The wager of Rabshakeh

“Come now!

Make a wager

With my master

The king of Assyria.

I will give you

Two thousand horses,

If you are able,

On your part,

To set riders on them.

How then can you repulse a single captain

Among the least of my master’s servants?

You rely on Egypt for chariots.

You rely on Egypt for horsemen.


Is it without Yahweh

That I have come up

Against this land to destroy it?

Yahweh said to me.

‘Go up against this land!

Destroy it!’”

In words that are word for word from 2 Kings, chapter 18, Rabshakeh presents a wager. He said that Judah would not have enough horsemen even if he gave them 2,000 horses. How could they fight against his army? He wanted to know where the chariots and horsemen that came from Egypt were. He mocked them for saying he had not relied on Yahweh. In fact, he said that Yahweh had come to him to tell him to destroy this land of Jerusalem.

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