Outline of the Psalms

Outline of the Psalms


Book 1 (Psalms 1–41)

The happy people (Ps 1:1-1:3)

The wicked ones (Ps 1:4-1:6)


The nations against Yahweh and his anointed (Ps 2:1-2:3)

The kingdom of Yahweh at Zion (Ps 2:4-2:6)

The son to come (Ps 2:7-2:9)

Serve Yahweh (Ps 2:10-2:12)


The foes rise up (Ps 3:1-3: 2)

Prayer to Yahweh (Ps 3:3-3:4)

Yahweh sustains me (Ps 3:5-3:6)

Yahweh defeats my enemies (Ps 3:7-3:7)

Yahweh saves and blesses his people (Ps 3:8-3:8)


David asks Yahweh to listen to him (Ps 4:1-4:1)

Why do people lie? (Ps 4:2-4:2)

Yahweh listens (Ps 4:3-4:3)

The right sacrifices (Ps 4:4-4:5)

Grateful and happy (Ps 4:6-4:7)

Evening prayer (Ps 4:8-4:8)


Morning prayer (Ps 5:1-5:3)

Yahweh dislikes the wicked ones (Ps 5:4-5:6)

Worship in the Temple (Ps 5:7-5:8)

The fate of the wicked ones (Ps 5:9-5:10)

The blessing for the righteous (Ps 5:11-5:12)


A penitential psalm to Yahweh (Ps 6:1-6:3)

Save my life (Ps 6:4-6:5)

The crying eyes of David (Ps 6:6-6:7)

Yahweh has heard my lament (Ps 6:8-6:10)


David asks Yahweh to hear his lament (Ps 7:1-7:2)

Yahweh should punish David (Ps 7:3-7:5)

Yahweh is the judge (Ps 7:6-7:8)

David wants Yahweh to establish the righteous (Ps 7:9-7:11)

The fate of the wicked ones (Ps 7:12-7:16)

Continual praise to Yahweh (Ps 7:17-7:17)


The magnificent creator (Ps 8:1-8:2)

The heavens reveal Yahweh (Ps 8:3-8:4)

Yahweh has given mortals dominion over the earth (Ps 8:5-8:8)

The name of Yahweh (Ps 8:9-8:9)


Thanksgiving to Yahweh (Ps 9:1-9:2)

Yahweh protects David (Ps 9:3-9:4)

Yahweh destroys the wicked (Ps 9:5-9:6)

Yahweh rules justly forever (Ps 9:7-9:8)

Yahweh protects the oppressed (Ps 9:9-9:10)

Yahweh hears the cry of the afflicted (Ps 9:11-9:12)

David wants Yahweh to remember him (Ps 9:13-9:14)

The wicked are caught in their own traps (Ps 9:15-9:16)

The wicked will go to Sheol (Ps 9:17-9:17)

The hope for the needy and poor (Ps 9:18-9:18)

Yahweh hears my lament (Ps 9:19-9:20)


The wicked take advantage of the poor (Ps 10:1-10:2)

The wicked ones deny the existence of God (Ps 10:3-10:4)

The wicked believe that no one will bother them (Ps 10:5-10:6)

The wicked plan murders against the weak poor people (Ps 10:7-10:9)

The helpless think that God has forgotten them (Ps 10:10-10:11)

The wicked believe that they will not be held accountable (Ps 10:12-10:13)

The lament of the poor (Ps 10:14-10:14)

Yahweh must act (Ps 10:15-10:16)

Yahweh must bring justice (Ps 10:17-10:18)


Confidence in Yahweh (Ps 11:1-11:3)

Yahweh is just and righteous (Ps 11:4-11:7)


The wicked are all around us (Ps 12:1-12:2)

The curse of David (Ps 12:3-12:4)

Yahweh promises to help the poor (Ps 12:5-12:6)

Yahweh will protect us (Ps 12:7-12: 8)


David wants Yahweh to hears his lament (Ps 13:1-13:2)

David wants Yahweh to answer him (Ps 13:3-13:4)

David trusts Yahweh (Ps 13:5-13:6)


The atheist is a fool (Ps 14:1-14:1)

Yahweh looks for the wise ones (Ps 14:2-14:2)

Yahweh sees that they have all gone astray (Ps 14:3-14:3)

The evil doers are eating Yahweh’s people (Ps 14:4-14:6)

Yahweh will restore Israel (Ps 14:7-14:7)


The liturgy of Yahweh (Ps 15:1-15:1)

Those who can be admitted to the Temple (Ps 15:2-15:5)


A call to Yahweh (Ps 16:1-16:3)

The idols are not good (Ps 16:4-16:4)

Yahweh is my heritage (Ps 16:5-16:6)

Yahweh is always before me (Ps 16:7-16:8)

Yahweh leads me in joy (Ps 16:9-16:11)


David prays to Yahweh (Ps 17:1-17:2)

The prayer of the innocent (Ps 17:3-17:5)

The prayer to Yahweh (Ps 17:6-17:7)

Protection from my enemies (Ps 17:7-17:12)

Yahweh must help (Ps 17:13-17:14)

The righteous will survive (Ps 17:15-17:15)


Yahweh gives strength of David (Ps 18:1-18:3)

Death is imminent (Ps 18:4-18:5)

Yahweh hears David in his distress (Ps 18:6-18:6)

The earth reacts to Yahweh (Ps 18:7-18:8)

Yahweh controls the heavens (Ps 18:9-18:15)

Yahweh cares about David (Ps 18:16-18:19)

Yahweh rewards David (Ps 18:20-18:24)

