The son to come (Ps 2:7-2:9)

“I will tell of the decree of Yahweh.

He said to me.

‘You are my son.

Today I have begotten you.

Ask of me!

I will make the nations your heritage.

The ends of the earth shall be your possession.

You shall break them with a rod of iron.

You shall dash them in pieces like a potter’s vessel.’”

Yahweh had given his decree to the psalmist. Obviously this is an allusion to David, or the psalmist as it is a singular personal pronoun with “I” and “me.”. The reference to the son of Yahweh can also be found in 2 Samuel, chapter 7, where Yahweh said that he would be the father of David. There is also an explicit mention of this particular psalm and verse in the Acts of the Apostles, chapter 13, and The Letter to the Hebrews, chapter 1, where it was a reference to Jesus not David. Thus the Christians changed this original meaning from David to Jesus as the fulfillment of this psalm. Getting back to David, the other nations from the ends of the world would become the possession of David. He would break them with an iron rod like he would destroy a clay vase. Even in a messianic future sense, this king would be an armed king destroying other nations.

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