:8-18:8)


46. The parable of the Pharisee and the tax collector

Another parable (Lk 18:9-18:9)

The Pharisee and the tax collector (Lk 18:10-18:10)

The Pharisee prayer (Lk 18:11-18:11)

Fasting and tithing (Lk 18:12-18:12)

The tax collector prayer (Lk 18:13-18:13)

Who was justified? (Lk 18:14-18:14)


47. Jesus and the children

They were bringing infants (Lk 18:15-18:15)

Children and the kingdom of God (Lk 18:16-18:16)

Be like a child (Lk 18:17-18:17)


48. The rich ruler

Eternal life (Lk 18:18-18:18)

Why use the word good? (Lk 18:19-18:19)

The commandments (Lk 18:20-18:20)

Did all that (Lk 18:21-18:21)

Follow me! (Lk 18:22-18:22)

Too rich (Lk 18:23-18:23)

Hard for rich people (Lk 18:24-18:24)

Camel and the eye of a needle (Lk 18:25-18:25)

Who can be saved? (Lk 18:26-18:26)

Possible and impossible things (Lk 18:27-18:27)

They left their homes (Lk 18:28-18:28)

Eternal reward (Lk 18:29-18:30)


 49. The prophecy of the death and resurrection

Prophecy fulfilled for the twelve apostles (Lk 18:31-18:31)

Bad treatment for the Son of Man (Lk 18:32-18:32)

He will rise on the third day (Lk 18:33-18:33)

They did not understand (Lk 18:34-18:34)


 50. Jesus heals the blind beggar

The blind beggar (Lk 18:35-18:35)

What is going on? (Lk 18:36-18:36)

Jesus is passing by (Lk 18:37-18:37)

He wants mercy (Lk 18:38-18:38)

Have mercy on me! (Lk 18:39-18:39)

Jesus meets the blind beggar (Lk 18:40-18:40)

The dialogue with the blind beggar (Lk 18:40-18:41)

Faith and sight (Lk 18:42-18:42)

He could see (Lk 18:43-18:43)


51. Jesus and Zacchaeus

Jericho (Lk 19:1-19:1)

Zacchaeus (Lk 19:2-19:2)

Zacchaeus was small (Lk 19:3-19:3)

Sycamore tree (Lk 19:4-19:4)

Stay at Zacchaeus’ house (Lk 19:5-19:5)

Zacchaeus welcomes Jesus (Lk 19:6-19:6)

Eating with a sinner (Lk 19:7-19:7)

Zacchaeus defends himself (Lk 19:8-19:8)

Salvation today (Lk 19:9-19:9)

Save the lost ones (Lk 19:10-19:10)


52. The parable of the ten minas

A parable near Jerusalem (Lk 19:11-19:11)

The nobleman (Lk 19:12-19:12)

Gave his slaves money (Lk 19:13-19:13)

The people did not like the nobleman (Lk 19:14-19:14)

The results of trading (Lk 19:15-19:15)

Ten times as much (Lk 19:16-19:16)

Authority over ten cities (Lk 19:17-19:17)

Five minas (Lk 19:18-19:18)

Five cities (Lk 19:19-19:19)

Wrapped in cloth (Lk 19:20-19:20)

Severe man (Lk 19:21-19:21)

Known better (Lk 19:22-19:22)

Collect interest (Lk 19:23-19:23)

Take his money away (Lk 19:24-19:24)

He has ten already (Lk 19:25-19:25)

Give to those who have something already (Lk 19:26-19:26)

Kill my enemies (Lk 19:27-19:27)


VI. The Passion week narrative

1. Jesus’ entrance into Jerusalem

On to Jerusalem (Lk 19:28-19:28)

Bethany (Lk 19:29-19:29)

The colt (Lk 19:30-19:30)

The Lord needs it (Lk 19:31-19:31)

They found the colt (Lk 19:32-19:32)

Why are you untying the colt? (Lk 19:33-19:33)

They said that the Lord needs it (Lk 19:34-19:34)

Jesus on the colt (Lk 19:35-19:35)

They spread garments (Lk 19:36-19:36)

They began to rejoice (Lk 19:37-19:37)

