Jerusalem is worse than her sister Samaria (Ezek 16:51-16:52)

“Samaria has not


Half your sins.

You have committed

More abominations

Than they.

You have made

Your sisters

Appear righteous

By all the abominations

That you have


Bear your disgrace!

You also!

You have brought about

For your sisters

A more favorable judgment,

Because of your sins

In which you acted

More abominably

Than they.

They are more

In the right

Than you.

So be ashamed!

You also!

Bear your disgrace!

You have made

Your sisters

Appear righteous.”

Yahweh said that Samaria was not half as bad as Jerusalem, who had committed more sins and abominations than her sister Samaria. In fact, Jerusalem made her sisters look righteous, because she was so disgraceful. Her sisters would get a more favorable judgment because of her sins. She had acted more abominably than they had. Jerusalem should be ashamed of herself. She was so disgraceful that her sisters seemed righteous.

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