Outline of the Gospel of Mark

Outline of the Gospel of Mark

I. The preparation for the ministry of Jesus


The gospel of Jesus Christ (Mk 1:1-1:1)

1.   John the Baptist

The prophet Isaiah or Malachi (Mk 1:2-1:2)

The voice in the wilderness (Mk 1:3-1:3)

John the Baptizer (Mk 1:4-1:4)

People were baptized (Mk 1:5-1:5)

A description of John (Mk 1:6-1:6)

The preaching of John the Baptist (Mk 1:7-1:7)

The baptism of water and the Holy Spirit (Mk 1:8-1:8)

2.   The Baptism of Jesus

Jesus came to John to be baptized (Mk 1:9-1:9)

The Spirit descended on Jesus (Mk 1:10-1:10)

The voice from heaven (Mk 1:11-1:11)

3.   The temptations of Jesus

The Spirit leads Jesus into the wilderness (Mk 1:12-1:12)

Temptations in the wilderness (Mk 1:13-1:13)

 II. The ministry of Jesus in Galilee

1.   John and Jesus

John was arrested (Mk 1:14-1:14)

Repent, the Kingdom of God is at hand (Mk 1:15-1:15)

2.   The call of the first four disciples

Jesus sees Simon and Andrew (Mk 1:16-1:16)

Simon and Andrew follow Jesus (Mk 1:17-1:18)

Jesus sees James and John (Mk 1:19-1:19)

The call of the sons of Zebedee (Mk 1:20-1:20)

3.   Teaching in Capernaum

Jesus went to a Capernaum synagogue (Mk 1:21-1:21)

Jesus taught with authority (Mk 1:22-1:22)

4.   Healing the Unclean Spirit

The man with the unclean spirit (Mk 1:23-1:24)

Jesus rebukes the man with the unclean spirit (Mk 1:25-1:26)

How come the unclean spirits obey? (Mk 1:27-1:27)

The fame of Jesus spread throughout Galilee (Mk 1:28-1:28)

5.   Healing the mother-in-law of Simon

Jesus goes to Simon’s house (Mk 1:29-1:29)

The sick mother-in-law of Simon (Mk 1:30-1:30)

Jesus cures the mother-in-law of Simon (Mk 1:31-1:31)

They brought sick and possessed people to Jesus (Mk 1:32-1:33)

Jesus cures the sick and the possessed (Mk 1:34-1:34)

Jesus prayed alone in the early morning (Mk 1:35-1:35)

Simon and friends pursue Jesus (Mk 1:36-1:37)

Jesus came to preach (Mk 1:38-1:38)

Jesus taught in the Galilee synagogues (Mk 1:39-1:39)

6.   Cleansing the leper

A leper wanted to be clean (Mk 1:40-1:40)

Jesus cures the leper (Mk 1:41-1:42)

Do not tell anyone except the priest (Mk 1:43-1:44)

The cleansed leper told everyone (Mk 1:45-1:45)

7.   Curing the paralytic

Jesus returned to his home in Capernaum (Mk 2:1-2:1)

Jesus was in a crowded place (Mk 2:2-2:2)

They brought a paralytic to Jesus (Mk 2:3-2:3)

They open the roof for the paralytic (Mk 2:4-2:4)

Jesus forgives the sins of the paralytic (Mk 2:5-2:5)

The scribes think that this is blasphemy (Mk 2:6-2:7)

Jesus questions his detractors (Mk 2:8-2:8)

Jesus poses a question (Mk 2:9-2:9)

The powerful healing of the paralytic (Mk 2:10-2:11)

The paralytic walks away (Mk 2:12-2:12)

8. The call of Levi

Jesus taught beside the sea (Mk 2:13-2:13)

The call of Levi (Mk 2:14-2:14)

The meal with the tax collectors (Mk 2:15-2:15)

Scribes and Pharisees complained (Mk 2:16-2:16)

Physicians go to the sick people (Mk 2:17-2:17)

9.  Fasting

Why do people fast? (Mk 2:18-2:18)

No fasting while the bridegroom was present (Mk 2:19-2:19)

Fasting later (Mk 2:20-2:20)

Bad patching (Mk 2:21-2:21)

New wine in old wineskins (Mk 2:22-2:22)

10.   Plucking grain on the Sabbath

Disciples plucking grain (Mk 2:23-2:23)

Not lawful on the Sabbath (Mk 2:24-2:24)

David and the holy bread (Mk 2:25-2:26)

Lord of the Sabbath (Mk 2:27-2:28)

11.   Healing on the Sabbath

The man with a withered hand (Mk 3:1-3:1)

Would Jesus heal on the Sabbath? (Mk 3:2-3:2)

What can you do on the Sabbath? (Mk 3:3-3:4)

Jesus heals his hand (Mk 3:5-3:5)

Pharisees and Herodians conspire together (Mk 3:6-3:6)

