The dialog with Jeremiah and Yahweh (Jer 1:6-1:8)

“Then I said.

‘O Lord God!

Truly I do not know how to speak.

I am only a boy.’

But Yahweh said to me.

‘Do not say.

‘I am only a boy!’

You shall go to all

To whom I send you.

You shall speak

Whatever I command you.

Do not be afraid of them!

I am with you

I will deliver you.’

Says Yahweh.”

Jeremiah responded to Yahweh. He told him that he did not know how to speak, much like Moses in Exodus, chapter 4. Jeremiah claimed that he was only a boy, a young man. Yahweh, however, reprimanded him not to say that, because he was going to go whereever he told him to go. Jeremiah was not to be afraid because Yahweh would be with him and deliver him.

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