Admonition to Jerusalem (Jer 13:20-13:21)

“Lift up your eyes!


See those who come from the north!

Where is the flock

That was given you?

Where is your beautiful flock?

What will you say

When they set as head over you

Those whom you have trained

To be your allies?

Will not pangs take hold of you?

Will they not be

Like those of a woman in labor?”

Jeremiah continues with his admonition to Jerusalem. They were to open their eyes and see what was coming from the north. They were like untrustworthy shepherds who had lost the beautiful flocks that were given to them. What were they going to say when their former trained allies would be in charge of them? Would they be in such pain like the woman in labor before she gives birth? Jeremiah was warning them about what was to come.

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