The Canaanite woman asked for help (Mt 15:25-15:25)

“But she came.

She knelt worshiping before him.



Help me!’”


ἡ δὲ ἐλθοῦσα προσεκύνει αὐτῷ λέγουσα Κύριε, βοήθει μοι.


This is similar to Mark, chapter 7:25, where the Canaanite woman came to Jesus (ἡ δὲ ἐλθοῦσα).  She knelt before him in worship (προσεκύνει αὐτῷ).  She addressed Jesus as the Lord (λέγουσα Κύριε) and asked for his help (βοήθει μοι).  She was very insistent.

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