12.   The crowds

Jesus tries to get away from the crowds (Mk 3:7-3:7)

Crowds from everywhere (Mk 3:8-3:8)

Jesus wants a boat (Mk 3:9-3:9)

Many wanted to be healed (Mk 3:10-3:10)

Jesus controls the unclean spirits (Mk 3:11-3:11)

The Messianic secret (Mk 3:12-3:12)

13.   The institution of the Twelve

Jesus goes up the mountain (Mk 3:13-3:13)

Jesus appointed twelve apostles (Mk 3:14-3:15)

First there was Peter (Mk 3:16-3:16)

The sons of Zebedee (Mk 3:17-3:17)

The other apostles (Mk 3:18-3:18)

Judas Iscariot (Mk 3:19-3:19)

14.   The family of Jesus

Big crowds (Mk 3:20-3:20)

The reaction of Jesus’ family (Mk 3:21-3:21)

15.   The problem of Satan

The Scribes claim that Jesus was possessed by Beelzebul (Mk 3:22-3:22)

The response of Jesus (Mk 3:23-3:23)

The house divided (Mk 3:24-3:25)

Satan will come to an end (Mk 3:26-3:26)

The thief binds up people (Mk 3:27-3:27)

The forgiveness of sins (Mk 3:28-3:28)

Blasphemy against the Holy Spirit (Mk 3:29-3:29)

The unclean spirit (Mk 3:30-3:30)

16.   The new family of Jesus

Jesus’ mother and brothers come to him (Mk 3:31-3:31)

His family asks for Jesus (Mk 3:32-3:32)

Jesus replies about his family (Mk 3:33-3:35)

17.   The parable of the sower

Teaching from the boat (Mk 4:1-4:1)

The use of parables (Mk 4:2-4:2)

The sower and the lost seeds on the path (Mk 4:3-4:4)

The seeds on rocky ground (Mk 4:5-4:6)

The seeds among the thorns (Mk 4:7-4:7)

The seeds on good ground (Mk 4:8-4:8)

Good ears to hear (Mk 4:9-4:9)

Jesus alone with the twelve apostles (Mk 4:10-4:10)

The secret of the parables (Mk 4:11-4:11)

The citation from Isaiah (Mk 4:12-4:12)

Do you understand this parable? (Mk 4:13-4:13)

The seeds are the word of God (Mk 4:14-4:14)

The explanation of the seeds on the path (Mk 4:15-4:15)

Explaining the seeds on rocky ground (Mk 4:16-4:17)

Explanation of the seeds among the thorns (Mk 4:18-4:19)

Explanation of the good seeds (Mk 4:20-4:20)

18.   The other parables

The use of a lamp (Mk 4:21-4:21)

Nothing is hidden (Mk 4:22-4:22)

Good ears to hear (Mk 4:23-4:23)

How do you give gifts? (Mk 4:24-4:24)

More will be given (Mk 4:25-4:25)

The good seed grows (Mk 4:26-4:27)

The growth to harvest time (Mk 4:28-4:29)

Explain the Kingdom of God (Mk 4:30-4:30)

The mustard seed (Mk 4:31-4:32)

Jesus spoke in parables (Mk 4:33-4:34)

19.   The storm at sea

Jesus will cross the Sea of Galilee (Mk 4:35-4:35)

The boats leave (Mk 4:36-4:36)

The great storm (Mk 4:37-4:37)

Jesus was asleep (Mk 4:38-4:38)

Jesus stops the storm (Mk 4:39-4:39)

Why were they afraid? (Mk 4:40-4:40)

How can Jesus control the wind and the sea? (Mk 4:41-4:41)

20.   The curing of the demoniac

Jesus goes to Gerasenes (Mk 5:1-5:1)

The man with the unclean spirit (Mk 5:2-5:3)

The wild behavior of the demoniac (Mk 5:4-5:5)

The man with the unclean spirit worships Jesus (Mk 5:6-5:7)

Jesus wants the unclean spirit out (Mk 5:8-5:8)

Jesus wants to know his name (Mk 5:9-5 9)

The demoniac wanted to stay there (Mk 5:10-5:10)

The swine on the hillside (Mk 5:11-5:12)

The unclean spirits enter the swine (Mk 5:13-5:13)

The swine herdsmen fled (Mk 5:14-5:14)

The demoniac was cured (Mk 5:15-5:15)

They repeated the story (Mk 5:16-5:16)

They ask Jesus to leave (Mk 5:17-5:17)

The former possessed man wants to go with Jesus (Mk 5:18-5:18)

Jesus refuses the former possessed man (Mk 5:19-5:19)

The new Jesus missionary in Decapolis (Mk 5:20-5:20)

21.   The healing of the daughter of Jairus

Jesus goes back to other side of the sea (Mk 5:21-5:21)

Jairus comes forward (Mk 5:22-5:22)

