King Jehoiakim (Jer 26:1-26:1)

“In the beginning

Of the reign

Of King Jehoiakim

The son of King Josiah

Of Judah,

This word came

From Yahweh

To Jeremiah.”

Once again we have an exact time frame for this communication of Yahweh to Jeremiah. This oracle took place at the beginning of the reign of King Jehoiakim or King Eliakim (609-598 BCE). He was the son of King Josiah (640-609 BCE). His brother King Jehoahaz or King Shallum (609 BCE) had preceded him for a couple of months. Then King Necho of Egypt appointed King Jehoiakim as the king and then brought his deposed brother King Jehoahaz to Egypt. Thus this oracle took place in 609 or 608 BCE. Like the preceding chapter, there are different numbers in the Greek translation of the Septuagint. This section is from chapter 33 of the Septuagint, and not chapter 26 as here.

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