Outline of 2 Maccabees

Outline of 2 Maccabees

 I. Letters to the Jews in Egypt

 1. First letter

The salutation of the first letter (2 Macc 1:1-1:1)

The blessings for the Jews in Egypt (2 Macc 1:2-1:6)

 The situation of this letter (2 Macc 1:7-1:9)


 2. Second Letter

The address of the second letter (2 Macc 1:10-1:10)

Thanksgiving for the punishment to King Antiochus IV (2 Macc 1:11-1:17)

The festival of fire (2 Macc 1:18-1:18)

The importance of fire (2 Macc 1:19-1:23)

The prayer to God over the fire (2 Macc 1:24-1:29)

The sacredness of naphtha (2 Macc 1:30-1:36)

The admonition of the prophet Jeremiah (2 Macc 2:1-2:3)

Jeremiah hides the cult material (2 Macc 2:4-2:8)

The importance of fire to Moses and Solomon (2 Macc 2:9-2:12)

The library of Nehemiah (2 Macc 2:13-2:15)

The invitation to the dedication festival (2 Macc 2:16-2:18)


  II. Preface of the author

The story of Judas Maccabeus (2 Macc 2:19-2:22)

The condensed story (2 Macc 2:23-2:28)

The role of a historian (2 Macc 2:29-2:31)

Time to get to the story (2 Macc 2:32-2:32)


 III. History of the Hellenistic movement

The good old days (2 Macc 3:1-3:3)

Simon and Apollonius of Tarsus (2 Macc 3:4-3:8)

Heliodorus comes to Jerusalem (2 Macc 3:9-3:12)

Setting a day to review the Temple funds (2 Macc 3:13-3:14)

The distress of the priests in Jerusalem (2 Macc 3:14-3:17)

The distress of the women of Jerusalem (2 Macc 3:18-3:23)

The punishment of Heliodorus (2 Macc 3:24-3:28)

The prayer of thanksgiving (2 Macc 3:29-3:30)

The high priest Onias prays for the life of Heliodorus (2 Macc 3:31-3:34)

The conversion of Heliodorus (2 Macc 3:35-3:40)


  IV. Hellenistic Propaganda

Simon and Onias (2 Macc 4:1-4:6)

Jason, the high priest tales over (2 Macc 4:7-4:10)

The actions of Jason, the high priest (2 Macc 4:11-4:17)

The Olympics at Tyre (2 Macc 4:18-4:20)

King Antiochus IV is welcomed at Jerusalem (2 Macc 4:21-4:22)

Menelaus become the high priest (2 Macc 4:23-4:29)

The murder of the high priest Onias (2 Macc 4:30-4:34)

The death of Andronicus (2 Macc 4:35-4:38)

The activities of Lysimachus (2 Macc 4:39-4:42)

Menelaus is acquitted (2 Macc 4:43-4:50)

The apparition in Jerusalem (2 Macc 5:1-5:4)

The deposed high priest Jason leads an unsuccessful uprising (2 Macc 5:5-5:10)

King Antiochus IV despoils the Temple (2 Macc 5:11-5:16)

The happiness of King Antiochus IV (2 Macc 5:17-5:20)

The governors of King Antiochus IV (2 Macc 5:21-5:23)

The second attack on Jerusalem (2 Macc 5:24-5:26)

The escape of Judas Maccabeus (2 Macc 5:27-5:27)

The introduction of the Greek god Zeus in the Temple (2 Macc 6:1-6:2)

The gentiles take over the Temple (2 Macc 6:3-6:6)

The installation of the pagan cults (2 Macc 6:7-6:9)

The punishment for circumcision (2 Macc 6:10-6:10)

The punishment for keeping the Sabbath (2 Macc 6:11-6:11)

The providential meaning of the persecution (2 Macc 6:12-6:17)

Eleazar refuses to eat the swine food (2 Macc 6:18-6:20)

Eleazar is urged to eat (2 Macc 6:21-6:23)

The speech of Eleazar (2 Macc 6:24-6:28)

The last words of Eleazar (2 Macc 6:28-6:30)

The death of Eleazar (2 Macc 6:31-6:31)

The arrest of the seven brothers with their mother (2 Macc 7:1-7:2)

The mutilation and killing of the spokesman for the sons (2 Macc 7:3-7:6)

The second son is brought forward to be mutilated (2 Macc 7:7-7:9)

The third son is willing to suffer (2 Macc 7:10-7:12)

The fourth son is also tortured (2 Macc 7:13-7:14)

The mutilation of the fifth son (2 Macc 7:15-7:17)

The sixth son dies (2 Macc 7:18-7:19)

The mother of the seven sons exhorts her sons (2 Macc 7:20-7:23)

The mother appeals to her youngest son (2 Macc 7:24-7:29)

The seventh son speaks out (2 Macc 7:30-7:38)

The mother and the last son are killed (2 Macc 7:39-7:42)


 V. Victory of Judaism

The prayer of Judas Maccabeus and his men (2 Macc 8:1-8:4)

The army of Judas Maccabeus (2 Macc 8:5-8:7)

The decision to wipe out the Jews (2 Macc 8:8-8:11)

Judas Maccabeus hears about the invasion (2 Macc 8:12-8:15)

Judas Maccabeus rallies his troops (2 Macc 8:16-8:18)

Judas Maccabeus recalls the past aid to their ancestors (2 Macc 8:19-8:20)

