Outline of Jeremiah

Outline of Jeremiah


I. Oracles against Judah and Jerusalem

 A.  At the time of King Josiah

Title (Jer 1:1-1:3)

Yahweh’s call to Jeremiah (Jer 1:4-1:5)

The dialog with Jeremiah and Yahweh (Jer 1:6-1:8)

Yahweh consecrates Jeremiah (Jer 1:9-1:10)

The vision of Jeremiah (Jer 1:11-1:13)

The lurking disaster in the north (Jer 1:14-1:16)

The power of Jeremiah comes from Yahweh (Jer 1:17-1:19)


The word of Yahweh (Jer 2:1-2:2)

Remember the wilderness (Jer 2:2-2:3)

A call to the house of Jacob (Jer 2:4-2:4)

The ingratitude of their ancestors (Jer 2:5-2:8)

The accusations (Jer 2:9-2:12)

The two evils (Jer 2:13-2:13)

Israel the slave (Jer 2:14-2:16)

Israel brought it on themselves (Jer 2:17-2:19)

Unfaithful Israel (Jer 2:20-2:22)

Defiled Israel (Jer 2:23-2:25)

The shame of Israel (Jer 2:26-2:28)

The rebellious people (Jer 2:29-2:32)

The shamed Israelites (Jer 2:33-2:37)


The divorced wife (Jer 3:1-3:1)

The wicked whores (Jer 3:2-3:3)

Lack of shame (Jer 3:3-3:5)

The days of King Josiah (Jer 3:6-3:6)

The failure of Judah (Jer 3:7-3:10)

Judah is worse than Israel (Jer 3:11-3:11)

The invitation to repentance (Jer 3:12-3:13)

Return home (Jer 3:14-3:14)

The return from the Exile (Jer 3:15-3:18)

Poem on trust (Jer 3:19-3:20)

The repentance (Jer 3:21-3:23)

The shamed Israelites (Jer 3:24-3:25)


The return to Yahweh (Jer 4:1-4:2)

The call to Judah and Jerusalem (Jer 4:3-4:4)

Sound the alarm in Judah and Jerusalem (Jer 4:5-4:6)

The destruction from the north (Jer 4:6-4:8)

The failure of the leaders (Jer 4:9-4:9)

The accusation response of Jeremiah (Jer 4:10-4:10)

The hot wind of judgment (Jer 4:11-4:12)

The enemy approaches (Jer 4:13-4:14)

Tracing the coming enemy (Jer 4:15-4:17)

You deserve what you get (Jer 4:17-4:18)

The lamentation over this sudden disaster (Jer 4:19-4:22)

The desolate land of Jeremiah’s vision (Jer 4:23-4:26)

Yahweh speaks about the desolate land (Jer 4:27-4:28)

The destruction of the towns (Jer 4:29-4:29)

The plight of Jerusalem (Jer 4:30-4:31)


Looking for the just man (Jer 5:1-5:2)

The prayer of Jeremiah (Jer 5:3-5:3)

The rich and the poor (Jer 5:4-5:5)

The destroying animals (Jer 5:6-5:6)

How could God pardon them? (Jer 5:7-5:9)

The unfaithful ones (Jer 5:10-5:11)

The false comments about Yahweh (Jer 5:12-5:13)

The coming invading destruction (Jer 5:14-5:17)

Serving strangers in a foreign land (Jer 5:18-5:19)

The foolish senseless people (Jer 5:20-5:21)

The stubborn rebellious heart (Jer 5:22-5:25)

The wicked scoundrels (Jer 5:26-5:29)

The false prophets and priests (Jer 5:30-5:31)


The coming invasion (Jer 6:1-6:3)

Prepare for war (Jer 6:4-6:5)

Warning against Jerusalem (Jer 6:6-6:8)

They do not listen to the warning (Jer 6:9-6:11)

The fate of the Jerusalem inhabitants (Jer 6:11-6:12)

There is no peace (Jer 6:12-6:15)

The failure of Jerusalem (Jer 6:16-6:19)

The useless sacrifices (Jer 6:20-6:21)

The invaders from the north (Jer 6:22-6:23)

The reaction to this report (Jer 6:24-6:26)

Yahweh’s rejection (Jer 6:27-6:30)


 B.  At the time of King Jehoiakim

The call of Jeremiah to the men of Judah (Jer 7:1-7:2)

The role of the Temple (Jer 7:3-7:4)

Amend your ways (Jer 7:5-7:7)

What they should avoid (Jer 7:8-7:11)

Shiloh (Jer 7:12-7:15)

Do not pray for them (Jer 7:16-7:16)

They provoke Yahweh’s anger (Jer 7:17-7:20)

The command to their ancestors (Jer 7:21-7:23)

The disobedience of their ancestors (Jer 7:24-7:26)

They will not listen (Jer 7:27-7:28)

Cut your hair off (Jer 7:29-7:30)

