Yahweh must help (Ps 17:13-17:14)

“Rise up!


Confront them!

Overthrow them!

By your sword

Deliver my life from the wicked!

Deliver me from mortals!

By your hand!


Deliver me from those mortals

Whose portion in life is in this world!

May their bellies be filled

With what you have stored up for them!

May their children have more than enough!

May they leave something over to their little ones.”

It was not good enough to pray to Yahweh, the psalmist wanted action. He wanted Yahweh to rise up and fight on his behalf. He wanted Yahweh to confront and overthrow them. He wanted his life protected from the wicked with a sword. He wanted Yahweh to deliver him from the hands of mortals. On top of that he wanted Yahweh to fill their bellies with what Yahweh had stored up for them. Not only his enemies, but their children and their little ones should be filled with the terrible things that Yahweh had in store for them.

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