Yahweh gives power to David (Ps 18:25-18:30)

Yahweh is David’s rock (Ps 18:31-18:42)

Yahweh helps David conquer all (Ps 18:43-18:45)

Blessed be Yahweh (Ps 18:46-18:48)

Final praise of Yahweh (Ps 18:49-18:50)


Yahweh creator (Ps 19:1-19:4)

Yahweh and the sun (Ps 19:4-19:6)

Yahweh and the just law (Ps 19:7-19:10)

Keeping the law of Yahweh (Ps 19:11-19:13)

May Yahweh accept this meditation (Ps 19:14-19:14)


The prayer before the battle (Ps 20:1-20:3)

May Yahweh grant our requests (Ps 20:4-20:5)

Pride in the name of Yahweh (Ps 20:6-20:8)

Yahweh will give victory to the king (Ps 20:9-20:9)


Yahweh’s response is positive (Ps 21:1-21:2)

Yahweh blesses David (Ps 21:3-21:7)

The defeat of the Yahweh’s enemies (Ps 21:8-21:12)

Yahweh is to be exalted (Ps 21:13-21:13)


The suffering servant (Ps 22:1-22:2)

Trust in God (Ps 22:3-22:5)

The plight of the weak man (Ps 22:6-22:8)

The protection of God (Ps 22:9-22:11)

The bulls against David (Ps 22:12-22:13)

David is weak (Ps 22:14-22:15)

The evil doers are like a pack of dogs (Ps 22:16-22:18)

The prayer to Yahweh (Ps 22:19-22:21)

Praise to Yahweh (Ps 22:21-22:24)

Yahweh brings a good result (Ps 22:25-22:28)

The dominion of Yahweh (Ps 22:29-22:31)


The good shepherd (Ps 23:1-23:3)

The confidence of David (Ps 23:4-23:4)

Yahweh protects David (Ps 23:5-23:6)


Yahweh is king of the earth (Ps 24:1-24:2)

Who can go into the sanctuary? (Ps 24:3-24:6)

The King of glory (Ps 24:7-24:10)


A prayer for deliverance from enemies (Ps 25:1-25:3)

The ways of Yahweh (Ps 25:4-25:5)

Yahweh should be merciful (Ps 25:6-25:7)

The path of Yahweh (Ps 25:8-25:10)

Land and covenant (Ps 25:11-25:14)

Distress and sin (Ps 25:15-25:18)

Protection from enemies (Ps 25:19-25:21)

The final plea (Ps 25:22-25:22)   


The innocent one cries out (Ps 26:1-26:3)

The wicked are not David’s friends (Ps 26:4-26:5)

The innocent (Ps 26:6-26:7)

Love the Temple (Ps 26:8-26:10)

Walk in integrity (Ps 26:11-26:12)


Whom should David fear? (Ps 27:1-27:1)

The evildoers will stumble (Ps 27:2-27:2)   

Confidence in Yahweh (Ps 27:3-27:3)

Live in the house of Yahweh (Ps 27:4-27:4)

Yahweh will protect (Ps 27:5-27:5) 

Sing to Yahweh in the Temple (Ps 27:6-27:6)

The face of Yahweh (Ps 27:7-27:10)

Yahweh as teacher (Ps 27:11-27:12)

 Wait for Yahweh (Ps 27:13-27:14) 


Yahweh is my rock (Ps 28:1-28:2) 

Repay the wicked (Ps 28:3-28:5)

Blessed be Yahweh (Ps 28:6-28:7)

Yahweh helps the people (Ps 28:8-28:9)


Worship Yahweh (Ps 29:1-29:2)

The voice of Yahweh (Ps 29:3-29:4)

The power of the voice of Yahweh (Ps 29:5-29:8)

The response to the voice of Yahweh (Ps 29:9-29:9)

Yahweh rules (Ps 29:10-29:11)


Praise to Yahweh (Ps 30:1-30:3)

Sing praises to Yahweh (Ps 30:4-30:5) 

David was not moved (Ps 30:6-30:7)

The plea to Yahweh (Ps 30:8-30:10)

Sadness has turned to joy (Ps 30:11-30:12)


Yahweh is my rock (Ps 31:1-31:5)

David was faithful to Yahweh (Ps 31:6-31:8)

David was in bad shape (Ps 31:9-31:10)

David’s enemies were out to get him (Ps 31:11-31:13)

David trusts Yahweh (Ps 31:14-31:18)

The goodness of Yahweh (Ps 31:19-31:20)

 Blessed be Yahweh (Ps 31:21-31:22)

Praise of Yahweh (Ps 31:23-31:24)


The happy ones (Ps 32:1-32:2)

The sick sinner (Ps 32:3-32:4)

David confesses his sins (Ps 32:5-32:5)

Yahweh delivers (Ps 32:6-32:7)

Faith in Yahweh (Ps 32:8-32:9)

Rejoice in Yahweh (Ps 32:10-32:11)


A call to worship Yahweh (Ps 33:1-33:3)

Yahweh loves all (Ps 33:4-33:5)

Yahweh created the world (Ps 33:6-33:7)

The power of Yahweh’s word (Ps 33:8-33:9)

Yahweh controls all (Ps 33:10-33:17)

The eye of Yahweh (Ps 33:18-33:19)

Yahweh is our shield (Ps 33:20-33:22)


Blessed be Yahweh (Ps 34:1-34:3)

Yahweh answers David (Ps 34:4-34:6)

Yahweh is good (Ps 34:7-34:10)

The admonition of David (Ps 34:11-34:14)