Topheth (Jer 7:31-7:34)


The bones of the dead people (Jer 8:1-8:3)

The indifference of Israel (Jer 8:4 -8:7)

The law and the scribes (Jer 8:8-8:9)

The false prophets and priests (Jer 8:10-8:12)

No grapes on the vine (Jer 8:13-8:13)

The lost peace (Jer 8:14-8:15)

The menace from the north (Jer 8:16-8:17)

Lamentation over Judah (Jer 8:18-8:20)

Who will heal them? (Jer 8:21-8:22)


A lamentation about the moral corruption of Judah (Jer 9:1-9:3)

The deceitful neighbors (Jer 9:4-9:6)

How should they be punished? (Jer 9:7-9:9)

The punishment (Jer 9:10-9:11)

Why this ruin? (Jer 9:12-9:12)

Yahweh explains why he is doing this (Jer 9:13-9:14)

Yahweh’s punishment (Jer 9:15-9:16)

The crying and mourning (Jer 9:17-9:19)

Teach mourning to your children and neighbors (Jer 9:20-9:21)

The dead bodies (Jer 9:22-9:22)

The true boasting in glory (Jer 9:23-9:24)

The false circumcision (Jer 9:25-9:26)


Listen to God (Jer 10:1-10:2)

False wooden idols (Jer 10:3-10:5)

Yahweh is the great one (Jer 10:6-10:7)

These foolish man made idols (Jer 10:8-10:9)

Yahweh is the true God (Jer 10:10-10:10)

The elimination of the false idol gods (Jer 10:11-10:11)

The power of Yahweh (Jer 10:12-10:13)

The useless idols (Jer 10:14-10:16)

The warning (Jer 10:17-10:18)

Panic in the land (Jer 10:19-10:21)

The attack is coming (Jer 10:22-10:22)

The prayer of Jeremiah (Jer 10:23-10:24)

The wrath of God (Jer 10:25-10:25)


The word of God (Jer 11:1-11:3)

The words of the alliance (Jer 11:3-11:5)

The word of God proclaimed (Jer 11:6-11:6)

The warning (Jer 11:7-11:8)

The failed conspiracy (Jer 11:9-11:11)

The numerous useless false idol gods (Jer 11:12-11:13)

Yahweh is not listening (Jer 11:14-11:14)

Reproach against false worshippers in the Temple (Jer 11:15-11:17)

The personal plot against Jeremiah (Jer 11:18-11:19)

Jeremiah’s prayerful response (Jer 11:20-11:20)

The people of Anathoth (Jer 11:21-11:23)


The prosperous wicked people (Jer 12:1-12:3)

The land in mourning (Jer 12:4-12:4)

Two examples of tough times (Jer 12:5-12:5)

Beware of your family (Jer 12:6-12:6)

Yahweh gives up (Jer 12:7-12:9)

The lament about the desolation (Jer 12:10-12:13)

The judgment on the neighbors (Jer 12:14-12:17)


The linen loincloth (Jer 13:1-13:2)

Euphrates or Parah (Jer 13:3-13:5)

The ruined linen loincloth (Jer 13:6-13:7)

The pride of Judah and Jerusalem (Jer 13:8-13:11)

The jars of wine (Jer 13:12-13:12)

The drunkards (Jer 13:13-13:14)

The threat of the imminent exile (Jer 13:15-13:17)

Menace to the king and his mother (Jer 13:18-13:19)

Admonition to Jerusalem (Jer 13:20-13:21)

The scattering of the evil ones (Jer 13:22-13:24)

They will be ashamed (Jer 13:25-13:27)


The word of God came to Jeremiah (Jer 14:1-14:1)

The great drought (Jer 14:2-14:6)

The sinful confession of the people (Jer 14:7-14:9)

The stern response of Yahweh (Jer 14:10-14:10)

Yahweh will not accept their offerings (Jer 14:11-14:12)

The response of Jeremiah (Jer 14:13-14:13)

Yahweh rails against the false prophets (Jer 14:14-14:16)

The calamity to come (Jer 14:17-14:18)

The people plead their case (Jer 14:19-14:22)


Yahweh dismisses his people (Jer 15:1-15:1)

The four options (Jer 15:2-15:2)

The four destroyers (Jer 15:3-15:4)

Who will have pity on Jerusalem? (Jer 15:5-15:5)

No more pity for Jerusalem (Jer 15:6-15:9)

The personal lament of Jeremiah (Jer 15:10-15:10)

The response of Yahweh (Jer 15:11-15:12)

The punishing judgment of Yahweh (Jer 15:13-15:14)

The personal plea of Jeremiah (Jer 15:15-15:18)

The positive response of Yahweh (Jer 15:19-15:21)


Yahweh and Jeremiah (Jer 16:1-16:1)

No family for Jeremiah (Jer 16:2-16:2)

The fatal undignified future of the people (Jer 16:3-16:4)