The request of Jairus (Mk 5:23-5:23)

Jesus went with Jairus (Mk 5:24-5:24)

The woman with a blood flow (Mk 5:25-5:26)

The woman wants to touch Jesus (Mk 5:27-5:28)

The healing (Mk 5:29-5:29)

Who touched Jesus? (Mk 5:30-5:30)

It was a pretty big crowd (Mk 5:31-5:32)

The woman comes forward (Mk 5:33-5:33)

Her faith saved her (Mk 5:34-5:34)

Your daughter is dead (Mk 5:35-5:35)

Just believe (Mk 5:36-5:36)

Jesus takes his three trusted apostles (Mk 5:37-5:37)

Everyone was upset (Mk 5:38-5:38)

The child is sleeping (Mk 5:39-5:39)

Only the family was there (Mk 5:40-5:40)

Jesus cures the young girl (Mk 5:41-5:43)

Jesus told them not to tell anyone (Mk 5:43-5:43)

22.   Jesus goes home

Jesus goes to his own town (Mk 6:1-6:1)

Jesus teaches in the synagogue (Mk 6:2-6:2)

The family of Jesus (Mk 6:3-6:3)

A prophet without honor (Mk 6:4-6:4)

Jesus was disappointed (Mk 6:5-6:6)

23.   Jesus sends out the twelve

Jesus sends out the apostles (Mk 6:7-6:7)

What to take on their mission (Mk 6:8-6:9)

Stay where you go (Mk 6:10-6:10)

Shake off the dust of your feet (Mk 6:11-6:11)

Preaching repentance (Mk 6:12-6:12)

Cast out demons (Mk 6:13-6:13)

24.            Jesus, Herod, and John the Baptist

King Herod heard about Jesus (Mk 6:14-6:14)

Jesus and Elijah (Mk 6:15-6:15)

Herod believed that John had reappeared as Jesus (Mk 6:16-6:16)

Herod had seized John the Baptist (Mk 6:17-6:17)

John said that the marriage of Herod was not lawful (Mk 6:18-6:18)

Herodias wanted to kill John (Mk 6:19-6:19)

Herod feared John (Mk 6:20-6:20)

The birthday of Herod (Mk 6:21-6:21)

Herod will grant a wish (Mk 6:22-6:23)

The head of John the Baptist (Mk 6:24-6:24)

The request for the head of John the Baptist on a platter (Mk 6:25-6:25)

Herod does not want to break his word (Mk 6:26-6:26)

They bring the head of John the Baptist (Mk 6:27-6:28)

The body of John was put in a tomb (Mk 6:29-6:29)

25.   The first multiplication of bread

The apostles returned (Mk 6:30-6:30)

Going to a deserted place (Mk 6:31-6:32)

The crowds follow Jesus (Mk 6:33-6:33)

Sheep without a shepherd (Mk 6:34-6:34)

Send them away (Mk 6:35-6:36)

Should they buy food? (Mk 6:37-6:37)

How many loaves do you have? (Mk 6:38-6:38)

The crowd sits down on the grass in groups (Mk 6:39-6:40)

Jesus blessed and broke the bread (Mk 6:41-6:41)

Everyone had enough (Mk 6:42-6:42)

They collected the leftovers (Mk 6:43-6:44)

26.   Jesus walks on water

The disciples go to Bethsaida (Mk 6:45-6:45)

Jesus went to pray (Mk 6:46-6:46)

The disciples at sea (Mk 6:47-6:47)

Jesus walks on the sea (Mk 6:48-6:48)

The disciples were afraid (Mk 6:49-6:50)

Jesus calms the wind (Mk 6:51-6:51)

They did not understand (Mk 6:52-6:52)


27.   Jesus goes to Gennesaret

Jesus goes to Gennesaret (Mk 6:53-6:53)

Jesus was recognized (Mk 6:54-6:54)

They brought sick people to Jesus (Mk 6:55-6:55)

 (Mk 6:55-6:55)

Jesus heals people (Mk 6:56-6:56)

28.   Jesus and the Pharisees

Pharisees and Scribes come from Jerusalem (Mk 7:1-7:1)

Pharisees and Scribes complain about the disciples of Jesus (Mk 7:2-7:2)

The tradition of the elders (Mk 7:3-7:3)

The washing of cups (Mk 7:4-7:4)

Why did the disciples not follow tradition? (Mk 7:5-7:5)

The prophecy of Isaiah (Mk 7:6-7:7)

The traditions of men (Mk 7:8-7:9)

The tradition of Moses (Mk 7:10-7:10)

Forget about your parents (Mk 7:11-7:12)

Against the word of God (Mk 7:13-7:13)

Jesus wants them to listen and understand (Mk 7:14-7:14)

What defiles a person? (Mk 7:15-7:15)

Good ears to hear (Mk 7:16-7:16)

The disciples ask about the parables (Mk 7:17-7:17)