Yahweh hears the cry of the just (Ps 34:15-34:18)

Yahweh saves (Ps 34:19-34:22)


David wants Yahweh to fight on his side (Ps 35:1-35:3)

The angel of Yahweh and David’s enemies (Ps 35:4-35:6)

Let their own nets trap them (Ps 35:7-35:8)

David rejoices in deliverance (Ps 35:9-35:10)

David was in mourning (Ps 35:11-35:14)

The personal attack on David (Ps 35:15-35:16)

How long would David have to wait for revenge? (Ps 35:17-35:18)

David describes his enemies (Ps 35:19-35:21)

A cry to Yahweh (Ps 35:22-35:24)

David wants his enemies put to shame (Ps 35:25-35:26) 

Praise for Yahweh (Ps 35:27-35:28)


Description of the wicked (Ps 36:1-36:4)

The steadfast love of Yahweh (Ps 36:5-36:7)

Yahweh is the fountain of life (Ps 36:7-36:9)

Prayer against the enemies (Ps 36:10-36:12)


Do not worry about the evildoers (Ps 37:1-37:2)

Trust in Yahweh (Ps 37:3-37:4)

Commit to Yahweh (Ps 37:5-37:6)

Be patient with Yahweh (Ps 37:7-37:7)

Do not be angry (Ps 37:8-37:9)

The meek shall inherit the land (Ps 37:10-37:11)

Yahweh laughs at the wicked (Ps 37:12-37:13)

The wicked will fall on their own sword (Ps 37:14-37:15)

Yahweh helps the righteous (Ps 37:16-37:17)

Yahweh knows the blameless (Ps 37:18-37:19) 

The wicked perish (Ps 37:20-37:20) 

The wicked shall not inherit the land (Ps 37:21-37:22)

Yahweh guides our path (Ps 37:23-37:24)

Getting old (Ps 37:25-37:26)

Do good (Ps 37:27-37:28) 

The safe righteous ones (Ps 37:28-37:29)

The righteous have wisdom (Ps 37:30-37:31)

Yahweh protects against the wicked (Ps 37:32-37:33)

Follow Yahweh (Ps 37:34-37:34)

The disappearing wicked (Ps 37:35-37:36)

The future of the blameless and the wicked (Ps 37:37-37:38)

Yahweh saves the righteous (Ps 37:39-37:40)


Memorial offering (Ps 38:1-38:2)

David is sick (Ps 38:3-38:4)

David is in a terrible state (Ps 38:5-38:8)

The plea to God (Ps 38:9-38:11)

The enemies plot against David (Ps 38:12-38:12)

David is like a deaf mute (Ps 38:13-38:14)

Waiting for Yahweh (Ps 38:15-38:16)

David is sorry for his sins (Ps 38:17-38:20)

The final plea to Yahweh not to forsake David (Ps 38:21-38:22)


A prayer in distress (Ps 39:1-39:6)

Asking for forgiveness (Ps 39:6-39:10)

The insignificance of humans (Ps 39:11-39:11)

Hear the prayer of the passing traveler (Ps 39:12-39:13)


A thanksgiving psalm (Ps 40:1-40:3)

Trust in Yahweh (Ps 40:4-40:5)      

The law in your heart (Ps 40:6-40:8)

David has proclaimed the good news of deliverance (Ps 40:9-40:10)

Asking for mercy (Ps 40:11-40:13)

Shame my enemies (Ps 40:14-40:15)

Yahweh is the answer (Ps 40:16-40:17)


Those who help the poor (Ps 41:1-41:3)

The sick David (Ps 41:4-41:7)

The deadly illness (Ps 41:8-41:9)

Prayer for help (Ps 41:10-41:12)

Doxology end to the first book (Ps 41:13-41:13)


Book 2 (Psalms 42–72)

Longing for God (Ps 42:1-42:3)

Remembering the Temple (Ps 42:4-42:6)

A northern plea (Ps 42:6-42:8)

God is my rock (Ps 42:9-42:10)

Hope in God (Ps 42:11-42:11)


Prayer for deliverance (Ps 43:1-43:2)

Wanting to go to the holy hill (Ps 43:3-43:4)

Hope in God (Ps 43:5-43:5)


God’s help in the past (Ps 44:1-44:3)

God is truly the king (Ps 44:4-44:8)

Israel has been defeated (Ps 44:9-44:12)

They live in shame (Ps 44:13-44:16)

Why are we in shame? (Ps 44:17-44:19)

We have done nothing wrong (Ps 44:20-44:22)

Wake up Yahweh (Ps 44:23-44:26)


My tongue is like a pen (Ps 45:1-45:1)

The king is good looking (Ps 45:2-45:3)

The cause of truth (Ps 45:4-45:5)

The anointed one (Ps 45:6-45:9)

Beautiful daughter (Ps 45:10-45:13)

Here comes the bride (Ps 45:13-45:17)


God is with us (Ps 46:1-46:3)

The city of God (Ps 46:4-46:7)       

The peaceful ending (Ps 46:8-46:11)


Yahweh is king (Ps 47:1-47:4)

Sing praises to Yahweh (Ps 47:5-47:6)

God is king of the world (Ps 47:7-47:9)


Beautiful Mount Zion (Ps 48:1-48:3)

The defeat of the kings (Ps 48:4-48:8)

Love of God (Ps 48:9-48:10)

Appreciate Mount Zion (Ps 48:11-48:14)


Listen to God (Ps 49:1-49:4)

Useless wealth (Ps 49:5-49:9)

The fate of all is the same (Ps 49:10-49:13)

Sheol for all (Ps 49:14-49:15)