Peace and glory (Lk 19:38-19:38)

Rebuke the disciples (Lk 19:39-19:39)

The stones would cry out (Lk 19:40-19:40)


2. Jesus weeps over Jerusalem

Jesus wept over the city (Lk 19:41-19:41)

The hidden things (Lk 19:42-19:42)

Surrounded on every side (Lk 19:43-19:43)

Bad things ahead (Lk 19:44-19:44)


3. Jesus cleans the Temple

Jesus enters the Temple (Lk 19:45-19:45)

House of prayer (Lk 19:46-19:46)

They seek to destroy Jesus (Lk 19:47-19:47)

People listened to Jesus (Lk 19:48-19:48)


4. The authority of Jesus

Jerusalem officials come to Jesus (Lk 20:1-20:1)

What authority? (Lk 20:2-20:2)

A question for you (Lk 20:3-20:3)

The baptism of John (Lk 20:4-20:4)

The baptism from heaven (Lk 20:5-20:5)

John was a prophet (Lk 20:6-20:6)

They did not know (Lk 20:7-20:7)

I am not going to tell you (Lk 20:8-20:8)


5. The parable of the wicked tenants

The parable about the rented vineyard (Lk 20:9-20:9)

The tenants beat the slave (Lk 20:10-20:10)

The second slave (Lk 20:11-20:11)

The third slave (Lk 20:12-20:12)

Send his beloved son (Lk 20:13-20:13)

Kill the heir (Lk 20:14-20:14)

They killed him (Lk 20:15-20:15)

Destroy the tenants (Lk 20:16-20:16)

The rejected stone (Lk 20:17-20:17)

The crushing stone (Lk 20:18-20:18)

The chief priests and Scribes wanted Jesus (Lk 20:19-20:19)

The parable was aimed at the chief priests and the Scribes (Lk 20:19-20:19)


6. Paying taxes

The people against Jesus (Lk 20:20-20:20)

A true teacher (Lk 20:21-20:21)

Tribute to Caesar (Lk 20:22-20:22)

Jesus perceived their craftiness (Lk 20:23-20:23)

Show me the coin! (Lk 20:23-20:24)

Render to Caesar (Lk 20:25-20:25)

Silent response (Lk 20:26-20:26)


7. The resurrection

The Sadducees (Lk 20:27-20:27)

Mosaic law of taking a dead man’s wife (Lk 20:28-20:28)

Seven brothers (Lk 20:29-20:29)

Second brother (Lk 20:30-20:30)

Third brother (Lk 20:31-20:31)

The widowed wife died (Lk 20:32-20:32)

Whose wife? (Lk 20:33-20:33)

The sons of this age (Lk 20:34-20:34)

No marriage in the resurrection (Lk 20:35-20:35)

Children of God (Lk 20:36-20:36)

God and Moses (Lk 20:37-20:37)

The God of the living (Lk 20:38-20:38)

Good answer (Lk 20:39-20:39)

No more questions (Lk 20:40-20:40


8. The Messiah

Christ and David (Lk 20:41-20:41)

The Psalms (Lk 20:42-20:42)

Your enemies (Lk 20:43-20:43)

Lord and son (Lk 20:44-20:44)


9. Hypocrisy of the Scribes

Jesus speaks (Lk 20:45-20:46)

Beware of the Scribes! (Lk 20:46-20:46)

The great condemnation (Lk 20:47-20:47)


10. The poor widow’s offering

The rich giving gifts (Lk 21:1-21:1)

The poor widow (Lk 21:2-21:2)

Poor widow gave more (Lk 21:3-21:3)

Abundance versus necessities (Lk 21:4-21:4)


11. The future destruction of the Temple

Noble stones of the Temple (Lk 21:5-21:5)

No stones untouched (Lk 21:5-21:6)

When will this be? (Lk 21:7-21:7)

Do not be led astray (Lk 21:8-21:8)

Do not be afraid! (Lk 21:9-21:9)


12. The signs of persecution

Many fights (Lk 21:10-21:10)

Great earthquakes (Lk 21:11-21:11)

Persecution (Lk 21:12-21:12)

Bear testimony (Lk 21:13-21:13)

