No one believed them (Mk 16:13-16:13)

“They went back.

They told the rest,

But they did not

Believe them.”


κἀκεῖνοι ἀπελθόντες ἀπήγγειλαν τοῖς λοιποῖς· οὐδὲ ἐκείνοις ἐπίστευσαν.


Once again, the question of doubt came up.  This longer ending of Mark said that these 2 disciples went back (κἀκεῖνοι ἀπελθόντες) to tell the rest of the disciples (ἀπήγγειλαν τοῖς λοιποῖς) what they had seen.  However, the other disciples did not believe them (οὐδὲ ἐκείνοις ἐπίστευσαν).  They continued to doubt the resurrection of Jesus, despite the fact that there were already 2 appearances of the risen Lord Jesus.

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