What goes into a man does not defile him (Mk 7:18-7:18)

All food is clean (Mk 7:19-7:19)

What comes out defiles a person (Mk 7:20-7:20)

Evil comes from the human heart (Mk 7:21-7:23)




 III. Trips outside of Galilee



1. Curing the gentile woman’s daughter

Jesus goes to Tyre (Mk 7:24-7:24)

The women with the possessed daughter (Mk 7:25-7:25)

The woman was a gentile (Mk 7:26-7:26)

The children’s bread (Mk 7:27-7:27)

The dogs eat crumbs (Mk 7:28-7:28)

Jesus cures her daughter (Mk 7:29-7:30)



2. Curing the gentile woman’s daughter

Decapolis (Mk 7:31-7:31)

The deaf person (Mk 7:32-7:32)

Jesus touches the person (Mk 7:33-7:33)

Jesus cures the man with a speech impediment (Mk 7:34-7:35)

Do not tell anyone (Mk 7:36-7:36)

They were astonished (Mk 7:37-7:37) 



3. The second multiplication of loaves

A great crowd was hungry (Mk 8:1-8:1)

Jesus has compassion for the crowd (Mk 8:2-8:2)

They will faint on the way home (Mk 8:3-8:3)

How can they feed them? (Mk 8:4-8:4)

How many loaves did they have? (Mk 8:5-8:5)

Jesus blesses the loaves of bread (Mk 8:6-8:6)

Blessing of the fish (Mk 8:7-8:7)

They were filled (Mk 8:8-8:8)

They were about four thousand people (Mk 8:9-8:9)

Jesus and the disciples leave (Mk 8:10-8:10)



4. The Pharisees demand a sign

The Pharisees seek a sign from heaven (Mk 8:11-8:11)

No sign will be given to this generation (Mk 8:12-8:12)

Jesus traveled to the other side (Mk 8:13-8:13)



5. The yeast of the Pharisees

They forgot to bring bread (Mk 8:14-8:14)

Beware of the leaven of the Pharisees and Herod (Mk 8:15-8:15)

We have no bread (Mk 8:16-8:16)

Do you not understand? (Mk 8:17-8:17)

Do not your eyes see? (Mk 8:18-8:18)

Remember the multiplication of the loaves (Mk 8:19-8:19)

The second multiplication of loaves (Mk 8:20-8:20)

Don’t you understand? (Mk 8:21-8:21)


6. The cure of the blind man

The blind man (Mk 8:22-8:22)

The cure with spit (Mk 8:23-8:23)

The man could see (Mk 8:24-8:24)

The man could see clearly (Mk 8:25-8:25)

Jesus did not want him back in the village (Mk 8:26-8:26)



7. The profession of faith of Peter 

Who do people say I am? (Mk 8:27-8:27)

The prophet (Mk 8:28-8:28)

Jesus asks then point blank (Mk 8:29-8:29)

Peter responds (Mk 8:29-8:29)

Jesus says to tell no one (Mk 8:30-8:30)

The Son of Man must suffer (Mk 8:31-8:31)

Peter rebukes Jesus (Mk 8:32-8:32)

Jesus rebukes Peter (Mk 8:33-8:33)



8. The conditions for following Jesus 

Take up your cross (Mk 8:34-8:34)

Saving your life means you will lose it (Mk 8:35-8:35)

What is the value of the whole world? (Mk 8:36-8:37)

Do not be ashamed of Jesus (Mk 8:38-8:38)

The Kingdom of God is coming (Mk 9:1-9:1)



9. The transfiguration of  Jesus

The three disciples go to the mountain (Mk 9:2-9:2)

Jesus’ clothes are whiter than white (Mk 9:3-9:3)

Elijah and Moses (Mk 9:4-9:4)

Peter wants to make three tents (Mk 9:5-9:5)

They were afraid (Mk 9:6-9:6)

This is my beloved Son (Mk 9:7-9:7)

Only Jesus was there (Mk 9:8-9:8)

Jesus told them not to tell anyone (Mk 9:9-9:9)

They kept the secret (Mk 9:10-9:10)

Why does Elijah come first? (Mk 9:11-9:11)

Elijah restores things (Mk 9:12-9:12)

The Son of Man must suffer (Mk 9:12-9:12)

Elijah has been here (Mk 9:13-9:13)

The argument with the Scribes (Mk 9:14-9:14)



10. The demonic epileptic 

The crowd was amazed (Mk 9:15-9:15)

What are you discussing? (Mk 9:16-9:16)

The man with a son unable to speak (Mk 9:17-9:17)

A description of his illness (Mk 9:18-9:18)

The failure of the disciples to heal him (Mk 9:18-9:18)

Bring him here (Mk 9:19-9:19)

The convulsion of the boy (Mk 9:20-9:20)

The history of this young man (Mk 9:21-9:22)

