Restoration of King Jehoiachin (Jer 52:31-52:34)

“King Evil-Merodach

Spoke kindly

To King Jehoiachin.

He gave him

A seat

Above the seats

Of the other kings

Who were with him

In Babylon.

So King Jehoiachin

Put aside

His prison clothes.

Every day of his life

He dined regularly

At the king’s table.

A regular daily allowance

Was given him

By the king of Babylon,

As long as he lived,

Up to the day of his death.”

This is exactly the same as in 2 Kings, chapter 25. King Jehoiachin got new clothes and ate with the new Babylonian King Evil-Merodach every day. He had a higher place at the table among the other kings there. He also had a daily allowance as long as he lived. So the old Judean king took his place with the other kings in Babylon. There was no mention of his uncle, King Zedekiah. Thus the 2nd book of Kings as well as Jeremiah end with everyone in exile, but at least 1 happy exiled king.

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