Outline of Lamentations

Outline of Lamentations



Chapter 1

The first lamentation

The destruction of Jerusalem

The Greek introduction

The lonely city (Lam 1:1-1:1)

The weeping city (Lam 1:2-1:2)

The exile of Judah (Lam 1:3-1:3)

The sufferings in Zion (Lam 1:4-1:4)

The captivity of Jerusalem (Lam 1:5-1:5)

The princes have fled (Lam 1:6-1:6)

Jerusalem remembers (Lam 1:7-1:7)

The sins of Jerusalem (Lam 1:8-1:8)

The unclean Jerusalem (Lam 1:9-1:9)

The invasion of the sanctuary (Lam 1:10-1:10)

The lack of food (Lam 1:11-1:11)

The sorrow in Jerusalem (Lam 1:12-1:12)

The devastating fire in Zion (Lam 1:13-1:13)

The yoke of sin (Lam 1:14-1:14)

The crushing defeat of Zion (Lam 1:15-1:15)

The weeping Jerusalem (Lam 1:16-1:16)

No one to comfort Zion (Lam 1:17-1:17)

Yahweh is just (Lam 1:18-1:18)

The deceived lover (Lam 1:19-1:19)

Distressed Jerusalem (Lam 1:20-1:20)

The happy enemies (Lam 1:21-1:21)

The personal guilt (Lam 1:22-1:22)


Chapter 2

The second lamentation

The anger of God

The anger of Yahweh (Lam 2:1-2:1)

The destruction of Judah (Lam 2:2-2:2)

The great fire (Lam 2:3-2:3)

Yahweh has become the enemy (Lam 2:4-2:4)

Yahweh has brought destruction (Lam 2:5-2:5)

Yahweh has destroyed his own Temple (Lam 2:6-2:6)

The scorned altar (Lam 2:7-2:7)

The ruined walls of Jerusalem (Lam 2:8-2:8)

The exile of the king and princes (Lam 2:9-2:9)

The mourning in Jerusalem (Lam 2:10-2:10)

A personal lamentation (Lam 2:11-2:11)

The fainting children (Lam 2:12-2:12)

Does anything compare to Jerusalem (Lam 2:13-2:13)

The false visions of the prophets (Lam 2:14-2:14)

The derision of Jerusalem (Lam 2:15-2:15)

The enemies of Jerusalem (Lam 2:16-2:16)

Yahweh did what he wanted to do (Lam 2:17-2:17)

Cry for Zion (Lam 2:18-2:18)

Cry for the children (Lam 2:19-2:19)

A cry to Yahweh for help (Lam 2:20-2:20)

Yahweh causes the death of many in Jerusalem (Lam 2:21-2:21)

The day of Yahweh’s anger (Lam 2:22-2:22)


Chapter 3

The third lamentation

Suffering and hope

Personal suffering (Lam 3:1-3:3)

Personal distress (Lam 3:4-3:6)

The walled in situation (Lam 3:7-3:9)

The vicious animals (Lam 3:10-3:12)

The laughing stock (Lam 3:13-3:15)

The forgotten happiness (Lam 3:16-3:18)

The bitter thoughts (Lam 3:19-3:21)

The faithful love of Yahweh (Lam 3:22-3:24)

Wait for Yahweh (Lam 3:25-3:27)

Silence is good (Lam 3:28-3:30)

Yahweh has compassion (Lam 3:31-3:33)

The care of Yahweh (Lam 3:34-3:36)

The power of Yahweh (Lam 3:37-3:39)

The proclamation of guilt (Lam 3:40-3:42)

The impenetrable Yahweh (Lam 3:43-3:45)

The enemies (Lam 3:46-3:48)

The crying eyes (Lam 3:49-3:51)

The lost hunted one (Lam 3:52-3:54)

The prayer from the pit (Lam 3:55-3:57)

The saving redemption (Lam 3:58-3:60)

The taunts of the enemy (Lam 3:61-3:63)

Destroy the enemies (Lam 3:64-3:66)


Chapter 4

The fourth lamentation

The siege of Jerusalem

Gold (Lam 4:1-4:1)

The precious children of Zion (Lam 4:2-4:2)

Caring for the young (Lam 4:3-4:3)     

The starving children (Lam 4:4-4:4)

The dead people in the streets (Lam 4:5-4:5)

The punishment (Lam 4:6-4:6)

The wonderful Jerusalem princes (Lam 4:7-4:7)

The bleak transformation of the Jerusalem princes (Lam 4:8-4:8)

Death would be better than famine (Lam 4:9-4:9)

Cannibalism (Lam 4:10-4:10)

The fire of Yahweh (Lam 4:11-4:11)

The strong gates of Jerusalem (Lam 4:12-4:12)

The sinful prophets and priests (Lam 4:13-4:13)

The blind wandering leaders (Lam 4:14-4:14)

Immoral lepers (Lam 4:15-4:15)

The disgraced priests and elders (Lam 4:16-4:16)

Blindness (Lam 4:17-4:17)

Our days are numbered (Lam 4:18-4:18)

Being pursued (Lam 4:19-4:19)

The anointed king (Lam 4:20-4:20)

Against Edom (Lam 4:21-4:21)

The punishments (Lam 4:22-4:22)


Chapter 5

The fifth lamentation

The prayer of Jeremiah and friends

The punishments (Lam 5:1-5:2)

Orphans and widows (Lam 5:3-5:4)

The hard life (Lam 5:5-5:6)

The sins of the ancestors (Lam 5:7-5:8)

The bad living conditions (Lam 5:9-5:10)

The disrespect for people (Lam 5:11-5:12)

The change in habits (Lam 5:13-5:14)

The joy is gone (Lam 5:15-5:16)

The sickness (Lam 5:17-5:18)

Yahweh and the Judeans (Lam 5:19-5:20)

The restoration (Lam 5:21-5:22)




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