Do not plan ahead (Lk 21:14-21:14)

Wisdom (Lk 21:15-21:15)

Family betrayal (Lk 21:16-21:16)

Hated by everyone (Lk 21:17-21:17)

Not lose a hair (Lk 21:18-21:18)

Endurance (Lk 21:19-21:19)


13. The future destruction of Jerusalem

Jerusalem surrounded (Lk 21:20-21:20)

Leave the city (Lk 21:21-21:21)

Fulfillment (Lk 21:22-21:22)

Great distress (Lk 21:23-21:23)

The fall of Jerusalem (Lk 21:24-21:24)


14. The coming of the Son of Man

The signs (Lk 21:25-21:25)

Great fear (Lk 21:26-21:26)

The Son of Man (Lk 21:27-21:27)

Redemption is coming (Lk 21:28-21:28)


15. The parable of the fig tree

The parable (Lk 21:29-21:29)

Leaves on the trees (Lk 21:30-21:30)

The kingdom of God is near (Lk 21:31-21:31)

This generation will see it (Lk 21:32-21:32)

My words will not pass away (Lk 21:33-21:33)


 16. Be watchful

Be ready (Lk 21:34-21:34)

Everybody will be involved (Lk 21:35-21:35)

Strength (Lk 21:36-21:36)

Lodging at the Mount of Olives (Lk 21:37-21:37)

They came to the Temple (Lk 21:38-21:38)


 VII. The Passion of Jesus


1. The conspiracy to kill Jesus

Passover was coming (Lk 22:1-22:1)

The plot against Jesus (Lk 22:2-22:2)

Judas Iscariot (Lk 22:3-22:3)

The plan to betray Jesus (Lk 22:4-22:4)

The agreement (Lk 22:5-22:5)

The right time (Lk 22:6-22:6)


2. The preparation for the Passover

Passover (Lk 22:7-22:7)

Prepare the Passover meal (Lk 22:8-22:8)

Where? (Lk 22:9-22:9)

The man with a jar of water (Lk 22:10-22:10)

Guest room (Lk 22:11-22:11)

Large upper room (Lk 22:12-22:12)

Prepare the Passover (Lk 22:13-22:13)


3. Jesus and the Last Supper

The right hour (Lk 22:14-22:14)

Before the suffering (Lk 22:15-22:15)

I will not eat (Lk 22:16-22:16)

The cup of thanksgiving (Lk 22:17-22:17)

I will not drink again (Lk 22:18-22:18)

The thanksgiving bread (Lk 22:19-22:19)

The new covenant (Lk 22:20-22:20)

The betrayer is at the table (Lk 22:21-22:21)

Cursed be the betrayer! (Lk 22:22-22:22)

Who would do this? (Lk 22:23-22:23)


4. The dispute about greatness

Who is the greatest? (Lk 22:24-22:24)

Authority (Lk 22:25-22:25)

Servant leadership (Lk 22:26-22:26)

The greater one (Lk 22:27-22:27)

Confer the kingdom (Lk 22:28-22:29)

Judge the twelve tribes of Israel (Lk 22:30-22:30)


5. The foretelling of Peter’s denial

Simon Peter (Lk 22:31-22:31)

Pray for faith (Lk 22:32-22:32)

Simon would die for Jesus (Lk 22:33-22:33)

Peter would deny Jesus three times (Lk 22:34-22:34)


6. What to bring with you?

Not lacking anything (Lk 22:35-22:35)

Buy what you need! (Lk 22:36-22:36)

Scripture fulfilled (Lk 22:37-22:37)

Enough (Lk 22:38-22:38)


7. Jesus prays at the Mount of Olives

Go to the Mount of Olives (Lk 22:39-22:39)

No temptation (Lk 22:40-22:40)

Jesus prayed (Lk 22:41-22:41)

The will of the Father (Lk 22:42-22:42)

An angel from heaven appeared (Lk 22:43-22:43)

Jesus was sweating blood (Lk 22:44-22:44)

The disciples were sleeping (Lk 22:45-22:45)

Get up and pray (Lk 22:46-22:46)


8.  The arrest of Jesus

Judas and the crowd arrive (Lk 22:47-22:47)

