Outline of the Book of Zephaniah

Outline of the Book of Zephaniah


 I. The day of Yahweh

Title (Zeph 1:1-1:1)

Yahweh will sweep away everything (Zeph 1:2-1:3)

Against Judah (Zeph 1:4-1:4)

Against the strange false idol gods (Zeph 1:4-1:6)

The Day of Yahweh is coming (Zeph 1:7-1:7)

Those punished on the Day of Yahweh (Zeph 1:8-1:9)

Against the commercial traders (Zeph 1:10-1:11)

The unbelieving rich (Zeph 1:12-1:13)

The bitter wrathful day of Yahweh (Zeph 1:14-1:16)

The final judgment for humans (Zeph 1:17-1:18)

The call to conversion (Zeph 2:1-2:3)



 II. Against the nations


Against the Philistine cities (Zeph 2:4-2:4)

Against the seacoast people (Zeph 2:5-2:7)

Against Moab and Ammon (Zeph 2:8-2:10)

Powerful Yahweh (Zeph 2:11-2:11)

Against the Ethiopians (Zeph 2:12-2:12)

Against the Assyrians (Zeph 2:13-2:14)

The destruction of the city (Zeph 2:15-2:15)



 III. Against Jerusalem


The curse on Jerusalem (Zeph 3:1-3:2)

The bad leaders (Zeph 3:3-3:4)

Yahweh alone was righteous (Zeph 3:5-3:5)

A lesson from the other countries (Zeph 3:6-3:7)

The total punishment was coming (Zeph 3:8-3:8)



 IV. The Promises


The conversion of other people (Zeph 3:9-3:10)

The humble poor of Israel (Zeph 3:11-3:13)

Chant of thanksgiving (Zeph 3:14-3:15)

Yahweh is with you (Zeph 3:16-3:17)

No more disasters (Zeph 3:18-3:19)

The final return (Zeph 3:20-3:20)


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