Outline of Book of Wisdom of Solomon

Outline of Book of Wisdom of Solomon


1. Wisdom and human destiny

Seek God (Wis 1:1-1:5)

The Spirit of God (Wis 1:6-1:11)

Immortality (Wis 1:12-1:15)

Covenant with death (Wis 1:16-1:16)


The reasoning of the impious (Wis 2:1-2:5)

Enjoy life (Wis 2:6-2:9)

Wicked actions (Wis 2:10-2:11)

The annoying righteous one (Wis 2:12-2:16)

The test of the righteous one (Wis 2:17-2:20)

The error of the impious (Wis 2:21-2:24)


The immortality of the just (Wis 3: 1-3:6)

The visitation (Wis 3:7-3:9)

The punishment of the unjust (Wis 3:10-3:13)

The blessed ones (Wis 3:13-3:15)

The children of adulterers (Wis 3:16-3:19)


Virtue (Wis 4:1-4:2)

The fate of the children of the ungodly (Wis 4:3-4:6)

Old age (Wis 4:7-4:9)

Premature death of the righteous (Wis 4:10-4:15)

The death of the unjust (Wis 4:16-4:19)

The judgment of the unjust (Wis 4:20-4:20)


The righteous stand tall (Wis 5:1-5:3)

The response of the unjust (Wis 5:3-5:8)

The traceless end of the unjust (Wis 5:9-5:13)

There is no hope for the ungodly (Wis 5:14-5:14)

The righteous live forever (Wis 5:15-5:16)

The Lord prepares for the battle (Wis 5:17-5:20)

The battle rages (Wis 5:21-5:23)


 2. Origin, Nature, and action of wisdom and how to acquire it

Listen up kings and judges! (Wis 6:1-6:3)

The judgment of God (Wis 6:4-6:8)

Words for the kings (Wis 6:9-6:11)

The beauty of wisdom (Wis 6:12-6:16)

The desire for wisdom (Wis 6:17-6:20)

Honor wisdom (Wis 6:21-6:21)

The history of wisdom (Wis 6:22-6:25)


The birth of Solomon (Wis 7:1-7:6)

The esteemed wisdom (Wis 7:7-7:14)

The great gift of God (Wis 7:15-7:16)

Great knowledge (Wis 7:17-7:21)

The qualities of wisdom (Wis 7:22-7:23)

The ode to wisdom (Wis 7:24-7:26)

The presence of wisdom (Wis 7:27-7:30)


Wisdom on earth (Wis 8:1-8:1)

Wisdom as a lover (Wis 8:2-8:4)

Wisdom is greater than any good (Wis 8:5-8:8)

Wisdom lives with me (Wis 8:9-8:9)

The effects of indispensable wisdom (Wis 8:10-8:15)

The blissful rest of wisdom (Wis 8:16-8:16)

The demand for wisdom (Wis 8:17-8:21)


Prayer to obtain wisdom (Wis 9:1-9:4)

The chosen king (Wis 9:5-9:7)

Building of the Temple (Wis 9:8-9:8)

The presence of wisdom (Wis 9:9-9:12)

The will of God (Wis 9:13-9:18)


  3. Wisdom and God in History

The father of the world (Wis 10:1-10:2)

Fratricide (Wis 10:3-10:3)

The flood (Wis 10:4-10:4)

Tower of Babel and Abraham (Wis 10:5-10:5)

Lot (Wis 10:6-10:8)

The righteous Jacob (Wis 10:9-10:12)

The righteous Joseph (Wis 10:13-10:14)

Moses (Wis 10:15-10:16)

The Exodus from Egypt (Wis 10:17-10:21)


The holy prophet Moses (Wis 11:1-11:4)

The ambiguity of water (Wis 11:5-11:8)

The test (Wis 11:9-11:14)

Divine punishment towards Egypt (Wis 11:15-11:20)

The power of God (Wis 11:21-11:26)


Immortal spirit (Wis 12:1-12:2)

God’s attitude towards Canaan (Wis 12:3-12:7)

The Canaanites (Wis 12:8-12:11)

You cannot question the judgment of God (Wis 12:12-12:14)

Righteous power (Wis 12:15-12:18)

Lessons from divine judgment (Wis 12:19-12:22)

God is rigorous (Wis 12:23-12:27)


The false worship of natural forces (Wis 13:1-13:2)

The creator (Wis 13:3-13:5)

These false worshipers are seeking something (Wis 13:6-13:9)

The worship of idols (Wis 13:10-13:10)

How a carpenter makes false idols (Wis 13:11-13:16)

The praying to false idols (Wis 13:17-13:19)


Ship’s wooden idols and providence (Wis 14:1-14:5)

The historical importance of the ark of Noah (Wis 14:6-14:7)

Accursed false idol worship (Wis 14:8-14:11)

Origin of the worship of idols (Wis 14:12-14:14)

The false worship of the dead (Wis 14:15-14:16)

The false worship of kings (Wis 14:17-14:21)

Evil consequences of the worship of false idols (Wis 14:22-14:26)

Worship of false idols is the cause of all evil (Wis 14:27-14:29)

The punishment for the unrighteous (Wis 14:30-14:31)


Merciful God (Wis 15:1-15:3)

The evil idols (Wis 15:4-15:6)

The folly of the artistic idol maker (Wis 15:7-15:8)

The guilt of the idol makers (Wis 15:9-15:13)

The folly of the Egyptian idols (Wis 15:14-15:17)

Animal worship (Wis 15:18-15:19)


Difference between Egypt and Israel (Wis 16:1-16:4)

The sign of the serpents (Wis 16:5-16:7)

Locusts and flies (Wis 16:8-16:9)

The serpents (Wis 16:10-16:12)

Death (Wis 16:13-16:14)

The power of fire (Wis 16:15-16:19)

The food of angels (Wis 16:20-16:23)

Pray to God (Wis 16:24-16:29)


Darkness (Wis 17:1-17:6)

The failure of the Egyptian magicians (Wis 17:7-17:10)

Wickedness (Wis 17:11-17:14)

The great fear (Wis 17:15-17:17)

The power of natural forces (Wis 17:18-17:21)


Pillar of fire for the holy ones (Wis 18:1-18:4)

The extermination of the first-born Egyptians (Wis 18:5-18:9)

The reaction to the death of the first born (Wis 18:10-18:13)

The powerful word of God (Wis 18:14-18:16)

Dreams of death (Wis 18:17-18:19)

The plague on the righteous (Wis 18:20-18:25)


The escape from Egypt (Wis 19:1-19:5)

The marvelous Red Sea experience (Wis 19:6-19:9)

Food on the journey (Wis 19:10-19:12)

Egypt was more culpable than Sodom (Wis 19:13-19:17)



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