False childbirth (Isa 26:16-26:18)

“O Yahweh!

In distress,

They sought you.

They poured out a prayer

When your chastening way

Was on them.

Like a woman with child,

Who writhes,

Who cries out in her pangs,

When she is near her time,

So were we

Because of you!


We were with child!

We writhed!

But we gave birth

Only to wind!

We have won no victories

On earth.

No one is born

To inhabit the world.”

Isaiah, once again, speaking directly to Yahweh, the Lord, sought him in his distress. He and his friends felt like they had the pains of childbirth. They felt like they were filled with labor pains, but there was no child to be born. They only passed gas, not a new born child. They had no victories on earth. There were no new children to inhabit this earth.

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