Pharisees and Scribes complain about the disciples of Jesus (Mk 7:2-7:2)

“These Pharisees and Scribes


That some of

Jesus’ disciples

Were eating

With defiled hands,

Without washing them.”


καὶ ἰδόντες τινὰς τῶν μαθητῶν αὐτοῦ ὅτι κοιναῖς χερσίν, τοῦτ’ ἔστιν ἀνίπτοις, ἐσθίουσιν τοὺς ἄρτους,


There is something similar to this in Matthew, chapter 15:2, and Luke chapter 11:38.  Mark said that these Pharisees and Scribes had seen or noticed that the disciples of Jesus (καὶ ἰδόντες τινὰς τῶν μαθητῶν αὐτοῦ) were eating bread (ἐσθίουσιν τοὺς ἄρτους) with defiled hands (ὅτι κοιναῖς χερσίν) because they did not wash their hands.  Thus, they ate with unwashed hands (τοῦτ’ ἔστιν ἀνίπτοις).  Wash you hands before you eat!

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