No funeral rites or burial (Jer 16:5-16:7)

No more happiness (Jer 16:8-16:9)

The questioning people (Jer 16:10-16: 10)

The reason for Yahweh’s judgment (Jer 16:11-16:13)

The past and future Exodus (Jer 16:14-16:15)

The hunters and fishermen (Jer 16:16-16:18)

The great conversion to Yahweh (Jer 16:19-16:20)

The power of Yahweh’s name (Jer 16:21-16:21)


The engraved worship sins of Judah (Jer 17:1-17:3)

The power of Yahweh’s name (Jer 17:3-17:4)

The curse of Yahweh (Jer 17:5-17:6)

The blessing for those who trust in Yahweh (Jer 17:7-17:8)

The devious heart (Jer 17:9-17:10)

The rich fools (Jer 17:11-17:11)

Yahweh is the fountain of living water (Jer 17:12-17:13)

Another personal lament of Jeremiah (Jer 17:14-17:18)

The Jerusalem gates (Jer 17:19-17:20)

Observance of the Sabbath (Jer 17:21-17:23)

The good results if you observe the Sabbath (Jer 17:24-17:25)

The future of Jerusalem depends on the Sabbath observance (Jer 17:26-17:27)


Jeremiah goes to the potter’s house (Jer 18:1-18:4)

The potter and Israel (Jer 18:5-18:6)

The power of Yahweh is like a potter (Jer 18:7-18:10)

The call to repent for Judah and Jerusalem (Jer 18:11-18:11)

The rebellion (Jer 18:12-18:12)

Israel forgot Yahweh (Jer 18:13-18:17)

The plot against Jeremiah (Jer 18:18-18:18)

The lament of Jeremiah (Jer 18:19-18:20)

The vicious request of Jeremiah (Jer 18:21-18:23)


Jeremiah and the jug (Jer 19:1-19:2)

False worship (Jer 19:3-19:4)

The high places of Baal (Jer 19:5-19:5)

The problem of Topheth (Jer 19:6-19:7)

The horrible city (Jer 19:8-19:8)

Eating other humans (Jer 19:9-19:9)

The broken jug (Jer 19:10-19:11)

Jerusalem shall be like Topheth (Jer 19:11-19:13)

Jeremiah at the Temple court (Jer 19:14-19:15)


The priest Pashhur punishes Jeremiah (Jer 20:1-20:2)

Jeremiah renames Pashhur (Jer 20:3-20:3)

The future captivity of Pashhur and his friends (Jer 20:4-20:6)

Personal lament of Jeremiah (Jer 20:7-20:9)

Jeremiah complains about his persecutors (Jer 20:10-20:11)

Hymn to Yahweh (Jer 20:12-20:13)

Jeremiah curses the day he was born (Jer 20:14-20:18)


 C.  At the time of King Zedekiah

The request for help against the king of Babylon (Jer 21:1-21:2)

Jeremiah responds that Yahweh is against them (Jer 21:3-21:6)

After the pestilence (Jer 21:7-21:7)

The choice of life or death (Jer 21:8-21:9)

The destruction of Jerusalem (Jer 21:10-21:10)

The destructive fire for the house of Judah (Jer 21:11-21:12)

Jerusalem is not exempt from fire (Jer 21:13-21:14)


Jeremiah is sent to the king of Judah (Jer 22:1-22:2)

The commands of Yahweh (Jer 22:3-22:3)

The king’s choice (Jer 22:4-22:5)

The destruction of the royal palace (Jer 22:6-22:7)

The cause of the punishment for Jerusalem (Jer 22:8-22:9)

Which is worse death or captivity? (Jer 22:10-22:10)

King Shallum (Jer 22:11-22:12)

The unjust king and his house (Jer 22:13-22:14)

The comparison with his father (Jer 22:15-22:17)

No lamenting for King Jehoiakim (Jer 22:18-22:19)

The Lebanon lamentation (Jer 22:20-22:23)

The repulsion towards King Coniah (Jer 22:24-22:27)

The curse on King Coniah (Jer 22:28-22:30)


The bad shepherds (Jer 23:1-23:2)

The future good shepherds (Jer 23:3-23:4)

The future good righteous king (Jer 23:5-23:6)

The past and future Exodus (Jer 23:7-23:8)

The bad situation of Jeremiah (Jer 23:9-23:10)

Against the false prophets (Jer 23:11-23:12)

Comparisons to other evil people (Jer 23:13-23:14)

Yahweh’s punishment (Jer 23:15-23:15)

The false happy prophets (Jer 23:16-23:18)

The wrath of Yahweh (Jer 23:19-23:20)

Yahweh did not send false prophets (Jer 23:21-23:22)

God is near and powerful (Jer 23:23-23:24)

The lying prophets (Jer 23:25-23:27)

The power of Yahweh’s word (Jer 23:28-23:29)

Against the false prophets (Jer 23:30-23:32)

