The letter of King Demetrius I (1 Macc 10:25-10:28)

“So King Demetrius sent a message to them in the following words.

‘King Demetrius

To the nation of the Jews,


Since you have kept your agreement with us,

You have continued your friendship with us.

You have not sided with our enemies.

We have heard of it and rejoiced.

Now continue still to keep faith with us.

We will repay you with good

For what you do for us.

We will grant you many immunities.

We will give you gifts.’”

King Demetrius I decided to address the whole nation of Jews rather than just Jonathan. He pretended that they have kept their agreement with him and that they were still on friendly terms. He acted as if they have not sided with his enemy. He was going to repay them for their friendship. He was going to grant them many immunities and give gifts to them.

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