The fleeting nature of the wealthy (Ps 49:16-49:20)


The power of God (Ps 50:1-50:6)

God will not accept the sacrifices of Israel (Ps 50:7-50:11)

Sacrifices to God are useless without prayer (Ps 50:12-50:15)

God speaks to the wicked (Ps 50:16-50:18)

Beware of sins of the tongue (Ps 50:19-50:21)

Remember God (Ps 50:22-50:23)


May God have mercy (Ps 51:1-51:2)

David is a sinner (Ps 51:3-51:5)

David wants purification (Ps 51:6-51:9)

David wants a clean heart (Ps 51:10-51:12)

God of salvation (Ps 51:13-51:14)

David’s broken contrite heart (Ps 51:15-51:17)

Rebuild Zion (Ps 51:18-51:19)


The boastful man (Ps 52:1-52:3)

Deceptive words (Ps 52:4-52:5)

The righteous (Ps 52:6-52:7)

Trust in God (Ps 52:8-52:9)


The atheist is a fool (Ps 53:1-53:1)

Looking for the wise man (Ps 53:2-53:2)

There is no good man (Ps 53:3-53:3)

The evildoers (Ps 53:4-53:4)

God will scatter the ungodly (Ps 53:5-53:5)

Deliverance comes from Zion (Ps 53:6-53:6)


A prayer for help (Ps 54:1-54:2)

The enemies (Ps 54:3-54:3)

God is my helper (Ps 54:4-54:5)

Give thanks (Ps 54:6-54:7)


Cry for help to God (Ps 55:1-55:3)

Terrible situation (Ps 55:4-55:7)

The wicked city (Ps 55:8-55:11)

The former friends (Ps 55:12-55:15)

Call upon God (Ps 55:16-55:19)

A deceptive friend (Ps 55:20-55:21)

Trust in God (Ps 55:22-55:23)


A prayer for deliverance from enemies (Ps 56:1-56:4)

The enemies (Ps 56:5-56:7)

Praise for God (Ps 56:8-56:11)

Thanksgiving to God (Ps 56:12-56:13)


David asks for mercy (Ps 57:1-57:3)

David and the lions (Ps 57:3-57:5)

The attempt to trap David (Ps 57:6-57:6)

David’s steadfast love of Yahweh (Ps 57:7-57:10)

The glory of God (Ps 57:11-57:11)


Bad judges (Ps 58:1-58:2)

The wicked ones (Ps 58:3-58:5)

The curse wish (Ps 58:6-58:9)

The righteous win (Ps 58:10-58:11)


Deliver David from his enemies (Ps 59:1-59:2)

The wicked want to get David (Ps 59:3-59:4)

Request for Yahweh to punish (Ps 59:4-59:5)

The evening howling dogs (Ps 59:6-59:7)

Yahweh is in charge (Ps 59:8-59:10)

Torture the wicked (Ps 59:11-59:13)

The howling dogs are back (Ps 59:14-59:15)

Sing to God (Ps 59:16-59:17)


The power of God (Ps 60:1-60:4)

The plea for victory (Ps 60:5-60:5)

The past victories (Ps 60:6-60:8)

The call to God for help (Ps 60:9-60:12)


Cry for help (Ps 61:1-61:2)

God provides shelter (Ps 61:2-61:4)

God save the king (Ps 61:5-61:7)

Sing to God (Ps 61:8-61:8)


Hope in God alone (Ps 62:1-62:2)

The evil ones (Ps 62:3-62:4)

Trust in God (Ps 62:5-62:8)

The relative value of wealth (Ps 62:9-62:10)

God has the power (Ps 62:11-62:12)


The thirst for God (Ps 63:1-63:4)

David praises God (Ps 63:5-63:8)

David’s enemies will be destroyed (Ps 63:9-63:11)


Save David from his enemies (Ps 64:1-64:6)

God will take care of David’s enemies (Ps 64:7-64:9)

The righteous will rejoice (Ps 64:10-64:10)


Praise God in Zion (Ps 65:1-65:4)

God the creator (Ps 65:5-65:8)

Thanksgiving for the harvest (Ps 65:9-65:13)


Public worship (Ps 66:1-66:4)

The power of God (Ps 66:5-66:7)

God protects his people (Ps 66:8-66:12)

Temple offerings (Ps 66:13-66:15)

God’s great deeds (Ps 66:16-66:19)

Concluding blessing (Ps 66:20-66:20)


Gracious God (Ps 67:1-67:1)

Universal praise of God (Ps 67:2-67:4)

The great harvest thanksgiving (Ps 67:5-67:7)


God helps the righteous (Ps 68:1-68:3)

Sing to Yahweh (Ps 68:4-68:4)

God is a protector of widows and orphans (Ps 68:5-68:6)

Remembering the wilderness march (Ps 68:7-68:7)

God provided rain (Ps 68:8-68:10)

God helped to defeat enemies (Ps 68:11-68:14)

The mighty Bashan Mountains (Ps 68:15-68:16)

Yahweh came from Sinai (Ps 68:17-68:19)

Yahweh brings salvation (Ps 68:20-68:20)

God will defeat his enemies (Ps 68:21-68:23)

The solemn processions (Ps 68:24-68:27)

The power of God (Ps 68:28-68:31)

Sing to Yahweh (Ps 68:32-68:32)

Blessed be the powerful God (Ps 68:33-68:35)


A cry for help in the flood (Ps 69:1-69:3)

The haters (Ps 69:4-69:5)

The plight of David (Ps 69:6-69:8)