The burden of Yahweh (Jer 23:33-23:33)

Commentary on the burden of Yahweh (Jer 23:34-23:38)

The punishment by Yahweh (Jer 23:39-23:40)


The first exile of Judah (Jer 24:1-24:1)

The vision of the two baskets of figs (Jer 24:1-24:3)

The basket of good figs (Jer 24:4-24:7)

The basket of bad figs (Jer 24:8-24:10)


D. Babylon, the Scourge of Yahweh

Pre-exilic times (Jer 25:1-25:1)

Jeremiah speaks to all the people (Jer 25:2-25:2)

No one listens to Jeremiah (Jer 25:3-25:4)

The message of Yahweh’s prophets (Jer 25:5-25:7)

The punishment by the king of Babylon (Jer 25:8-25:9)

The end of happiness (Jer 25:10-25:13)


 II. Oracles against the Nations

Yahweh is against all countries (Jer 25:13-25:14)

The cup of wrath (Jer 25:15-25:17)

Jerusalem and Judah (Jer 25:18-25:18)

Egypt (Jer 25:19-25:19)

Uz (Jer 25:20-25:20)

The Philistine cities (Jer 25:20-25:20)

The southeast countries (Jer 25:21-25:21)

Tyre and Sidon (Jer 25:22-25:22)

Arabian tribes (Jer 25:23-25:24)

The Assyrian area (Jer 25:25-25:25)

The whole world (Jer 25:26-25:26)

King of Babylon (Jer 25:26-25:26)

Force them to drink the cup of wrath (Jer 25:27-25:27)

Punishment for refusing to drink (Jer 25:28-25:29)

The universal judgment (Jer 25:30-25:31)

The coming storm (Jer 25:32-25:32)

Universal death (Jer 25:33-25:33)

No refuge for the shepherds (Jer 25:34-25:38)


III. Prophecies of happiness

A. Jeremiah and the true prophets

King Jehoiakim (Jer 26:1-26:1)

Yahweh speaks to Jeremiah (Jer 26:2-26:3)

Yahweh informs Jeremiah what to say (Jer 26:4-26:6)

Everyone listens to Jeremiah (Jer 26:7-26:7)

The confrontation with Jeremiah (Jer 26:8-26:9)

The deliberations about Jeremiah (Jer 26:10-26:11)

Jeremiah defends himself (Jer 26:12-26:15)

Jeremiah is saved (Jer 26:16-26:16)

The example of the prophet Micah (Jer 26:17-26:19)

The prophet Uriah (Jer 26:20-26:20)

The death of the prophet Uriah (Jer 26:21-26:23)

Jeremiah was protected (Jer 26:24-26:24)


B. The book for the exiles

King Zedekiah (Jer 27:1-27:1)

Jeremiah puts a yoke around his neck (Jer 27:2-27:2)

Jeremiah was to send messages to neighboring countries (Jer 27:3-27:3)

The message of the powerful God to Jeremiah (Jer 27:4-27:5)

The power of King Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon (Jer 27:6-27:7)

The threat of Yahweh (Jer 27:8-27:8)

Do not listen to the false prophets (Jer 27:9-27:11)

King Zedekiah was to serve the Babylonian king (Jer 27:12-27:13)

Do not listen to the false prophets (Jer 27:14-27:15)

Jeremiah speaks to the priests and the people (Jer 27:16-27:18)

Remembering the first captivity (Jer 27:19-27:20)

The other vessels are going to Babylon (Jer 27:21-27:22)


Jeremiah meets the prophet Hananiah (Jer 28:1-28:1)

The prophet Hananiah speaks (Jer 28:2-28:4)

The response of Jeremiah (Jer 28:5-28:5)

Jeremiah explains the role of a prophet (Jer 28:6-28:9)

Hananiah breaks the yoke of Jeremiah (Jer 28:10-28:10)

Hananiah predicts the end of the exile in two years (Jer 28:11-28:11)

The word of Yahweh comes to Jeremiah (Jer 28:12-28:12)

Jeremiah is to wear an iron yoke (Jer 28:13-28:14)

Jeremiah calls out Hananiah (Jer 28:15-28:15)

Yahweh predicts the death of Hananiah (Jer 28:16-28:16)

The death of Hananiah (Jer 28:17-28:17)


The letter to the exiles (Jer 29:1-29:1)

Messengers brought the letter to Babylon (Jer 29:3-29:3)

The letter suggests that they assimilate into Babylon (Jer 29:4-29:7)

Beware of false prophets (Jer 29:8-29:9)

The 70 year captivity (Jer 29:10-29:10)

The good future plans (Jer 29:11-29:11)

Seek and you shall find (Jer 29:12-29:14)

The return to Jerusalem (Jer 29:14-29:14)

The Babylonian prophets (Jer 29:15-29:15)

The people in Jerusalem (Jer 29:16-29:16)

Bad things coming to those in Jerusalem (Jer 29:17-29:20)

