The future good righteous king (Jer 23:5-23:6)

“Says Yahweh.

‘The days are surely coming,

When I will raise up for David

A righteous branch.

He shall reign as king.

He shall deal wisely.

He shall execute justice.

He shall execute righteousness

In the land.

In his days,

Judah will be saved.

Israel will live in safety.

This is the name

By which he will be called.

‘Lord is our righteousness.’”

Yahweh indicates, via Jeremiah, that a future Davidic king will rule in both Judah and Israel. This king would come from David’s righteous branch. As a king, he would rule wisely with justice and righteousness. Judah would be saved and Israel would be safe. The name of this future king would be “Lord of our righteousness.” Thus the future messianic Davidic king was important to the Israelites.

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