The priests are now despised (Mal 2:8-2:9)

“‘But you have turned aside

From the way.

You have caused many

To stumble

By your instruction.

You have corrupted

The covenant of Levi,’

Says Yahweh of hosts.


I make you despised.

I make you abased

Before all the people.

Inasmuch as you have not kept

My ways.

But you have shown partiality

In your instruction.’”

Instead of the lofty goals as just mentioned, the current Levite priests had turned away from the correct way.  They were causing many people to stumble.  They were corrupting people with their instructions.  They had ruined the covenant of Yahweh of hosts.  Thus, these priests would be despised and abased before all the people.  They had not kept the ways of Yahweh.  They had shown partiality or incompleteness in their instructions.

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