Outline of the Book of Daniel

I. The Daniel Stories


1. The Hebrew young men

The Fall of Jerusalem (Dan 1:1-1:2)

The Babylonian king requests young Israelite students (Dan 1:3-1:4)

The life and curriculum of the young students (Dan 1:5-1:5)

The names of the Israelite students (Dan 1:6-1:7)

The concern of Daniel about food defilement (Dan 1:8-1:8)

God favors Daniel (Dan 1:9-1:9)

The response of the palace master (Dan 1:10-1:10)

The response of Daniel (Dan 1:11-1:13)

The ten-day test (Dan 1:14-1:16)

The good learners (Dan 1:17-1:17)

They go before King Nebuchadnezzar (Dan 1:18-1:18)

The four successful court attendants (Dan 1:19-1:21)


2.The dream of King Nebuchadnezzar

The troubled dream of King Nebuchadnezzar (Dan 2:1-2:1)

The king summons his court people (Dan 2:2-2:2)

King Nebuchadnezzar explains his situation (Dan 2:3-2:3)

The Chaldean response (Dan 2:4-2:4)

The king explained the consequences of their interpretation (Dan 2:5-2:6)

They wanted to know the dream first (Dan 2:7-2:7)

The king insists that they should know the dream (Dan 2:8-2:9)

The impossible task (Dan 2:10-2:11)

The king wants to destroy all the wise men of Babylon (Dan 2:12-2:12)

This decree included Daniel (Dan 2:13-2:13)

The response of Daniel (Dan 2:14-2:16)

Daniel discussed the situation with his companions (Dan 2:17-2:18)

Daniel gets the answer to the dream problem (Dan 2:19-2:19)

The beautiful prayer of Daniel (Dan 2:20-2:23)

Daniel went to Arioch (Dan 2:24-2:24)

Arioch brings Daniel to the king (Dan 2:25-2:25)

King Nebuchadnezzar questions Daniel (Dan 2:26-2:26)

Daniel answered King Nebuchadnezzar (Dan 2:27-2:27)

God had revealed the answer to Daniel (Dan 2:28-2:28)

Daniel explains to the king his dream (Dan 2:29-2:30)

The scary bright statue in the dream of the king (Dan 2:31-2:31)

A description of the statue in the kings ‘s dream (Dan 2:32-2:33)

The destruction of the statue (Dan 2:34-2:35)

The dream was separate from the interpretation (Dan 2:36-2:36)

King Nebuchadnezzar is the head of gold (Dan 2:37-2:38)

The later inferior kingdoms of bronze and iron (Dan 2:39-2:40)

The divided mixed kingdom (Dan 2:41-2:43)

The eternal kingdom (Dan 2:44-2:45)

King Nebuchadnezzar worships Daniel (Dan 2:46-2:46)

The king recognizes the God of Daniel (Dan 2:47-2:47)

The rewards for Daniel and his friends (Dan 2:48-2:49)


 3. The adoration of the golden statue

The gold statue (Dan 3:1-3:1)

The invitation (Dan 3:2-3:2)

The assembly at the statue dedication (Dan 3:3-3:3)

The herald’s proclamation (Dan 3:4-3:6)

The worship of the statue (Dan 3:7-3:7)

The accusations against the Jews (Dan 3:8-3:11)

The accusations against his Jewish appointees (Dan 3:12-3:12)

The three men were brought to the king (Dan 3:13-3:13)

The king spoke to the three men (Dan 3:14-3:15)

The response of the three men (Dan 3:16-3:18)

The angry King Nebuchadnezzar (Dan 3:19-3:19)

Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego go into the furnace (Dan 3:20-3:23)


 4. The prayer of Azariah in the furnace 

Azariah stands still to pray (Dan 3:1-3:2)

Blessing God (Dan 3:3-3:4)

The judgment due to our sins (Dan 3:5-3:7)

The true judgment was delivered (Dan 3:8-3:9)

The call for mercy (Dan 3:10-3:13)

The small weak Israelites (Dan 3:14-3:15)

The spiritual worship (Dan 3:16-3:17)

The call for mercy (Dan 3:18-3:19)