All things are possible (Mk 9:23-9:23)

Help my unbelief (Mk 9:24-9:24)

Jesus commands the unclean spirit (Mk 9:25-9:25)

Was the boy dead? (Mk 9:26-9:26)

Jesus lifts up the boy (Mk 9:27-9:27)

Why were the disciples not able to do this? (Mk 9:28-9:28)

Jesus said they needed to pray (Mk 9:29-9:29)

Jesus goes through Galilee (Mk 9:30-9:30)

11. The disciples of Jesus  

The prediction about the future (Mk 9:31-9:31)

The disciples do not understand (Mk 9:32-9:32)

What was that discussion about? (Mk 9:33-9:33)

Who was the greatest? (Mk 9:34-9:34)

The first shall be last (Mk 9:35-9:35)

Jesus took a little child (Mk 9:36-9:36)

The welcoming saying about little children (Mk 9:37-9:37)

Casting out demons (Mk 9:38-9:38)

Work in the name of Jesus (Mk 9:39-9:39)

For or against Jesus (Mk 9:40-9:40)

Give water in the name of Christ (Mk 9:41-9:41)

Do not cause children to sin (Mk 9:42-9:42)

Cut off your hand (Mk 9:43-9:43)

The worm does not die (Mk 9:44-9:44)

Cut off your foot (Mk 9:45-9:45)

The worm does not die (Mk 9:46-9:46)

Pluck out your eye (Mk 9:47-9:47)

The worm does not die (Mk 9:48-9:48)

Salted fire (Mk 9:49-9:49)

Salt is good (Mk 9:50-9:50)



12. Marriage and divorce 

Jesus goes to Judea (Mk 10:1-10:1)

The test about divorce (Mk 10:2-10:2)

What did Moses say? (Mk 10:3-10:3)

A certificate of divorce (Mk 10:4-10:4)

Hardness of heart (Mk 10:5-10:5)

Male and female become one flesh (Mk 10:6-10:8)

God has joined together (Mk 10:9-10:9)

The disciples ask about this again (Mk 10:10-10:10)

Divorce is adultery (Mk 10:11-10:11)

Divorced women commit adultery (Mk 10:12-10:12)



13. The little children  

The children (Mk 10:13-10:13)

Let the children come (Mk 10:14-10:14)

Be like a child (Mk 10:15-10:15)

Jesus blesses the children (Mk 10:16-10:16)



14. The problem of wealth  

Eternal life (Mk 10:17-10:17)

God alone is good (Mk 10:18-10:18)

Follow the commandments (Mk 10:19-10:19)

I have observed them from my youth (Mk 10:20-10:20)

Sell what you have (Mk 10:21-10:21)

The rich man was sad (Mk 10:22-10:22)

Hard for rich people (Mk 10:23-10:23)

It is hard to enter the kingdom of God (Mk 10:24-10:24)

The camel and the eye of the needle (Mk 10:25-10:25)

Who can be saved? (Mk 10:26-10:26)

With God all things are possible (Mk 10:27-10:27)


15. The rewards to come  

We have left everything (Mk 10:28-10:28)

The sake of Jesus and the gospel (Mk 10:29-10:30)

The first and the last (Mk 10:31-10:31)

On the way to Jerusalem (Mk 10:32-10:32)

The things to come (Mk 10:33-10:34)

The sons of Zebedee come forward (Mk 10:35-10:35)

Jesus wants to know what they want (Mk 10:36-10:36)

They want to sit on the right and left of Jesus (Mk 10:37-10:37)

Did they know what they were asking? (Mk 10:38-10:38)

They said that they could do it (Mk 10:39-10:39)

Jesus responds to them (Mk 10:39-10:39)

Jesus does not grant seating arrangements (Mk 10:40-10:40)

The other ten apostles were angry (Mk 10:41-10:41)

Gentile tyrannical leadership (Mk 10:42-10:42)

Servant leadership (Mk 10:43-10:44)

The Son of Man came to serve (Mk 10:45-10:45)



16. Bartimaeus 

The blind beggar Bartimaeus (Mk 10:46-10:46)

Have mercy on me! (Mk 10:47-10:47

Be quiet (Mk 10:48-10:48)

Jesus calls the blind man (Mk 10:49-10:49)

The blind man went to Jesus (Mk 10:50-10:50)

He wanted his sight (Mk 10:51-10:51)

Your faith has made you well (Mk 10:52-10:52)



 IV. The ministry of Jesus in Jerusalem


1. The entrance into Jerusalem  

Bethphage (Mk 11:1-11:1)

Find a colt (Mk 11:2-11:2)

The Lord needs it (Mk 11:3-11:3)

They found the colt (Mk 11:4-11:4)

What are you doing? (Mk 11:5-11:5)

They said okay (Mk 11:6-11:6)

They brought the colt to Jesus (Mk 11:7-11:7)

