Outline of Micah

Outline of Micah



 I. The menaces and condemnation of Israel


Title (Mic 1:1-1:1)

The appearance of Yahweh (Mic 1:2-1:4)

Against Samaria (Mic 1:5-1:7)

Wailing for the countryside of Judah (Mic 1:8-1:9)

Against the small towns in Judah (Mic 1:10-1:12)

Against Lachish (Mic 1:13-1:13)

Against other small towns in Judah (Mic 1:14-1:15)

Become bald (Mic 1:16-1:16)


Woe to the wicked (Mic 2:1-2:2)

Yahweh’s response (Mic 2:3-2:4)

No inheritance (Mic 2:5-2:5)

To preach or not to preach (Mic 2:6-2:7)

The breaking of the peace (Mic 2:8-2:10)

The ironic wine preacher (Mic 2:11-2:11)

The new assembly (Mic 2:12-2:13)


The bad rulers (Mic 3:1-3:3)

The unheard cry (Mic 3:4-3:4)

Against the lying prophets (Mic 3:5-3:7)

Micah was the exception (Mic 3:8-3:8)

The bad situation will come to ruin (Mic 3:9-3:12)



 II. The promise to Zion


The future reign of Yahweh at Zion (Mic 4:1-4:2)

The peaceful reign of Yahweh (Mic 4:3-4:3)

A time of peace (Mic 4:4-4:4)

Walk with Yahweh (Mic 4:5-4:5)

The gathering of the lame people (Mic 4:6-4:7)

The great place of Mount Zion (Mic 4:8-4:8)

The future exile (Mic 4:9-4:10)

The defeat of the enemies of Zion (Mic 4:11-4:13)


The insult to the king of Israel (Mic 5:1-5:1)

The ode to Bethlehem (Mic 5:2-5:2)

The new ruler of Israel (Mic 5:3-5:4)

The defeat of the Assyrians (Mic 5:5-5:6)

The role of the remnant of Jacob (Mic 5:7-5:9)

What Yahweh was going to do (Mic 5:10-5:11)

Yahweh was going to do away with false worship (Mic 5:12-5:14)

Yahweh’s vengeance (Mic 5:15-5:15)



 III. The reproaches to Israel


Yahweh’s controversy (Mic 6:1-6:2)

Yahweh recalls his saving action from Egypt (Mic 6:3-6:4)

Yahweh recalls his saving action in Canaan (Mic 6:5-6:5)

Justice and sacrificial offerings (Mic 6:6-6:8)

The wickedness of the city (Mic 6:9-6:12)

Yahweh’s punishment (Mic 6:13-6:15)

They example of northern Israel (Mic 6:16-6:16)


 No more just people (Mic 7:1-7:2)

Everyone is evil (Mic 7:3-7:4)

Do not trust anyone (Mic 7:5-7:6)

Micah was different (Mic 7:7-7:7)


 IV. Hope


Micah would rise again (Mic 7:8-7:10)

Oracle of restoration (Mic 7:11-7:13)

Prayer for Yahweh’s protection (Mic 7:14-7:15)

The fear and confusion of the various countries (Mic 7:16-7:17)

Divine appeal (Mic 7:18-7:20)

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