Job angrily responds (Job 21:1-21:6)

“Then Job answered.

‘Listen carefully to my words!

Let this be your consolation!

Bear with me!

I will speak!

Then after I have spoken,

Mock on!

As for me,

Is my complaint addressed to mortals?

Why should I not be impatient?

Look at me!

Be appalled!

Lay your hand upon your mouth!

When I think of it

I am dismayed.

Shuddering seizes my flesh.’”

Job went on the defensive. He told his friends to listen to his words. After he was done, then they could continue to mock him. He has every reason to be impatient. This then is the impatient and not the patient Job. He told his friends to look at him. Put their hands over their mouths in silence, a sign to be quiet since they did not know what they are talking about. Job was shuddering, He was going to let them know how he felt.

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