The seeds among the thorns (Mk 4:7-4:7)

“Other seeds fell

Among thorns.

The thorns grew up.

They choked

These seeds.


They yielded

No grain.”


καὶ ἄλλο ἔπεσεν εἰς τὰς ἀκάνθας, καὶ ἀνέβησαν αἱ ἄκανθαι καὶ συνέπνιξαν αὐτό, καὶ καρπὸν οὐκ ἔδωκεν.


This sower parable about the seeds among the thorns can be found in all 3 synoptic gospels, in Matthew, chapter 13:7, and in Luke, chapter 8:7, and here, almost word for word.  The final group of unsuccessful seeds fell among the thorns (καὶ ἄλλο ἔπεσεν ἐπὶ τὰς ἀκάνθας).  The thorns grew up (καὶ ἀνέβησαν αἱ ἄκανθαι) and choked these seeds (καὶ συνέπνιξαν αὐτό).  Thus, these seeds did not give or yield any fruitful grain (καὶ καρπὸν οὐκ ἔδωκεν).

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