The death of the false prophets (Jer 29:21-29:23)

The response of Shemaiah to Jeremiah’s letter (Jer 29:24-29:28)

Zephaniah reads the letter to Jeremiah (Jer 29:29-29:29)

The punishment of Shemaiah (Jer 29:30-29:32)


C. The book of consolation

The book of Jeremiah (Jer 30:1-30:2)

The return from exile (Jer 30:3-30:3)

Panic like a woman in labor (Jer 30:4-30:7)

The end of Israelite slavery (Jer 30:8-30:8)

Serve God and the king (Jer 30:9-30:9)

Do not be afraid (Jer 30:10-30:11)

The great pain and hurt (Jer 30:12-30:15)

The healing reversal (Jer 30:16-30:17)

The restoration of fortunes (Jer 30:18-30:21)

I will be your God (Jer 30:22-30:22)

The anger of Yahweh (Jer 30:23-30:24)


The God of all Israelites (Jer 31:1-31:1)

The everlasting love of God (Jer 31:2-31:3)

The restoration in Samaria (Jer 31:4-31:6)

The great gathering (Jer 31:7-31:8)

Ephraim is the first born (Jer 31:9-31:9)

Yahweh announces that Israel has been ransomed (Jer 31:10-31:11)

Israel shall come back rejoicing (Jer 31:12-31:14)

Rachel laments her children (Jer 31:15-31:17)

Ephraim pleads to return (Jer 31:18-31:20)

The call to return to Israel (Jer 31:21-31:22)

The blessing for the people of Judah (Jer 31:23-31:23)

The farmers and the shepherds (Jer 31:24-31:25)

Sleep (Jer 31:26-31:26)

A new population (Jer 31:27-31:27)

The watchful eye of Yahweh (Jer 31:28-31:28)

Personal responsibility (Jer 31:29-31:30)

The new covenant (Jer 31:31-31:31)

The old broken covenant (Jer 31:32-31:32)

The new covenant (Jer 31:33-31:34)

The fixed order and Israel (Jer 31:35-31:37)

The rebuilding of Jerusalem (Jer 31:38-31:40)


D. Additions

The oracle during the time of King Zedekiah (Jer 32:1-32:1)

The siege of Jerusalem (Jer 32:2-32:2)

King Zedekiah and the prophecy of Jeremiah (Jer 32:3-32:5)

Buy the field in Anathoth (Jer 32:6-32:8)

The purchase of the field (Jer 32:9-32:11)

Baruch gets the deed (Jer 32:12-32:12)

Yahweh’s charge to Baruch (Jer 32:13-32:15)

Jeremiah prays (Jer 32:16-32:16)

The prayer of Jeremiah to the all powerful God (Jer 32:17-32:19)

Help during the Exodus from Egypt (Jer 32:20-32:21)

The Promised Land failure (Jer 32:22-32:23)

The attack of the Chaldeans (Jer 32:24-32:25)

The Chaldeans take Jerusalem (Jer 32:26-32:29)

The fault of the Israelites (Jer 32:30-32:33)

False worship (Jer 32:34-32:35)

The end of Jerusalem (Jer 32:36-32:36)

The return from exile (Jer 32:37-32:39)

The everlasting covenant (Jer 32:40-32:41)

Good things for the Israelites (Jer 32:42-32:42)

The restoration of good fields (Jer 32:43-32:44)


Second oracle in prison (Jer 33:1-33:1)

The power of God (Jer 33:2-33:3)

The Chaldeans are coming (Jer 33:4-33:5)

Future restoration (Jer 33:6-33:9)

The desolation (Jer 33:10-33:10)

The restoration of joy and worship (Jer 33:11-33:11)

The restoration of shepherds and flocks (Jer 33:12-33:13)

The fulfilled promise (Jer 33:14-33:14)

The future righteousness king (Jer 33:15-33:17)

Levitical priests (Jer 33:18-3:18)

The covenant about future kings and Levites (Jer 33:19-33:22)

The good future of Israel (Jer 33:23-33:26)


E. Diverse oracles

The battle with King Nebuchadnezzar (Jer 34:1-34:1)

King Zedekiah learns of his imminent defeat (Jer 34:2-34:3)

The future death of King Zedekiah (Jer 34:4-34:5)

The fight in the fortified cities of Judah (Jer 34:6-34:7)

The proclamation of liberty in Jerusalem (Jer 34:8-34:8)

The freeing of the Hebrew Judean slaves (Jer 34:9-34:10)

The re-enslavement (Jer 34:11-34:11)

Yahweh’s six year slavery commandment (Jer 34:12-34:14)

The reversal of freedom (Jer 34:15-34:16)

Breaking the covenant agreement (Jer 34:17-34:18)

The future death of the people of Judah and Jerusalem (Jer 34:19-34:20)

The punishment for the king of Judah (Jer 34:21-34:22)