The call for deliverance (Dan 3:20-3:22)

The fiery flames (Dan 3:23-3:25)

The angel of the Lord and the useless fire (Dan 3:26-3:27)

The three companions pray together (Dan 3:28-3:28)

Blessing God and his name (Dan 3:29-3:31)

Blessed is God in heaven (Dan 3:32-3:34)

All those with God bless the Lord (Dan 3:35-3:39)

The blessings of the heavenly bodies (Dan 3:40-3:41)

The weather elements praise God (Dan 3:42-3:46)

Day and night bless God (Dan 3:47-3:48)

The extreme conditions bless God (Dan 3:49-3:51)

Let the earth bless God (Dan 3:52-3:54)

Let the earthly waters bless God (Dan 3:55-3:57)

Let the birds and animals bless God (Dan 3:58-3:59)

Let humans bless God (Dan 3:60-3:63)

Let the souls of the righteous bless God (Dan 3:64-3:65)

The three men should bless God (Dan 3:66-3:66)

Final praise to God (Dan 3:67-3:68)


The upset king (Dan 3:24-3:25)

The king releases the three men (Dan 3:26-3:26)

Praise for Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego (Dan 3:27-3:28)

The king’s decree (Dan 3:29-3:29)

The promotion of the three men (Dan 3:30-3:30)


The king’s new decree (Dan 4:1-4:1)

Praise of the Most High God (Dan 4:2-4:3)


5. The fearful dream of Nebuchadnezzar

The fearful dream of the king (Dan 4:4-4:5)

The king called all his wise men (Dan 4:6-4:7)

Daniel sees the king (Dan 4:8-4:9)

The king’s dream about the big beautiful tree (Dan 4:10-4:12)

The holy watcher from heaven (Dan 4:13-4:13)

Get rid of the tree (Dan 4:14-4:14)

Save the stump (Dan 4:15-4:16)

The decision is final (Dan 4:17-4:17)

The king asks Daniel to interpret this dream (Dan 4:18-4:18)

Daniel was a little stunned (Dan 4:19-4:19)

The king told Daniel not to worry (Dan 4:19-4:19)

The dream was for the king’s enemies (Dan 4:19-4:19)

The king was the great tree (Dan 4:20-4:22)

Daniel repeats the dream wish of the holy watcher (Dan 4:23-4:23)

The king will lose his kingdom (Dan 4:24-4:25)

The call for the king to repent (Dan 4:26-4:27)

The great pride of the king (Dan 4:28-4:30)

The king will lose his kingdom (Dan 4:31-4:32)

The king leaves his throne immediately (Dan 4:33-4:33)

The king blesses God (Dan 4:34-4:35)

The restoration of the king (Dan 4:36-4:36)

The final praise of God (Dan 4:37-4:37)


 6. The feast of King Belshazzar

The feast of King Belshazzar (Dan 5:1-5:1)

The king wants the sacred cups from the Jerusalem Temple (Dan 5:2-5:2)

They drank wine from the sacred vessels (Dan 5:3-5:4)

The fingers writing on the wall (Dan 5:5-5:5)

King Belshazzar was afraid (Dan 5:6-5:6)

The king called for his wise men (Dan 5:7-5:7)

The failure of the wise men (Dan 5:8-5:9)

The queen was concerned (Dan 5:10-5:10)

The queen talked about the importance of Daniel (Dan 5:11-5:12)

Daniel goes before the king (Dan 5:13-5:14)

The king explains the situation to Daniel (Dan 5:15-5:16)

Daniel told the king to keep his gifts (Dan 5:17-5:17)

Praise for King Nebuchadnezzar (Dan 5:18-5:19)

Pride led to his downfall (Dan 5:20-5:21)

The unhumble king (Dan 5:22-5:23)

The writing on the wall (Dan 5:24-5:25)

The interpretation of Mene (Dan 5:26-5:26)


 7. Daniel in the den of lions


 8. The dream of Daniel about the four animals 



 II. Daniel Visions


1.The vision of Daniel about the beast


2.The prophecy of seventy weeks




 3. The grand vision



 4. The end of time 



 III. Susan and judgment of Daniel 



 IV. Bel and the Dragon



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