Betray with a kiss (Lk 22:48-22:48)

Should they strike back? (Lk 22:49-22:49)

Cut off an ear (Lk 22:50-22:50)

Jesus healed the ear (Lk 22:51-22:51)

Against a robber (Lk 22:52-22:52)

Jesus had been daily in the Temple (Lk 22:53-22:53)


 9. Peter denies Jesus

They seized Jesus (Lk 22:54-22:54)

Peter in the courtyard (Lk 22:55-22:55)

This man was with Jesus (Lk 22:56-22:56)

Peter’s denial (Lk 22:57-22:57)

Another denial by Peter (Lk 22:58-22:58)

The third accusation against Peter (Lk 22:59-22:59)

Third denial by Peter (Lk 22:60-22:60)

Jesus looks at Peter (Lk 22:61-22:61)

Peter wept bitterly (Lk 22:62-22:62)


10. Jesus before the Council

Mocking Jesus (Lk 22:63-22:63)

Who struck you? (Lk 22:64-22:64)

Reviling Jesus (Lk 22:65-22:65)

The council assembly (Lk 22:66-22:66)

Non-believers (Lk 22:67-22:67)

No answer (Lk 22:68-22:68)

The Son of Man (Lk 22:69-22:69)

The Son of God (Lk 22:70-22:70)

We heard it ourselves (Lk 22:71-22:71)


11. Jesus before Pilate

Jesus was brought before Pilate (Lk 23:1-23:1)

Jesus said he was a king (Lk 23:2-23:2)

King of the Jews (Lk 23:3-23:3)

Pilate speaks (Lk 23:4-23:4)

Jesus stirs up the people (Lk 23:5-23:5)


12. Jesus before Herod

Is he a Galilean? (Lk 23:6-23:6)

Send him to Herod (Lk 23:7-23:7)

Herod is happy (Lk 23:8-23:8)

Questions but no answers (Lk 23:9-23:9)

The chief priests and the Scribes (Lk 23:10-23:10)

Back to Pilate (Lk 23:11-23:11)

New friends (Lk 23:12-23:12)


 13. Jesus sentenced to death

Pilate calls the chief priests (Lk 23:13-23:13)

Not guilty (Lk 23:14-23:14)

No death penalty (Lk 23:15-23:15)

Release him (Lk 23:16-23:16)

Obligation to release someone (Lk 23:17-23:17)

We want Barabbas! (Lk 23:18-23:18)

Description of Barabbas (Lk 23:19-23:19)

Pilate wants to release Jesus (Lk 23:20-23:20)

Crucify him (Lk 23:21-23:21)

I will release Jesus (Lk 23:22-23:22)

The loud cries prevailed (Lk 23:23-23:23)

Pilate agrees (Lk 23:24-23:24)

Pilate released Barabbas (Lk 23:25-23:25)


14. The crucifixion of Jesus

Simon of Cyrene (Lk 23:26-23:26)

The women followers (Lk 23:27-23:27)

Weep for yourselves! (Lk 23:28-23:28)

Blessed are the barren! (Lk 23:29-23:29)

Let the mountains fall on us (Lk 23:30-23:30)

Green or dry wood (Lk 23:31-23:31)

Two others criminals (Lk 23:32-23:32)

The crucifixion (Lk 23:33-23:33)

Forgiveness (Lk 23:34-23:34)

Scoffing at Jesus (Lk 23:35-23:35)

Offer vinegar (Lk 23:36-23:36)

King of the Jews (Lk 23:37-23:37)

This is the King of the Jews (Lk 23:38-23:38)

Save yourself and us (Lk 23:39-23:39)

The other criminal (Lk 23:40-23:40)

The innocent Jesus (Lk 23:41-23:41)

Remember me (Lk 23:42-23:42)

Today in paradise (Lk 23:43-23:43)


15. The death of Jesus

Three hours of darkness (Lk 23:44-23:44)

The Temple curtain (Lk 23:45-23:45)

The last breath (Lk 23:46-23:46)

The innocent man (Lk 23:47-23:47)

Beating their breasts (Lk 23:48-23:48)

Standing at a distance (Lk 23:49-23:49)


