Elihu attacks the presumptions of Job (Job 33:1-33:7)

“But now,

Hear my speech, O Job!

Listen to all my words!


I open my mouth.

The tongue in my mouth speaks.

My words declare the uprightness of my heart.

What my lips know,

They speak sincerely.

The Spirit of God has made me.

The breath of the Almighty Shaddai gives me life.

Answer me!

If you can!

Set your words in order before me!

Take your stand!


Before God.

I am as you are.

I too was formed from a piece of clay.

No fear of me need terrify you.

My pressure will not be heavy upon you.”

Then Elihu turned on Job himself. He almost sounded like an Israelite prophet, but he was not an Israelite. He wanted Job to listen to him. His mouth and tongue were going to speak. His heart was upright. His lips were sincere. The Spirit of the almighty Shaddai was given to him. Elihu wanted Job to answer him if he could. He wanted Job to take the stand. He like Job came from clay. He seemed to ignore the mother’s womb concept here. He was not going to pressure Job too hard, but already he asked Job to answer him.

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