They spread garments and branches on the road (Mk 11:8-11:8)

Hosanna (Mk 11:9-11:10)

Jesus entered Jerusalem and the Temple (Mk 11:11-11:11)



2. The fig tree 

Hungry (Mk 11:12-11:12)

The fig tree (Mk 11:13-11:13)

No more eating fruit from this tree (Mk 11:14-11:14)



3. The incident at the Temple 

Clearing out the Temple (Mk 11:15-11:15)

Keep the Temple clean (Mk 11:16-11:16)

A house of prayer (Mk 11:17-11:17)

The plot against Jesus (Mk 11:18-11:18)

Jesus leaves Jerusalem (Mk 11:19-11:19)

The withered fig tree (Mk 11:20-11:20)

Peter remembered the curse (Mk 11:21-11:21)

Have faith in God (Mk 11:22-11:22)

Faith can move mountains (Mk 11:23-11:23)

Believe in your prayer (Mk 11:24-11:24)

Forgive others (Mk 11:25-11:25)

If you do not forgive others (Mk 11:26-11:26)



4. Where does your authority come from? 

Jesus in the Temple (Mk 11:27-11:27)

What is your authority? (Mk 11:28-11:28)

A question for a question (Mk 11:29-11:29)

Explain the baptism of John (Mk 11:30-11:30)

The argument (Mk 11:31-11:31)

They were afraid of the people (Mk 11:32-11:32)

We do not know (Mk 11:33-11:33)



5. The wicked tenants in the vineyard  

The parable of the vineyard (Mk 12:1-12:1)

Send a slave to the tenants (Mk 12:2-12:2)

The tenants beat the slave (Mk 12:3 -12:3)

They wound another slave (Mk 12:4-12:4)

They killed many slaves (Mk 12:5-12:5)

He sends his son (Mk 12:6-12:6)

Kill the heir to the vineyard (Mk 12:7-12:7)

They kill the son (Mk 12:8-12:8)

The owner will destroy the tenants (Mk 12:9-12:9)

The corner stone (Mk 12:10-12:11)

This parable was against the Jewish leaders (Mk 12:12-12:12)



6. Paying tribute to Caesar   

They try to trap Jesus (Mk 12:13-12:13)

They butter up Jesus (Mk 12:14-12:14)

Lawful to pay taxes (Mk 12:14-12:14)

Bring me a coin (Mk 12:15-12:15)

Whose image is on the coin? (Mk 12:16-12:16)

Render to Caesar (Mk 12:17-12:17)

They were amazed (Mk 12:17-12:17)



7. The question about the resurrection 

The Sadducees have a question (Mk 12:18-12:18)

The brother’s wife (Mk 12:19-12:19)

Seven brothers (Mk 12:20-12:20)

Second and third brothers (Mk 12:21-12:21)

The seven brothers and the one wife died (Mk 12:22-12:22)

Whose wife will she be? (Mk 12:23-12:23)

You do not know scriptures (Mk 12:24-12:24)

No marriage in heaven (Mk 12:25-12:25)

The God of Abraham (Mk 12:26-12:26)

God of the living (Mk 12:27-12:27)



8. The greatest commandment 

Which commandment is first? (Mk 12:28-12:28)

The first commandment (Mk 12:29-12:30)

The second commandment (Mk 12:31-12:31)

Jesus is right (Mk 12:32-12:32)

The value of the commandments (Mk 12:33-12:33)

No more questions (Mk 12:34-12:34)



9. The son of David  

Christ and the son of David (Mk 12:35-12:35)

David and the psalms (Mk 12:36-12:36)

How can David be the Lord? (Mk 12:37-12:37)

Beware of the Scribes (Mk 12:38-12:39)

Watch what the Scribes do (Mk 12:40-12:40)



10. The poor widow   

Jesus at the treasury (Mk 12:41-12:41)

The poor widow (Mk 12:42-12:42)

The widow contributed more (Mk 12:43-12:43)

She gave out of her poverty (Mk 12:44-12:44)



11. The end times  

How wonderful is the the Temple? (Mk 13:1-13:1)

The Temple will be thrown down (Mk 13:2-13:2)

The private discussion (Mk 13:3-13:3)

When will the destruction come? (Mk 13:4-13:4)

Do not be led astray (Mk 13:5-13:5)

False leaders (Mk 13:6-13:6)

Rumors of war (Mk 13:7-13:7)

Troubles ahead (Mk 13:8-13:8)

You will suffer (Mk 13:9-13:9)

Gospel will be preached to all nations (Mk 13:10-13:10)

Let the Holy Spirit speak (Mk 13:11-13:11)

Family members will turn on each other (Mk 13:12-13:12)

Endurance (Mk 13:13-13:13)

Flee to the mountains (Mk 13:14-13:14)

Do not go into your houses (Mk 13:15-13:15)

Do not turn back from the field (Mk 13:16-13:16)