The difficult situation of David (Ps 69:9-69:12)

The prayer to Yahweh (Ps 69:13-69:15)

The hope of a quick response (Ps 69:16-69:18)

Shameful situation (Ps 69:19-69:21)

The curse for David’s enemies (Ps 69:22-69:29)

Praise Yahweh (Ps 69:30-69:33)

God will save us (Ps 69:34-69:36)


Shame my enemies (Ps 70:1-70:3)

Yahweh is my help (Ps 70:4-70:5)


Yahweh is my rock (Ps 71:1-71:3)

Rescue me from the wicked (Ps 71:4-71:6)

The old man’s prayer (Ps 71:7-71:11)

God be near to me (Ps 71:12-71:16)

The old man remembers God (Ps 71:17-71:19)

God will help me in my troubles (Ps 71:19-71:21)

Praise God (Ps 71:22-71:24)


Bless the king (Ps 72:1-72:4)

Long live the king (Ps 72:5-72:7)

The powerful successful king (Ps 72:8-72:11)

Care for the poor (Ps 72:12-72:14)

The king and prosperity (Ps 72:15-72:17)

Blessed be Yahweh (Ps 72:18-72:19)

The end of the prayers of David (Ps 72:20-72:20)


Book 3 (Psalms 73–89)

God is good to the righteous (Ps 73:1-73:2)

The success of the arrogant wicked people (Ps 73:3-73:9)

Why do the evildoers succeed? (Ps 73:10-73:14)

God has his ways (Ps 73:15-73:20)

I was stupid (Ps 73:21-73:26)

God is near (Ps 73:27-73:28)


Do not forget us (Ps 74:1-74:3)

Description of the devastation (Ps 74:4-74:8)

We have no leaders (Ps 74:9-74:11)

The power of God (Ps 74:12-74:17)

Cry to Yahweh (Ps 74:18-74:19)

Rise up God (Ps 74:20-74:23)


Thanksgiving (Ps 75:1-75:1)

God is a steady hand (Ps 75:2-75:3)

The wicked boastful ones (Ps 75:4-75:5)

The judgment of God (Ps 75:5-75:8)

The righteous rejoice (Ps 75:9-75:10)


Praise of Zion (Ps 76:1-76:3)

The victory of the God of Jacob (Ps 76:4-76:6)

The power of God (Ps 76:7-76:9)

Make and perform vows to Yahweh (Ps 76:10-76:12)


Seeking Yahweh (Ps 77:1-77:3)

Has Yahweh forgotten me? (Ps 77:4-77:9)

There is no one like Yahweh (Ps 77:10-77:15)

God of the whirlwind (Ps 77:16-77:20)


The call to listen (Ps 78:1-78:4)

Introduction of the law (Ps 78:5-78:8)

The problem of the Ephraimites (Ps 78:9-78:11)

The flight from Egypt (Ps 78:12-78:16)

The sins in the desert (Ps 78:17-78:22)

Yahweh provides nourishment in the desert (Ps 78:23-78:29)

The death of the original Israelites (Ps 78:30-78:33)

The false repentance (Ps 78:34-78:37)

The compassionate God (Ps 78:38-78:41)

The power of God in Egypt (Ps 78:42-78:51)

God leads them to the holy land (Ps 78:52-78:55)

God rejects Israel (Ps 78:56-78:59)

The defeat of Israel (Ps 78:60-78:66)

Judah over Joseph (Ps 78:67-78:72)


National lament (Ps 79:1-79:4)

How long will Yahweh wait? (Ps 79:5-79:7)

Asking Yahweh to help (Ps 79:8-79:10)

Listen to our prayer (Ps 79:11-79:13)


Prayer for deliverance (Ps 80:1-80:2)

Restore us (Ps 80:3-80:3)

How long will Yahweh be angry? (Ps 80:4-80:6)

Restore us (Ps 80:7-80:7)

Yahweh gave us the holy land (Ps 80:8-80:13)

Look down on your land (Ps 80:14-80:18)

Restore us (Ps 80:19-80:19)


Call to worship (Ps 81:1-81:5)

The voice (Ps 81:5-81:7)

Listen to the voice of Yahweh (Ps 81:8-81:10)

No one is listening (Ps 81:11-81:16)


God with his council (Ps 82:1-82:2)

Help the weak and needy (Ps 82:3-82:4)

The life of darkness (Ps 82:5-82:5)

God will judge (Ps 82:6-82:8)


The attackers of Israel (Ps 83:1-83:8)

You defeated our enemies in the past (Ps 83:9-83:12)

Defeat our current enemies (Ps 83:13-83:18)


Song of praise for the Temple (Ps 84:1-84:2)

The home of Yahweh (Ps 84:3-84:4)

The happy ones in Zion (Ps 84:5-84:8)

Yahweh is my shield (Ps 84:9-84:12)


A prayer to Yahweh (Ps 85:1-85:2)

Yahweh is not angry (Ps 85:3-85:7)

Yahweh brings peace (Ps 85:8-85:9)

Righteousness and peace (Ps 85:10-85:13)


Personal prayer to Yahweh (Ps 86:1-86:7)

The greatness of Yahweh (Ps 86:8-86:11)

Give thanks to Yahweh (Ps 86:12-86:13)

Yahweh helps against the impious men (Ps 86:14-86:17)


Praise for Mount Zion (Ps 87:1-87:3)

Mount Zion is holy for everywhere (Ps 87:4-87:4)

Yahweh the record keeper of Zion (Ps 87:5-87:6)

Singers and dancers (Ps 87:7-87:7)


Prayer for help (Ps 88:1-88:2)

