Jonathan sends troops to King Demetrius II (1 Macc 11:41-11:44)

“Jonathan sent to King Demetrius the request that he remove the troops from the citadel in Jerusalem. He wanted the troops in the strongholds removed because they kept fighting against Israel. King Demetrius sent this message back to Jonathan.

‘Not only will I do these things for you and your nation,

But I will confer great honor on you and your nation,

If I find an opportunity.

Now then you will do well to send me men who will help me.

All my troops have revolted.’

Jonathan sent three thousand stalwart men to him at Antioch. When they came to the king, the king rejoiced at their arrival.”

Jonathan wanted the Syrian troops removed from the citadel in Jerusalem. There were still some skirmishes among the troops and the Israelites. King Demetrius II was happy to have his troops come home. In fact, he wanted more troops since his regular troops had revolted and left him. He was pleased when Jonathan sent him 3,000 troops to Antioch to be with the king.

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