Looking for the just man (Jer 5:1-5:2)

“Run to and fro!

Go through

The streets of Jerusalem!

Look around!

Take note!

Search its squares!


Can you find one person

Who acts justly?

Can you find one person

Who seeks the truth?

Thus I may then pardon Jerusalem.

Although they say,

‘As Yahweh lives!’

Yet they swear falsely.”

Yahweh tells Jeremiah to run around the streets of Jerusalem to find a just man. He was to take notes and search the various squares. He was looking for one just man, which is similar to the search of Abraham in Genesis, chapter 18. Here Yahweh says that he will pardon Jerusalem, if they could find merely one just person who was seeking the truth. Most of them, however, were swearing to God falsely.

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