King Solomon (Song 3:9-3:11)

“King Solomon made himself a palanquin

From the wood of Lebanon.

He made its posts of silver.

Its back was gold.

Its seat was purple.

Its interior was inlaid with love.

Daughters of Jerusalem!

Come out!

Daughters of Zion!

Look at King Solomon!

See the crown

With which his mother crowned him

On the day of his wedding,

On the day of the gladness of his heart.”

Suddenly the attention is on King Solomon himself. Is he the male lover? This palanquin is a seat carried on poles, like a moving throne. Obviously this was a very ornate chair made of fine Lebanon cedar wood, silver, gold, and purple, put together with love. The invitation was for the daughters of Jerusalem and Zion to come out and look at King Solomon on this chair wearing his royal crown that had been given to him by his mother at his joyous wedding day.

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