A copy of the bronze tablets (1 Macc 14:27-14:28)

“This is a copy of what they wrote.

‘On the eighteenth day of Elul,

In the one hundred seventy-second year,

That is the third year of the great high priest Simon,

In Asarmel,

In the great assembly of the priests,

The people, the rulers of the nation,

And the elders of the country,

The following was proclaimed to us.’”

This is what was written on the bronze tablets, which was the way that important documents were maintained. This document was put into bronze on the 18th day of Elul that was part of the months of August and September, in 140 BCE. Notice they used the old dating of year 162 and the new calendar of 3rd year. This took place before the great assembly of priests, the people, the rulers, and the elders.

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