Judas Maccabeus gives his brothers assignments (2 Macc 8:21-8:23)

The defeat of the army of Nicanor (2 Macc 8:24-8:29)

Timothy and Bacchides are defeated (2 Macc 8:30-8:33)

The flight of Nicanor (2 Macc 8:34-8:36)

The anger of King Antiochus IV (2 Macc 9:1-9:4)

The cruel painful illness of King Antiochus IV (2 Macc 9:5-9:10)

King Antiochus IV accepts God (2 Macc 9:11-9:12)

King Antiochus IV reverses himself about the Jews (2 Macc 9:13-9:18)

The letter of King Antiochus IV to the Jews (2 Macc 9:18-9:22)

King Antiochus IV appoints a successor (2 Macc 9:23-9:27)

King Antiochus IV dies (2 Macc 9:28-9:29)

Purification of the Temple (2 Macc 10:1-10:4)

The celebration (2 Macc 10:5-10:9)


 VI. The struggles of Judas Maccabeus

King Antiochus V, Eupator (2 Macc 10:10-10:11)

The disgrace of Ptolemy (2 Macc 10:12-10:13)

Gorgias succeeds Ptolemy (2 Macc 10:14-10:14)

The war with the Idumeans (2 Macc 10:15-10:17)

The problem of bribery (2 Macc 10:18-10:23)

Judas Maccabeus prays for success against Timothy (2 Macc 10:24-10:26)

Judas Maccabeus relies on the Lord (2 Macc 10:27-10:28)

The heavenly horsemen (2 Macc 10:29-10:31)

The death of Timothy (2 Macc 10:32-10:38)

The first campaign of Lysias (2 Macc 11:1-11:4)

The divine intervention at Beth-zur (2 Macc 11:5-11:12)

The peace treaty with Lysias (2 Macc 11:13-11:15)

The letter of Lysias to the Jews (2 Macc 11:16-11:21)

The letter of King Antiochus V to Lysias (2 Macc 11:22-11:26)

The letter of King Antiochus V to the Jewish senate (2 Macc 11:27-11:33)

The letter of the Romans to the Jews (2 Macc 11:34-11:38)

Other problems for the Jews (2 Macc 12:1-12:2)

The drowning of Jews at Joppa (2 Macc 12:3-12:4)

Judas Maccabeus attacks Joppa and Jamnia (2 Macc 12:5-12:9)

Judas Maccabeus and the nomads (2 Macc 12:10-12:12)

The attack of Judas Maccabeus on Caspin (2 Macc 12:13-12:16)

The battle at Carnaim with Timothy (2 Macc 12:17-12:23)

The guile of Timothy (2 Macc 12:24-12:25)

The taking of the temple at Carnaim (2 Macc 12:26-12:26)

The battle of Ephron (2 Macc 12:27-12:28)

The happy visit to Scythopolis (2 Macc 12:29-12:31)

The campaign against Gorgias (2 Macc 12:31-12:34)

The defeat of Gorgias (2 Macc 12:35-12:37)

The Sabbath at Adullam (2 Macc 12:38-12:38)

The dead Jewish soldiers were idolaters (2 Macc 12:39-12:42)

The sacrifice for the dead in hope of the resurrection (2 Macc 12:43-12:46)

King Antiochus V and Lysias and their army (2 Macc 13:1-13:2)

The death of the high priest Menelaus (2 Macc 13:3-13:8)

Judas Maccabeus asks for prayers (2 Macc 13:9-13:12)

God’s victory at Modein (2 Macc 13:13-13:17)

King Antiochus V attacks the Jews (2 Macc 13:18-13:19)

The strange peace treaty (2 Macc 13:20-13:23)

Lysias defends the peace treaty in Ptolemais (2 Macc 13:24-13:26



 VII. The struggle against General Nicanor

King Demetrius I (2 Macc 14:1-14:2)

The intervention of the high priest Alcimus (2 Macc 14:3-14:5)

The speech of Alcimus before King Demetrius I (2 Macc 14:6-14:10)

Nicanor as the governor of Judea (2 Macc 14:11-14:14)

The battle with Nicanor (2 Macc 14:15-14:17)

Nicanor sends friendly emissaries (2 Macc 14:18-14:19)

The consultation of Judas Maccabeus and Nicanor (2 Macc 14:20-14:22)

Judas Maccabeus and Nicanor become friends (2 Macc 14:23-14:25)

Alcimus claims that Nicanor is disloyal (2 Macc 14:26-14:27)

Nicanor and Judas Maccabeus split (2 Macc 14:28-14:33)

The prayer of the priests in Jerusalem (2 Macc 14:34-14:36)

The tragic suicide death of Razis (2 Macc 14:37-14:46)

Nicanor plans to attack Judas Maccabeus (2 Macc 15:1-15:5)

Judas Maccabeus prepares to attack (2 Macc 15:6-15:11)

The dream about Onias the high priest (2 Macc 15:12-15:16)

The people prepare (2 Macc 15:17-15:19)

Judas Maccabeus prepares for battle (2 Macc 15:20-15:21)

The prayer of Judas Maccabeus (2 Macc 15:22-15:24)

The death of Nicanor (2 Macc 15:25-15:28)

The victory celebration (2 Macc 15:29-15:35)

The celebration of this event (2 Macc 15:36-15:36)

The end of the story (2 Macc 15:37-15:37)

Epilogue (2 Macc 15:38-15:39)



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