The historical importance of the ark of Noah (Wis 14:6-14:7)

“For even in the beginning,

When arrogant giants were perishing,

The hope of the world

Took refuge on a raft.

Thus guided by your hand,

You left to the world

The seed of a new generation.

Blessed is the wood

By which righteousness comes.”

Here we have an allusion to Noah and his ark as in Genesis, chapters 6-9, in the beginning (ἀρχῆς). That was when arrogant giants were roaming the world (τοῦ κόσμου). The righteous men and women with Noah took refuge on a raft of blessed wood (εὐλόγηται γὰρ ξύλον). Guided by the hands (χειρί) of God, they left a new eternal seed (αἰῶνι σπέρμα γενέσεως) for a new generation of righteous people (γίνεται δικαιοσύνη). Although this is clearly a blessing for the wood of the ark of Noah, some Christians have interpreted this passage to mean the blessed wood of Christ’s cross.

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