King Jehoiakim (Jer 35:1-35:1)

The Rechabites (Jer 35:2-35:2)

Jeremiah brings the Rechabites to the Temple (Jer 35:3-35:4)

Make them drink wine (Jer 35:5-35:6)

The live style of the Rechabites (Jer 35:7-35:10)

Why the Rechabites moved to Jerusalem (Jer 35:11-35:11)

An oracle to Judah and Jerusalem (Jer 35:12-35:13)

The example of the Rechabites (Jer 35:14-35:15)

The people of Judah are not like the Rechabites (Jer 35:16-35:17)

The reward for the Rechabites (Jer 35:18-35:19)


IV. The Sufferings of Jeremiah

During the time of King Jehoiakim (Jer 36:1-36:1)

Write a scroll or book (Jer 36:2-36:2)

The house of Judah might learn something (Jer 36:3-36:3)

Baruch writes things down (Jer 36:4-36:4)

Baruch was to read from the scroll (Jer 36:5-36:7)

Baruch reads the scroll at the great fast (Jer 36:8-36:10)

Micaiah informs other officials (Jer 36:11-36:13)

Baruch reads the scroll to the royal officials (Jer 36:14-36:16)

Baruch explains his writing (Jer 36:17-36:19)

The officials go to the king (Jer 36:20-36:20)

The reading of the scroll to the king (Jer 36:21-36:23)

The king reacts (Jer 36:24-36:26)

The oracle after the burning of the scroll (Jer 36:27-36:27)

The new scroll (Jer 36:28-36:29)

The coming punishment for the king and his family (Jer 36:30-36:31)

Jeremiah and Baruch write a new scroll (Jer 36:32-36:32)


The new king (Jer 37:1-37:1)

The continual failure to listen to Jeremiah (Jer 37:2-37:2)

King Zedekiah asks Jeremiah to pray to Yahweh (Jer 37:3-37:4)

The Egyptian intervention (Jer 37:5-37:5)

The Egyptian retreat (Jer 37:6-37:7)

The return of the Chaldeans (Jer 37:8-37:10)

Jeremiah sets out for the Benjamin territory (Jer 37:11-37:12)

The arrest of Jeremiah (Jer 37:13-37:16)

King Zedekiah questioned Jeremiah secretly (Jer 37:17-37:19)

Jeremiah wants to go to the palace jail (Jer 37:20-37:21)


The listeners of Jeremiah (Jer 38:1-38:1)

Live or die (Jer 38:2-38:3)

The discussion about Jeremiah (Jer 38:4-38:5)

Jeremiah in the muddy cistern (Jer 38:6-38:6)

Ebed-melech the Ethiopian (Jer 38:7-38:9)

Ebed-melech rescues Jeremiah from the cistern (Jer 38:10-38:13)

The meeting of King Zedekiah and Jeremiah (Jer 38:14-38:14)

King Zedekiah will spare Jeremiah (Jer 38:15-38:16)

Jeremiah says that the king will live (Jer 38:17-38:17)

The choice (Jer 38:18-38:20)

The vision of not surrendering (Jer 38:21-38:23)

Secrecy (Jer 38:24-38:26)

Jeremiah back in prison (Jer 38:27-38:28)


The siege of Jerusalem (Jer 39:1-39:1)

The breach in the wall (Jer 39:2-39:2)

The Babylonian officials in Jerusalem (Jer 39:3-39:3)

The flight and capture of King Zedekiah (Jer 39:4-39:5)

The punishment for King Zedekiah (Jer 39:6-39:7)

The punishment for the people of Jerusalem (Jer 39:8-39:10)

The Babylonian king likes Jeremiah (Jer 39:11-39:12)

Jeremiah is sent to Gedaliah (Jer 39:13-39:14)

The oracle about Ebed-melech (Jer 39:15-39:18)


Oracle after the defeat (Jer 40:1-40:1)

Freedom for Jeremiah (Jer 40:2-40:4)

Jeremiah stays in Judah (Jer 40:5-40:6)

Gedaliah is the governor of Judah (Jer 40:7-40:7)

The gathering at Mizpah (Jer 40:8-40:8)

The speech of Gedaliah (Jer 40:9-40:10)

The Judeans return (Jer 40:11:40:12)

The warning from Johanan (Jer 40:13-40:14)

The plan to kill Ishmael (Jer 40:15-40:16)


Ishmael goes to Mizpah (Jer 41:1-41:1)

Ishmael kills Gedaliah at Mizpah (Jer 41:2-41:3)

Eighty pilgrim worshippers arrive at Mizpah (Jer 41:4-41:5)

Ishmael kills the pilgrim worshippers (Jer 41:6-41:8)

Filling the large cistern pit with dead people (Jer 41:9-41:9)

Ishmael captured the people of Mizpah (Jer 41:10-41:10)

Johanan goes to Gibeon (Jer 41:11-41:12)

The revolt against Ishmael (Jer 41:13-41:14)

