Outline of Baruch

Outline of Baruch


1. Introduction

Historical Introduction (Bar 1:1-1:2)

The reading of the book (Bar 1:3-1:4)

The collection for Jerusalem (Bar 1:5-1:7)

The sacred vessels (Bar 1:8-1:9)

Money for temple worship offerings (Bar 1:10-1:10)

The prayer for King Nebuchadnezzar (Bar 1:11-1:12)

The prayer for sinners (Bar 1:13-1:13)

Read the scroll (Bar 1:14-1:14)


 2. Prayer of the Exiles

The shameful prayer (Bar 1:15-1:18)

The sinful ancestors (Bar 1:19-1:20)

We were sinners also (Bar 1:21-1:22)


The actions of the Lord (Bar 2:1-2:2)

The shameful sinful behavior (Bar 2:3-2:5)

Confession of guilt (Bar 2:6-2:10)

The powerful God of Israel (Bar 2:11-2:11)

The sinners pray (Bar 2:12-2:15)

Be aware of this situation (Bar 2:16-2:18)

The failure to serve God (Bar 2:19-2:20)

The failure to serve the king of Babylon (Bar 2:21-2:23)

They did not obey (Bar 2:24-2:26)

The kindness of God (Bar 2:27-2:28)

The Moses speech (Bar 2:29-2:31)

The repentance in the exile (Bar 2:32-2:35)


The dying Israelites (Bar 3:1-3:4)

Do not remember the sins of our ancestors (Bar 3:5-3:8)


 3. Wisdom and Israel

Introduction to this wisdom poem (Bar 3:9-3:14)

The false pursuits (Bar 3:15-3:19)

The lack of knowledge (Bar 3:20-3:23)

The great house of God (Bar 3:24-3:25)

The giants perish without wisdom (Bar 3:26-3:28)

The unreachable wisdom (Bar 3:29-3:31)

Wisdom and creation (Bar 3:32-3:34)

Wisdom and incarnation (Bar 3:35-3:37)


Wisdom is in the Law of God (Bar 4:1-4:4)


 4. Plea and Hope of Jerusalem

A reminder for Israel (Bar 4:5-4:8)

The grieving widow Jerusalem (Bar 4:9-4:12)

The failure to follow the statutes (Bar 4:13-4:16)

Jerusalem is in sack cloth (Bar 4:17-4:20)

Courage and hope (Bar 4:21-4:22)

Patience (Bar 4:23-4:26)

The need for courage (Bar 4:27-4:29)

The enemies of Jerusalem (Bar 4:30-4:35)

The return of the exiles (Bar 4:36-4:37)


Put on the robe of glory (Bar 5:1-5:4)

The return of the exiles (Bar 5:5-5:9)


  5. The Letter of Jeremiah

Historical Introduction (Bar 6:1-6:1)

The captivity in Babylon (Bar 6:2-6:3)

The worship of idols (Bar 6:4-6:7)

The colorful gods (Bar 6:8-6:11)

The useless gods (Bar 6:12-6:18)

Security in the foreign temples (Bar 6:18-6:19)

The strange creatures in the foreign temples (Bar 6:20-6:23)

These gods have no feeling (Bar 6:24-6:26)

The caretakers of the idol gods (Bar 6:26-6:28)

Females touching these idol gods (Bar 6:29-6:30)

Like a funeral (Bar 6:31-6:32)

The futile activities of these temple priests (Bar 6:33-6:35)

The weakness of these false idol gods (Bar 6:36-6:40)

The mute persons at the temple for Bel (Bar 6:40-6:41)

The temple prostitutes (Bar 6:42-6:44)

The makers of the false god idols (Bar 6:45-6:47)

The priests and the idols (Bar 6:48-6:52)

The powerless idols (Bar 6:53-5:56)

These false gods and robbers (Bar 6:57-6:58)

Comparative value of these false idols (Bar 6:59-6:59)

Nature obeys (Bar 6:60-6:65)

The weak idols compared to the heavenly bodies (Bar 6:66-6:67)

The wild animals compared to the heavenly bodies (Bar 6:68-6:69)

The useless false wooden gods (Bar 6:70-6:73)



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