At the doorstep of death (Ps 88:3-88:7)

A plea to Yahweh (Ps 88:8-88:10)

The futility of death (Ps 88:11-88:12)

The final plea to Yahweh (Ps 88:13-88:18)


The steadfast love of Yahweh (Ps 89:1-89:2)

Yahweh and David (Ps 89:3-89:4)

Praise Yahweh (Ps 89:5-89:7)

The power of Yahweh (Ps 89:8-89:11)

Yahweh has created everything (Ps 89:11-89:14)

Happy are the people (Ps 89:15-89:18)

David, the anointed one (Ps 89:19-89:28)

The descendants of David (Ps 89:29-89:37)

The rejection (Ps 89:38-89:45)

Remember me (Ps 89:46-89:48)

Help us, Yahweh (Ps 89:49-89:51)

Blessed be Yahweh (Ps 89:52-89:52)


Book 4 (Psalms 90–106)

Eternal Yahweh (Ps 90:1-90:2)

The fragility of man (Ps 90:3-90:4)

Humans are like grass (Ps 90:5-90:6)

The sinfulness of man (Ps 90:7-90:8)

The short life of humans (Ps 90:9-90:10)

The heart of wisdom (Ps 90:11-90:12)

Yahweh makes us happy (Ps 90:13-90:17)


The names of God (Ps 91:1-91:2)

Yahweh as protector (Ps 91:3-91:6)

Yahweh punishes the wicked (Ps 91:7-91:8)

Yahweh as a refuge (Ps 91:9-91:10)

Yahweh protects you with his angels (Ps 91:11-91:13)

Yahweh will answer (Ps 91:14-91:16)


Thanksgiving hymn (Ps 92:1-92:4)

The great works of Yahweh (Ps 92:5-92:9)

Yahweh has helped me (Ps 92:10-92:11)

The righteous flourish like trees (Ps 92:12-92:15)


Yahweh rules (Ps 93:1-93:2)

Majestic Yahweh (Ps 93:3-93:4)

Yahweh’s decrees lasts forever (Ps 93:5-93:5)


Yahweh should destroy the wicked (Ps 94:1-94:3)

The works of the wicked (Ps 94:4-94:7)

Fools do not understand (Ps 94:8-94:11)

Yahweh will help (Ps 94:12-94:15)

Yahweh will help defeat the wicked (Ps 94:16-90:23)


Worship hymn to Yahweh king (Ps 95:1-95:5)

Call to worship Yahweh (Ps 95:6-95:7)

The test of Yahweh (Ps 95:7-95:11)


Sing a new song to Yahweh (Ps 96:1-96:6)

Worship Yahweh (Ps 96:7-96:9)

Yahweh rules (Ps 96:10-96:13)


Yahweh is king (Ps 97:1-97:5)

Heavenly Yahweh above all gods (Ps 97:6-97:9)

The righteous will be with Yahweh (Ps 97:10-97:12)


Sing about Yahweh’s victory (Ps 98:1-98:3)

Everyone should join in worship to Yahweh (Ps 98:4-98:6)

Yahweh will come to judge the earth (Ps 98:7-98:9)


Yahweh as king (Ps 99:1-99:5)

Yahweh and the ancient intercessors (Ps 99:6-99:7)

Yahweh answers (Ps 99:8-99:9)


Praise Yahweh (Ps 100:1-100:2)

Yahweh is God (Ps 100:3-100:3)

Yahweh is good (Ps 100:4-100:5)


Sing to Yahweh (Ps 101:1-101:2)

Integrity (Ps 101:2-101:3)

No evil (Ps 101:3-101:4)

Evildoers (Ps 101:5-101:5)

Blameless (Ps 101:6-101:6)

Downfall of the wicked (Ps 101:7-101:8)


Hear my prayer (Ps 102:1-102:2)

Mt terrible life (Ps 102:3-102:11)

A hymn of praise to Yahweh (Ps 102:12-102:17)

Future praise for Yahweh (Ps 102:18-102:22)

The personal lament (Ps 102:23-102:24)

The eternal Yahweh (Ps 102:25-102:28)


Blessed be Yahweh (Ps 103:1-103:5)

Yahweh’s mercy (Ps 103:6-103:14)

Yahweh’s steadfast love (Ps 103:15-103:18)

Hymn to blessed Yahweh (Ps 103:19-103:22)


Hymn to creator Yahweh (Ps 104:1-104:4)

Yahweh as the creator of earth (Ps 104:5-104:9)

Yahweh controls the waters (Ps 104:10-104:13)

Yahweh controls the growth of plants (Ps 104:14-104:16)

Yahweh controls birds and animals (Ps 104:17-104:18)

Yahweh controls time (Ps 104:19-104:23)

Yahweh controls the seas (Ps 104:24-104:26)

Yahweh controls the world (Ps 104:27-104:30)

Praise Yahweh (Ps 104:31-104:35)


Introductory hymn to Yahweh (Ps 105:1-105:5)

Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob (Ps 105:6-105:11)

The wandering Israelites (Ps 105:12-105:15)

Joseph (Ps 105:16-105:22)

Jacob goes to Egypt (Ps 105:23-10:25)

Moses and the plagues (Ps 105:26-105:36)

Moses in the desert (Ps 105:37-105:41)

The possession of the Promised Land (Ps 105:42-105:45)


Praise to Yahweh (Ps 106:1-106:3)

Yahweh favors the chosen ones (Ps 106:4-106:5)

Sinners in Egypt (Ps 106:6-106:12)