Ishmael escapes to Ammon (Jer 41:15-41:15)

Johanan intends to go to Egypt (Jer 41:16-41:18)


Johanan asks Jeremiah for help (Jer 42:1-42:3)

Jeremiah responds (Jer 42:4-42:4)

They will obey Yahweh (Jer 42:5-42:6)

Jeremiah summons the people (Jer 42:7-42:8)

Remain in this land (Jer 42:9-42:10)

Do not fear the king of Babylon (Jer 42:11-42:12)

The Egyptian choice (Jer 42:13-42:14)

The punishment for going to Egypt (Jer 42:15-42:17)

The wrath of Yahweh for those going to Egypt (Jer 42:18-42:18)

Do not go to Egypt (Jer 42:19-42:22)


They refuse to accept the words of Jeremiah (Jer 43:1-43:3)

They all go to Egypt (Jer 43:4-43:7)

The oracle about the stones for King Nebuchadnezzar (Jer 43:8-43:10)

King Nebuchadnezzar will come to Egypt (Jer 43:11-43:13)


All the Judeans in Egypt (Jer 44:1-44:1)

The disaster in Judah and Jerusalem (Jer 44:2-44:3)

They would not listen (Jer 44:4-44:6)

The questions for the Judeans (Jer 44:7-44:8)

The forgotten crimes of the Judeans (Jer 44:9-44:10)

The fate of the remnant of Judah (Jer 44:11-44:12)

The punishment in Egypt (Jer 44:13-44:14)

The negative response of the Judean refugees (Jer 44:15-44:16)

Offerings to the queen of heaven (Jer 44:17-44:18)

Don’t blame the women (Jer 44:19-44:19)

Jeremiah responds (Jer 44:20-44:20)

Yahweh remembers the failures in Judah and Jerusalem (Jer 44:21-44:23)

Jeremiah responds to all the Judeans (Jer 44:24-44:25)

The punishment for the Judeans in Egypt (Jer 44:26-44:28)

The sign from Yahweh about the Egyptian Pharaoh (Jer 44:29-44:30)


Baruch writes the book of Jeremiah (Jer 45:1-45:3)

Protection of Baruch (Jer 45:4-45:5)


V. More oracles against the nations

The oracles against the various nations (Jer 46:1-46:1)

The defeat of the Egyptian Pharaoh Neco (Jer 46:2-46:2)

Getting ready for a war battle (Jer 46:3-46:4)

The defeat (Jer 46:5-46:6)

The rising waters of the Nile River (Jer 46:7-46:9)

The day of retribution for Yahweh (Jer 46:10-46:12)

King Nebuchadnezzar is going to invade Egypt (Jer 46:13-46:14)

The fear in southern Egypt (Jer 46:15-46:16)

The coming exile of Egypt (Jer 46:17-46:19)

The hired mercenary fighters fled (Jer 46:20-46:21)

The attack on Egypt (Jer 46:22-46:24)

Punishment for Egypt (Jer 46:25-46:26)

Do not be afraid (Jer 46:27-46:28)


The Philistines (Jer 47:1-47:1)

The destroying waters from the north (Jer 47:2-47:2)

The day of destruction for the Philistines (Jer 47:3-47:4)

The defeat of the various Philistine cities (Jer 47:5-47:7)


The defeat of Moab (Jer 48:1-48:2)

The devastating cries from Moab (Jer 48:3-48:5)

Flee Moab (Jer 48:6-48:9)

The curses (Jer 48:10-48:10)

Wonderful Moab (Jer 48:11-48:11)

Bad times ahead (Jer 48:12-48:12)

The shame of Moab (Jer 48:13-48:15)

The destruction of Moab is near (Jer 48:16-48:17)

Moab is destroyed (Jer 48:18-48:20)

Judgment on the cities of Moab (Jer 48:21-48:25)

Drunken Moab (Jer 48:26-48:27)

The pride of Moab (Jer 48:28-48:30)

Crying for Moab and its vineyard (Jer 48:31-48:33)

Desolate Moab towns (Jer 48:34-48:34)

The end of false worship (Jer 48:35-48:35)

The moaning and mourning in Moab (Jer 48:36-48:37)

Lamentations over broken Moab (Jer 48:38-48:39)

The end of Moab (Jer 48:40-48:42)

The terror in Moab (Jer 48:43-48:46)

The future restoration of Moab (Jer 48:47-48:47)


Against the Ammonites (Jer 49:1-49:2)

Against the cities of Ammon (Jer 49:2-49:3)

The coming terror against Ammon (Jer 49:4-49:5)

The restoration of Ammon (Jer 49:6-49:6)

The questions for Edom (Jer 49:7-49:9)

The destruction of Edom (Jer 49:10-49:11)

Drink the cup (Jer 49:12-49:12)

The destruction of Bozrah (Jer 49:13-49:13)

