King Demetrius I says no more taxes (1 Macc 10:29-10:33)

“I now free you.

I exempt all the Jews from payment of tribute

And salt tax and crown levies.

Instead of collecting the third of the grain

And the half of the fruit of the trees that I should receive,

I release them from this day and henceforth.

I will not collect them from the land of Judah

Or from the three districts added to it from Samaria and Galilee,

From this day and for all time.

Let Jerusalem and her environs,

Her tithes and her revenues,

Shall be holy and free from tax.

I release also my control of the citadel in Jerusalem.

I give it to the high priest,

So that he may station in it men of his own choice to guard it.

Every one of the Jews taken as a captive

From the land of Judah into any part of my kingdom,

I set free without payment.

Let all officials cancel also the taxes on their livestock.”

The no taxes people would love this. All the Jews would not have to pay any more taxes. King Demetrius I was very specific. There was no more wealth tax (tribute), salt tax, or crown taxes. This applied not only to Judea but the 3 areas annexed to Judea under Alexander the Great, in Samaria and Galilee. These areas would also be tax free. They did not have to give 1/3 of their grain or half of the fruits from the trees. There would be no more taxes on the livestock either. Jerusalem would be tax free city. The citadel or prison in Jerusalem would be handed over to the high priest in Jerusalem.

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