 16. The burial of Jesus

Joseph of Arimathea (Lk 23:50-23:50)

Looking for the kingdom of God (Lk 23:51-23:51)

The body of Jesus (Lk 23:52-23:52)

Joseph puts the body of Jesus in the tomb (Lk 23:53-23:53)

Sabbath (Lk 23:54-23:54)

The women watch (Lk 23:55-23:55)

Rest on the Sabbath (Lk 23:56-23:56)


VIII. Resurrection and Ascension


1. The empty tomb

The women make an early morning visit to the tomb of Jesus (Lk 24:1-24:1)

The stone was rolled away (Lk 24:2-24:2)

No body there (Lk 24:3-24:3)

Two men were there (Lk 24:4-24:4)

The men spoke (Lk 24:5-24:5)

Remember what Jesus said (Lk 24:6-24:6)

The Son of Man will rise (Lk 24:7-24:7)

They remembered (Lk 24:8-24:8)


2. The apostles do not believe the women

The women from Galilee told the apostles (Lk 24:9-24:9)

The women were named (Lk 24:10-24:10)

Idle tale (Lk 24:11-24:11)

Peter goes to the tomb himself (Lk 24:12-24:12)


3. The apostles on the road to Emmaus

Going to Emmaus (Lk 24:13-24:13)

Talking to each other (Lk 24:14-24:14)

Jesus appears (Lk 24:15-24:15)

They did not recognize Jesus (Lk 24:16-24:16)

What are you talking about? (Lk 24:17-24:17)

Don’t you know what is happening? (Lk 24:18-24:18)

The prophet Jesus of Nazareth (Lk 24:19-24:19)

They crucified him (Lk 24:20-24:20)

The hope of redemption (Lk 24:21-24:21)

The women at the tomb (Lk 24:22-24:22)

Vision of angels (Lk 24:23-24:23)

The women were right (Lk 24:24-24:24)

Foolish followers of Jesus (Lk 24:25-24:25)

The suffering Messiah (Lk 24:26-24:26)

Jesus interpreted the scriptures (Lk 24:27-24:27)


4. They recognize Jesus

Jesus was going further on (Lk 24:28-24:28)

Stay! (Lk 24:29-24:29)

Jesus blessed the bread (Lk 24:30-24:30)

Jesus vanishes (Lk 24:31-24:31)

Our hearts were burning (Lk 24:32-24:32)


5. They returned to Jerusalem

They went back to the eleven apostles (Lk 24:33-24:33)

Jesus has appeared to Simon (Lk 24:34-24:34)

They had recognized Jesus (Lk 24:35-24:35)


6. Jesus appears to the apostles

Jesus speaks (Lk 24:36-24:36)

Is this a ghost? (Lk 24:37-24:37)

Why do you doubt? (Lk 24:38-24:38)

Flesh and bones (Lk 24:39-24:39)

Hands and feet (Lk 24:40-24:40)

Anything to eat (Lk 24:41-24:41)

They gave Jesus a piece of fish (Lk 24:42-24:42)

Jesus ate the fish (Lk 24:43-24:43)


7. The last instructions to the apostles

Scripture fulfilled (Lk 24:44-24:44)

Understand Scripture (Lk 24:45-24:45)

The Messiah would suffer and rise on the third day (Lk 24:46-24:46)

Preach repentance! (Lk 24:47-24:47)

Witnesses (Lk 24:48-24:48)

Stay in the city! (Lk 24:49-24:49)


8. The ascension

Jesus blessed them (Lk 24:50-24:50)

Jesus goes to heaven (Lk 24:51-24:51)

The disciples returned to Jerusalem (Lk 24:52-24:52)

They prayed in the Temple (Lk 24:53-24:53)


My Understanding of the Gospel of Luke


Structural Summary of the Gospel of Luke

Preface and birth of John

The birth of Jesus

Preparation for ministry

Galilean ministry

The sermon on the plain

The healings

The parables

The mission of the Twelve

Journey to Jerusalem

Jesus and the devil

More parables

The returning sinner

The Law and the kingdom

The prophecy fulfilled

Jesus enters Jerusalem

The teaching of Jesus in Jerusalem


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