The coming battle against Edom (Jer 49:14-49:16)

The horror of Edom (Jer 49:17-49:18)

The plan of Yahweh for Edom (Jer 49:19-49:20)

The fall of Edom (Jer 49:21-49:22)

Against Damascus (Jer 49:23-49:27)

Against Kedar (Jer 49:28-49:29)

Against Hazor (Jer 49:30-49:33)

Against Elam (Jer 49:34-49:35)

Scatter Elam (Jer 49:36-49:38)

Restoration of Elam (Jer 49:39-49:39)


Against Babylon (Jer 50:1-50:1)

The fall of the Babylonian gods (Jer 50:2-50:2)

Another country has hit Babylon (Jer 50:3-50:3)

Reunion of Israel and Judah (Jer 50:4-50:5)

The devoured lost sheep (Jer 50:6-50:7)

Escape from Babylon (Jer 50:8-50:8)

The planned attack on Babylon (Jer 50:9-50:10)

The taunt against Babylon (Jer 50:11-50:13)

The fierce successful attack on Babylon (Jer 50:14-50:16)

The attacks on Israel (Jer 50:17-50:17)

The punishment of Babylon (Jer 50:18-50:18)

The restoration of Israel (Jer 50:19-50:20)

The battles in southern and eastern Babylon (Jer 50:21-50:22)

Babylon is caught (Jer 50:23-50:25)

The sacking of Babylon (Jer 50:26-50:27)

The fugitives from Babylon (Jer 50:28-50:28)

The archers against Babylon (Jer 50:29-50:29)

The arrogant Babylonians (Jer 50:30-50:32)

The captured people of Israel and Judah (Jer 50:33-50:33)

The sword of the Israelite redeemer (Jer 50:34-50:37)

Drought and wild animals in Babylon (Jer 50:38-50:40)

The weakened king of Babylon (Jer 50:41-50:43)

Powerful Yahweh (Jer 50:44-50:44)

The plan against Babylon (Jer 50:45-50:46)


The destructive wind against Babylon (Jer 51:1-51:2)

The defeat of Babylon (Jer 51:3-51:4)

Israel and Judah have not been forgotten (Jer 51:5-51:6)

The fall of Babylon (Jer 51:7-51:10)

Yahweh and the battle in Babylon (Jer 51:11-51:14)

The God of creation (Jer 51:15-51:16)

The foolish idol makers (Jer 51:17-51:19)

The war club of Yahweh (Jer 51:20-51:23)

The punishment for Babylon (Jer 51:24-51:24)

The mountain will be destroyed (Jer 51:25-51:26)

The nations prepare for war against Babylon (Jer 51:27-51:28)

Yahweh’s plan for Babylon (Jer 51:29-51:29)

The soldiers of Babylon stop fighting (Jer 51:30-51:33)

The vengeance on Babylon (Jer 51:34-51:37)

The defeat of Babylon (Jer 51:38-51:40)

The desolation of Babylon (Jer 51:41-51:43)

The punishment for Bel (Jer 51:44-51:44)

Get out of town (Jer 51:45-51:46)

The future fall of Babylon (Jer 51:47-51:49)

The dishonor of Jerusalem (Jer 51:50-51:51)

Yahweh would destroy Babylon (Jer 51:52-51:53)

The final destruction of Babylon (Jer 51:54-51:57)

The walls of Babylon come tumbling down (Jer 51:58-51:58)

The order of Jeremiah (Jer 51:59-51:59)

The book of Jeremiah (Jer 51:60-51:62)

The book of Jeremiah in the Euphrates River (Jer 51:63-51:64)

The end of the book of Jeremiah (Jer 51:64-51:64)


VI. Appendix

King Zedekiah (Jer 52:1-52:1)

The evil King Zedekiah (Jer 52:2-52:3)

The attack of King Nebuchadnezzar (Jer 52:4-52:5)

The famine (Jer 52:6-52:6)

The breach in the city wall (Jer 52:7-52:7)

The flight and capture of King Zedekiah (Jer 52:8-25:9)

The punishment for King Zedekiah (Jer 52:10-52:11)

The Babylonians enter Jerusalem (Jer 52:12-52:12)

The destruction of Jerusalem (Jer 52:13-52:14)

The captives and the poor (Jer 52:15-52:16)

The destruction of the Temple (Jer 52:17-52:17)

The Babylonians took all the valuable precious vessels (Jer 52:18-52:19)

The Babylonians took the large ornate pillars (Jer 52:20-52:23)

The captain takes the high priests captive (Jer 52:24-52:24)

The capture and killing of the Judean leaders (Jer 52:25-52:27)

The initial captivity (Jer 52:27-52:28)

The exact number of the second captivity (Jer 52:29-52:29)

The exact number of the third captivity (Jer 52:30-52:30)

The release of King Jehoiachin (Jer 52:31-52:31)

Restoration of King Jehoiachin (Jer 52:31-52:34)


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