Sinners in revolt in the wilderness (Ps 106:13-106:18)

The golden calf (Ps 106:19-106:23)

Dislike of the Promised Land (Ps 106:24-106:27)

The plague among the Israelites (Ps 106:28-106:31)

Waters of Meribah (Ps 106:32-106:33)

The idol worship in Canaan (Ps 106:34-106:39)

The persecution of the Israelites (Ps 106:40-106:43)

Yahweh was faithful to his covenant (Ps 106:44-106:46)

Prayer to save Israel (Ps 106:47-106:47)

Praise Yahweh (Ps 106:48-106:48)



Book 5 (Psalms 107–150)

Thanksgiving psalm (Ps 107:1-107:3)

Yahweh helped those wandering in the desert (Ps 107:4-107:9)

Yahweh helped the prisoners (Ps 107:10-107:16)

Yahweh helped the sick (Ps 107:17-107:22)

Yahweh helped those at sea (Ps 107:23-107:32)

Yahweh helped the land to produce (Ps 107:33-107:38)

Yahweh helped the weak (Ps 107:39-107:43)


Thanksgiving for God’s steadfast love (Ps 108:1-108:4)

The victory (Ps 108:5-108:6)

Thanksgiving for past victories (Ps 108:7-108:9)

The call to God for help (Ps 108:10-108:13)


The current terrible situation (Ps 109:1-109:5)

The trial (Ps 109:6-109:7)

The curses against David (Ps 109:8-109:15)

The stories about David (Ps 109:16-109:19)

David wants protection (Ps 109:20-108:25)

Help me because of your steadfast love (Ps 109:26-109:31)


Yahweh speaks (Ps 110:1-110:1)

Yahweh and the royal rule (Ps 110:2-110:3)

Yahweh makes the king a priest (Ps 110:4-110:4)

Yahweh judges (Ps 110:5-110:7)


Hymn of praise for the works of Yahweh (Ps 111:1-111:4)

Hymn of praise to gracious Yahweh (Ps 111:4-111:10)


The righteous (Ps 112:1-112:6)

The righteous actions (Ps 112:7-112:9)

The wicked (Ps 112:10-112:10)


Praise to Yahweh (Ps 113:1-113:1)

Praise to Yahweh’s name (Ps 113:2-113:6)

Yahweh helps the poor (Ps 113:7-113:9)


Recall the Passover events (Ps 114:1-114:2)

The land was happy (Ps 114:3-114:4)

Why did nature fear Yahweh? (Ps 114:5-114:8)


Give glory to Yahweh (Ps 115:1-115:1)

Our God is in heaven (Ps 115:2-115:3)

The futility of other gods (Ps 115:4-115:8)

Yahweh is trustworthy (Ps 115:9-115:11)

Yahweh blesses Israel (Ps 115:12-115:13)

Yahweh’s blessing (Ps 115:14-115:15)

Praise Yahweh (Ps 115:16-115:18)


Yahweh has been good to me (Ps 116:1-116:4)

Yahweh is gracious (Ps 116:5-116:7)

Yahweh saved me from death (Ps 116:8-116:11)

Thanksgiving to Yahweh (Ps 116:12-116:15)

Servant of Yahweh (Ps 116:16-116:19)


Praise Yahweh (Ps 117:1-117:2)


Thanksgiving to Yahweh (Ps 118:1-118:1)

His steadfast love endures forever (Ps 118:2-118:4)

Yahweh is on my side (Ps 118:5-118:9)

I am surrounded (Ps 118:10-118:12)

Yahweh saved me (Ps 118:13-118:18)

The gate to the Temple (Ps 118:19-118:20)

Prayer to Yahweh (Ps 118:21-118:27)

Give thanks to Yahweh (Ps 118:28-118:29)


The happy ones follow the law (Ps 119:1-119:8)

Prayer to keep the commandments (Ps 119:9-119:16)

The trustworthy servant (Ps 119:17-119:24)

A prayer to Yahweh (Ps 119:25-119:32)

Teach me (Ps 119:33-119:40)

Steadfast love (Ps 119:41-119:48)

Your precepts are my song (Ps 119:49-119:56)

I observe your commandments (Ps 119:57-119:64)

The value of the law (Ps 119:65-119:72)            

The comfort of love (Ps 119:73-119:80)

My troubles (Ps 119:81-119:88)

The law is my delight (Ps 119:89-119:96)

The sweet law (Ps 119:97-119:104)

I do not forget the law (Ps 119:105-119:112)

The law as a shield (Ps 119:113-119:120)

Your servant (Ps 119:121-119:128)

Steady my steps (Ps 119:129-119:136)

Yahweh is righteous (Ps 119:137-119:144)

My cry for help (Ps 119:145-119:152)

Rescue me (Ps 119:153-119:160)

Praise Yahweh (Ps 119:161-119:168)

Let me live (Ps 119:169-119:176)


Cry of distress (Ps 120:1-120:2)

Deceitful tongue (Ps 120:3-120:4)

War in captivity (Ps 120:5-120:7)


The hills (Ps 121:1-121:2)

Yahweh does not sleep (Ps 121:3-121:4)

Yahweh keeps them safe (Ps 121:5-121:6)

Yahweh keeps them from evil (Ps 121:7-121:8)


Happy to go to Jerusalem (Ps 122:1-122:2)

Jerusalem (Ps 122:3-122:5)

Peace in Jerusalem (Ps 122:6-122:9)


The servant prayer (Ps 123:1-123:2)

The need for mercy (Ps 123:3-123:4)


A song of thanksgiving to Yahweh (Ps 124:1-124:5)