Terrible if you have infants (Mk 13:17-13:17)

Hope that it is not in the winter (Mk 13:18-13:18)

Great tribulation (Mk 13:19-13:19)

Shortened days (Mk 13:20-13:20)

Do not believe that the Christ is near (Mk 13:21-13:21)

False Christs (Mk 13:22-13:22)

Jesus told you so (Mk 13:23-13:23)

The sun and moon will fail (Mk 13:24-13:24)

Watch for the heavens (Mk 13:25-13:25)

The Son of Man coming in a cloud (Mk 13:26-13:26)

Gather the elect (Mk 13:27-13:27)

The parable of the fig tree (Mk 13:28-13:28)

You will know that the end is near (Mk 13:29-13:29)

This generation will not pass away (Mk 13:30-13:30)

My words will not pass away (Mk 13:31-13:31)

You do not know the day or the hour (Mk 13:32-13:32)

When will it happen? (Mk 13:33-13:33)

Be on watch (Mk 13:34-13:34)

Keep awake! (Mk 13:35-13:35)

You could be asleep (Mk 13:36-13:36)

Be vigilant! (Mk 13:37-13:37)

 V. The passion and resurrection of Jesus



1.   The plot against Jesus

Two days before Passover (Mk 14:1-14:1)

The chief priests and Scribes plot against Jesus (Mk 14:1-14:1)

It cannot be during the feast (Mk 14:2-14:2)


2.   The anointing at Bethany

The woman in the house of Simon (Mk 14:3-14:3)

Why waist the ointment? (Mk 14:4-14:4)

The oil should have been given to the poor (Mk 14:5-14:5)

She has done a good thing (Mk 14:6-14:6)

You will always have poor people (Mk 14:7-14:7)

Anointed my body for burial (Mk 14:8-14:8)

She will be remembered (Mk 14:9-14:9)


3.   The Judas betrayal

Judas Iscariot (Mk 14:10-14:10)

They were willing to given Judas some money (Mk 14:11-14:11)


4.   The preparations for Passover

Where will you prepare the Passover (Mk 14:12-14:12)

Jesus was sending two disciples to set up things (Mk 14:13-14:13)

Find the guest room (Mk 14:14-14:14)

The large upper room (Mk 14:15-14:15)

The two disciples prepare the Passover meal (Mk 14:16-14:16)

Jesus came with the twelve apostles (Mk 14:17-14:17)


5.   The betrayal

One of you will betray me (Mk 14:18-14:18)

Is it I? (Mk 14:19-14:19)

It is one of the twelve apostles (Mk 14:20-14:20)

Woe to the betrayer! (Mk 14:21-14:21)


6.   The Last Supper institution

This is my body (Mk 14:22-14:22)

They drank from the cup (Mk 14:23-14:23)

This is my blood (Mk 14:24-14:24)

Drink in the kingdom of God (Mk 14:25-14:25)

They sung a hymn (Mk 14:26-14:26)

The sheep will be scattered (Mk 14:27-14:27)

I will go to Galilee (Mk 14:28-14:28)


7.   Predicting Peter’s denial

Peter said that he would not fall away (Mk 14:29-14:29)

Peter will deny him three times (Mk 14:30-14:30)

They all said that they would not deny Jesus (Mk 14:31-14:31)


8.   Gethsemane

Gethsemane (Mk 14:32-14:32)

The three apostles go with Jesus (Mk 14:33-14:33)

Jesus was sorrowful (Mk 14:34-14:34)

Jesus prays (Mk 14:35-14:35)

Remove this cup (Mk 14:36-14:36)

Why are you asleep? (Mk 14:37-14:37)

Watch and pray (Mk 14:38-14:38)

Jesus prayed again (Mk 14:39-14:39)

Jesus found them asleep again (Mk 14:40-14:40)

Are you still sleeping? (Mk 14:41-14:41)

The betrayer is near (Mk 14:42-14:42)


9. They seize Jesus

Judas came with a group of people (Mk 14:43-14:43)

Judas had a signal (Mk 14:44-14:44)

Judas kisses Jesus (Mk 14:45-14:45)

They seized Jesus (Mk 14:46-14:46)

Someone cut the ear of the high priest’s slave (Mk 14:47-14:47)

They treated Jesus like a robber (Mk 14:48-14:48)

Let scripture be fulfilled (Mk 14:49-14:49)

They fled (Mk 14:50-14:50)

The naked man (Mk 14:51-14:52)


10.   Jesus before the chief priests

They led Jesus to a Jewish assembly (Mk 14:53-14:53)

Peter followed Jesus (Mk 14:54-14:54)

They were looking for testimony (Mk 14:55-14:55)

False testimony (Mk 14:56-14:57)

Destroy the Temple in three days (Mk 14:58-14:58)

Their testimony did not agree (Mk 14:59-14:59)

Why did Jesus not answer? (Mk 14:60-14:60)

Jesus was silent (Mk 14:61-14:61)

Jesus responds (Mk 14:62-14:62)

Why do we need witnesses? (Mk 14:63-14:63)

They condemn Jesus to death (Mk 14:64-14:64)

They taunted Jesus (Mk 14:65-14:65)


11.   Peter’s denial of Jesus

Peter and the maid (Mk 14:66-14:66)

You were with Jesus (Mk 14:67-14:67)

Peter denies Jesus (Mk 14:68-14:68)

Peter was one of them (Mk 14:69-14:69)

Peter again denies Jesus (Mk 14:70-14:70)

Peter was confronted a third time (Mk 14:70-14:70)

Peter began to swear (Mk 14:71-14:71)

The cock crowed a second time (Mk 14:72-14:72)


12.   Jesus before Pilate

They deliver Jesus to Pilate (Mk 15:1-15:1)

Are you the King of the Jews? (Mk 15:2-15:2)

Many accusations (Mk 15:3-15:3)

Have you no answers? (Mk 15:4-15:4)

Jesus did not answer (Mk 15:5-15:5)

Release one prisoner (Mk 15:6-15:6)

Barabbas (Mk 15:7-15:7)

Pilate and the crowd (Mk 15:8-15:8)

Do they want the King of the Jews? (Mk 15:9-15:9)

Jealousy (Mk 15:10-15:10)

Insist on Barabbas (Mk 15:11-15:11)

What should I do with Jesus? (Mk 15:12-15:12)

Crucify him! (Mk 15:13-15:13)

What evil has he done? (Mk 15:14-15:14)

Pilate released Barabbas (Mk 15:15-15:15)


13.   The crucifixion of Jesus

Jesus goes to the Roman palace courtyard (Mk 15:16-15:16)

Crown of thorns (Mk 15:17-15:17)

Hail King of the Jews (Mk 15:18-15:18)

They mocked Jesus (Mk 15:19-15:19)

They led him away to crucify him (Mk 15:20-15:20)

Simon of Cyrene (Mk 15:21-15:21)

Golgotha (Mk 15:22-15:22)

Jesus was offered wine to drink (Mk 15:23-15:23)

They divided his garments (Mk 15:24-15:24)

Nine in the morning (Mk 15:25-15:25)

The inscription on the cross (Mk 15:26-15:26)

Two robbers on either side (Mk 15:27-15:27)

Scripture fulfilled (Mk 15:28-15:28)

The mocking passerby people (Mk 15:29-15:30)

Chief priests mock Jesus (Mk 15:31-15:31)

Why does he not come down from the cross? (Mk 15:32-15:32

The darkness from noon to three (Mk 15:33-15:33)

The cry of Jesus at three o’clock (Mk 15:34-15:34)

He is calling Elijah (Mk 15:35-15:35)

Give him something to drink (Mk 15:36-15:36)

The last breath (Mk 15:37-15:37)

Temple curtain torn in two (Mk 15:38-15:38)

This man was the Son of God (Mk 15:39-15:39)

The women followers (Mk 15:40-15:40)

The role of these women from Galilee (Mk 15:41-15:41)

The day before the Sabbath (Mk 15:42-15:42)

Joseph of Arimathea (Mk 15:43-15:43)

Pilate wondered if Jesus was dead (Mk 15:44-15:44)

Pilate gave the body to Joseph (Mk 15:45-15:45)

Joseph puts the body of Jesus in a tomb (Mk 15:46-15:46)

The Marys see where the tomb is (Mk 15:47-15:47)


14.   The resurrection of Jesus

Mary Magdalene goes to anoint Jesus (Mk 16:1-16:1)

They went to the tomb on the first day of the week (Mk 16:2-16:2)

Who will roll the stone away? (Mk 16:3-16:3)

The stone was rolled back (Mk 16:4-16:4)

A young man dressed in white (Mk 16:5-16:5)

Jesus has risen (Mk 16:6-16:6)

Go tell the disciples (Mk 16:7-16:7)

They were astonished and afraid (Mk 16:8-16:8)

The short ending of Mark (Mk 16:9-16:9)


15.   The appearances of the risen Jesus

Jesus appeared first to Mary Magdalene (Mk 16:9-16:9)

Mary Magdalene told everyone (Mk 16:10-16:10)

They did not believe Mary (Mk 16:11-16:11)

The two walking disciples (Mk 16:12-16:12)

No one believed them (Mk 16:13-16:13)

Jesus appears to the eleven apostles (Mk 16:14-16:14)

Preach the gospel (Mk 16:15-16:15)

Believe or be condemned (Mk 16:16-16:16)

The signs of the believers (Mk 16:17-16:17)

They will be miracle workers (Mk 16:18-16:18)

Jesus returned to heaven (Mk 16:19-16:19)

They went out to preach everywhere (Mk 16:20-16:20)


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