Yahweh helped us escape (Ps 124:6-124:7)

Yahweh is our help (Ps 124:8-124:8)


Prayer for deliverance (Ps 125:1-125:5)


Yahweh has done great things (Ps 126:1-126:3)

Yahweh restores us (Ps 126:4-126:6)


Yahweh is the source of all (Ps 127:1-127:2)

May you have many sons (Ps 127:3-127:5)


Fear Yahweh to be happy (Ps 128:1-128:4)

Yahweh gives prosperity (Ps 128:5-128:6)


The attacks (Ps 129:1-129:4)

The haters (Ps 129:5-129:8)


From the depths (Ps 130:1-130:2)

Yahweh forgives (Ps 130:3-130:4)

Waiting for Yahweh (Ps 130:5-130:6)

Hope in Yahweh (Ps 130:7-130:8)


Humble submission as a child (Ps 131:1-131:2)

Hope in Yahweh (Ps 131:3-131:3)


Remembering David and Yahweh (Ps 132:1-132:5)

Discovery of the Ark of the Covenant (Ps 132:6-132:7)

Going to get the Ark of the Covenant (Ps 132:8-132:10)

Yahweh and the David covenant (Ps 132:11-132:12)

Yahweh’s promise to Zion (Ps 132:13-132:18)


The great fraternal life (Ps 133:1-133:3)


Liturgical blessing (Ps 134:1-134:2)

Yahweh blesses from Zion (Ps 134:3-134:3)


Praise Yahweh (Ps 135:1-135:4)

Yahweh is great (Ps 135:5-135:7)

Yahweh rescued them from Egypt (Ps 135:8-135:9)

Yahweh killed many kings (Ps 135:10-135:12)

The name of Yahweh (Ps 135:13-135:14)

Impotence of idols (Ps 135:15-135:18)

Blessing Yahweh (Ps 135:19-135:21)


Thanksgiving to Yahweh (Ps 136:1-136:3)

Yahweh’s creation (Ps 136:4-136:9)

Yahweh and the Exodus (Ps 136:10-136:15)

Yahweh and the Promised Land (Ps 136:16-135:22)

Yahweh remembered us (Ps 136:23-136:25)

Give thanks to Yahweh (Ps 136:26-136:26)


Remembering Zion in Babylon (Ps 137:1-137:3)

Let me never forget Jerusalem (Ps 137:4-137:6)

Yahweh should devastate Babylon (Ps 137:7-137:9)


Give thanks to Yahweh (Ps 138:1-138:3)

A hymn of praise to Yahweh (Ps 138:4-138:6)

The steadfast love of Yahweh (Ps 138:7-138:8)


Yahweh knows all things (Ps 139:1-139:6)

Yahweh is present everywhere (Ps 139:7-139:12)

My time in the womb (Ps 139:13-139:18)

Yahweh will defeat the wicked (Ps 139:19-139:24)


Deliver me from evil men (Ps 140:1-140:3)

Protect me from the arrogant ones (Ps 140:4-140:5)

David speaks directly to Yahweh (Ps 140:6-140:8)

The prayer against slanderers (Ps 140:9-140:11)

The righteous will win (Ps 140:12-140:13)


A prayer to Yahweh (Ps 141:1-141:2)

Keep me from wicked deeds (Ps 141:3-141:4)

Destruction for the wicked (Ps 141:5-141:7)

Yahweh is my refuge (Ps 141:8-141:10)


Personal prayer to Yahweh (Ps 142:1-142:3)

I am alone (Ps 142:3-142:4)

The cry to Yahweh (Ps 142:5-142:6)

David wanted to be taken out of prison (Ps 142:6-142:7)


The cry to Yahweh (Ps 143:1-143:2)

The enemy is after David (Ps 143:3-143:4) 

Remembering the good old days (Ps 143:5-143:6)

Trust in Yahweh (Ps 143:7-143:8)

Deliver me from my enemies (Ps 143:9-143:10)

Preserve my life (Ps 143:11-143:12)


Prayer before the battle (Ps 144:1-144:2)

Fragility of man (Ps 144:3-144:4)

Asking for the power of Yahweh (Ps 144:5-144:8)

Victory song (Ps 144:9-144:11)

Future blessings (Ps 144:12-144:14)

The happy people (Ps 144:15-144:15)


Yahweh is great (Ps 145:1-145:3)

Yahweh is powerful (Ps 145:4-145:7)

Yahweh is gracious (Ps 145:8-145:9)

The kingdom of Yahweh (Ps 145:10-145:13)

Faithful Yahweh (Ps 145:13-145:20)

Praise Yahweh (Ps 145:21-145:21)


Alleluia (Ps 146:1-146:2)

Do not trust human princes (Ps 146:3-146:4)

The happy ones (Ps 146:5-146:6)

Yahweh protects all (Ps 146:7-146:9)

Praise Yahweh forever (Ps 146:10-146:10)


Yahweh the all powerful (Ps 147:1-147:6)

Sing to Yahweh (Ps 147:7-147:11)

Praise Yahweh for all he does for you (Ps 147:12-147:20)


Cosmic praise of Yahweh (Ps 148:1-148:6)

The earth should praise Yahweh (Ps 148:7-148:8)

Mountains and animals praise Yahweh (Ps 148:9-148:10)

People should praise Yahweh (Ps 148:11-148:14)


Israelite festival (Ps 149:1-149:5)

Triumph of Israel (Ps 149:6-149:9)


Final psalm (Ps 150:1-150:2)

Doxology of praise to Yahweh (Ps 150:3-150:6)



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